Hot Flashes: What Can You Do About It?

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Hot flashes are typical menopausal symptoms. They are a kind of acute 40-degree fever attacks that sometimes last a few minutes, but in some cases even half an hour. Many women get a red head, sweat profusely and are very hot. You would prefer to crawl into the freezer during a severe hot flash. Some women only get a few, other women sometimes get as many as 50 a day. Sometimes the period of hot flashes lasts several months, some women suffer from them for years.

The exact cause is still unknown

We still don’t know exactly what happens when a woman gets a hot flash or what its use is. There are several explanations for this, which suggests we just don’t know. It is clear that it has to do with a disturbed signal between your brain and your body and hormonal fluctuations. In principle they are harmless but they can certainly have a major negative impact on your life.

The main triggers of hot flashes

There are many triggers that can trigger a hot flash. To name the most important here:

  • sugars
  • caffeine (in coffee, black tea and chocolate)
  • alcohol
  • spicy food
  • xenoestrogens in your diet
  • xenoestrogens in your environment such as cosmetics, household products etc.
  • overweight
  • to smoke
  • dehydration
  • stress

All these triggers mean (physical)  stress  for your body and stress is perhaps the biggest trigger for a hot flash. Stress also exacerbates hot flashes. It is therefore important to look at stress in your life and where you can reduce it. If you don’t know what xeno-oestrogens are, read my article:   Xeno-oestrogens: a tsunami of hormone-disrupting substances.

Adjust your diet and drink plenty of water

You can do a lot yourself to limit your hot flashes in severity and number. It is important to adjust your diet and to ensure that there are no triggers as mentioned above.

Don’t forget to eat healthy fats. There is a relationship between eating too few healthy fats and hot flashes.

Avoid heavy meals and don’t forget to drink plenty of water if you suffer from hot flashes, because you lose a lot of fluid. Dehydration will exacerbate hot flashes and many women are unaware that they are in fact dehydrated. So drink more water than you are used to.

Slow down your breathing

Watch your breathing and try to slow it down as much as possible if you feel a hot flash coming on. Breathe in gently and exhale even more slowly. Make sure your exhale is longer than your inhale. Consciously take a break before breathing in again. This calms your bodyThink of the hot flash as something that will pass on its own. Just say ‘hello’ to it and don’t get into the fight, because that heats your body even more. Look at what it does to your body without judging it.

Here’s another simple exercise. If you feel a hot flash coming on, place the middle fingers of both hands at a point 3cm below your belly button. There are two important meridians here. Inhale and exhale deeply, then exhale slowly while holding this point for a short while. This exercise helps to lower your body temperature.


The superfood maca regulates the balance between estrogen and progesterone and also balances all your other hormones. Maca can also work for other menopausal complaints. If you want to read more about maca  click here. The use of  chia seeds  is also recommended to flashes

Hot Flash Supplements

Hot flashes use up a lot of vitamin B, vitamin C,  magnesium and potassium in your body, so it is important to take a good multivitamin. This is important anyway as a woman 40+ because we usually get too few nutrients from our daily food.

If the above advice does not help, you can also try different supplements. Try them for a few weeks before trying something else. Well-known supplements against hot flashes are:

Monk’s pepper (Vitex agnus cactus), this is seen as the remedy for menopausal complaints and works for many women to reduce the number and severity of hot flashes.

Sprayed silver cohosh (cimifuga racemosa), this has also been known for centuries for its effect against hot flashes. It has an estrogen-like effect.

Your body is unique

Furthermore, it remains very personal what helps and what does not. For example, I know women who have benefited greatly from Reiki and acupuncture. This can also bring your body back into balance and that’s what it’s about. But other women did not benefit from this. You’ll have to find your own solutions, but they certainly exist. Unfortunately, there is no solution that works for every woman.

If you suffer from hot flashes, this is an invitation to listen carefully to your body and find out what is the right solution for you. Sometimes something works fine for a few months and then suddenly it doesn’t anymore. Very frustrating. But see that as an invitation to take a new look at what your body needs. Be curious! Try everything until you find what works for you.


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