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Ho’oponopono: The Traditional Hawaiian Practice of Forgiveness

The concept of forgiveness has been avoided by people for years. How should you do it? Is it enough just to say “forgive me” to someone or something? Or does it go a little further than that? Is there a deeper layer to the concept and sense of forgiveness?

In this article you will get a method that has already helped many in dealing with forgiveness and healing. It is a timeless technique that, on the surface, is actually too simple to have any real influence. But if you take the trouble to put it into practice, you will find that it is very powerful. It has an almost miraculous effect.

This method is called the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono technique. At first I did not understand the full meaning of the concept of forgiveness. Until I realized that when you’re faced with the need to forgive, it’s really not about forgiving the other person. Instead, forgive yourself for the thoughts and feelings you have about a specific situation.

Everything takes place in our minds. That means we have the choice and the ability to change anything that disturbs our inner peace. Often enough we get stuck in a vicious circle. We do a lot of self-examination and try a lot of healing methods after a painful experience. In the end we are attacked again by the same experiences and feelings. This affects our well-being regardless of the many attempts to “let it go.”

Who are we actually trying to forgive? Ourselves of course! We are all responsible for our own mental and emotional state. Nothing or no one can make you feel a certain way unless you allow it. Yes, you can always cite extreme examples, such as being held at gunpoint, or some other extreme situation. But the point here is how to heal the internal effects of a grievance within yourself.

The fact is that whatever you give your attention to is your responsibility. When you watch the news, you are responsible for everything you hear and see. In other words, your responsibility lies in the feelings it leaves with you and the thoughts you have about it. The Ho’oponopono technique can be used in many ways. As long as it works for you. I found it especially valuable in dealing with forgiveness, but I also found it effective when I apply it at different times of the day.

The healing power.

The technique was designed by renowned therapist Dr. Ihaleakala Hes Len . He was called upon to review the cases of criminal and mental patients in Hawaii. These patients were considered extremely violent and aggressive. The board was out of options and they considered closing the entire project. Len carefully examined all patients’ records. He applied the Ho’oponopono process and healed the patients by allowing them to heal themselves.

He stayed in a hotel for two weeks, studying each patient’s records while repeating the technique over and over. His goal was to meet the patients as human beings with stories and experiences, not as criminals. When he finally met them, the directors were shocked at how the patients received him. They were not aggressive or violent at all. The energy had completely changed.

Len had completely adjusted all the preconceptions and opinions he had about the patients beforehand. It took the time to read their stories and took the trouble to heal his own mind about their crimes. There are four simple steps in this method:

Love, forgiveness, gratitude and repentance. The order of these steps is not very important. These are the only working forces in the method, but they have tremendous power. The most convenient thing is that you don’t need anyone else to help you with it. It can be taken in mind at any time. It just takes the amazing power of your inner motivation to make it happen.

Choose something that is a big challenge in your life. a loss? An addiction? A certain behavior? breath. Repeat these four phrases to yourself, aloud or in your mind, as many times as you need.

        1. “I love you” (I love you.)

Love is the greatest power there is, but at the same time it is the most underestimated. Say “I love you” to yourself. Say it to the universe. Tell the challenge or person in question. Say it to your body, your mind and your soul. Connect deeply with the energy of your heart. But use your breath if you’re having trouble making contact. Bring your attention to your chest area. The goal is to actually say “I love you” from the deepest place in you.

         2. “I’m Sorry” (I’m Sorry.)

This can be difficult to get started with. As we struggle to come to terms with having your own responsibility for all your internal struggles. It’s so hard for some of us to say “I’m sorry.” It makes you feel submissive. Don’t think about what is right or wrong in the situation. Know that you have your part and accept that responsibility. Something in your consciousness has created the idea that hurts you. Say, “I’m sorry.” About what you specifically regret is powerful enough.

        3. Please Forgive Me (“Please Forgive Me.”)

Remember, it’s easier to blame someone than to take responsibility for yourself. When we’ve come this far, we also have the power to ask for forgiveness. It can be difficult at first to understand who you are actually asking forgiveness from. But you ask yourself. Just say it. Say it to yourself and mean it. We think and treat ourselves unkindly so often that asking for forgiveness is simple yet very powerful.

        4. Thank you (“Thank You.”)

In addition to love, gratitude is extremely powerful. Don’t worry too much about who or what you’re actually thanking; just say it. Thank you to everyone who has given you this moment. Just like the other exercises, it is again important that you let it come from a deeper place. Thank yourself for taking the time to heal yourself and be the best you can be.

This technique is probably one of the best self-love techniques I’ve ever learned. By healing and loving ourselves we help change the world. Try it for a week and see if you notice any change in yourself and your lifeI ran it constantly for three weeks and certain things I thought I could never get over just resolved themselves.

I found that it was much easier to accept others because I started to accept and love myself. The great thing is that it’s so easy and anyone can do it. I’m curious what it brings you. Leave your experiences, comments and questions about this technique.


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