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How animals can assist you in your spiritual development

One of the advantages of being highly sensitive is that you can easily pick up on what is going on in another person. The ability to feel what another feels is highly developed.
Moreover, you are naturally concerned with all life around you. This allows you to also make contact with terrestrial beings that do not have a human voice: the animals.

By Ineke van Lier 

“Animals are just like people, with the same emotions. They just sit in a different body and speak a different language ,” says American animal interpreter Carol Gurney . She has been communicating with animals through telepathy for over thirty years.

Animals transmit images, feelings, thoughts and physical sensations that you can also receive as a human being. You already do that subconsciously. When you suddenly realize that your pet is thirsty and you discover that his water bowl is empty, you can assume that the animal has sent you that information.

When you learn to consciously tune in to their frequency , you can listen to what the animals have to say and you can start a conversation with them. I myself started to develop this ability when it came my way in my work as a journalist.

I was immediately fascinated and spoke to hundreds of animals from as many people. Scary, because I was very afraid of failing and being embarrassed by the owners.

Often I wanted to give up, just a little more often an inner strength drove me on again. It has brought me many times more than I ever thought possible.

How animals can assist you in your spiritual development

Exploring with the animals

  • In contact with the animals you not only discover their voice and their being; it also brings you to your own inner knowing. By writing down my conversations with the animals for their humans, I unlocked a deeper source of knowledge that I couldn’t reach before.
  • To become proficient in telepathy, you must be still. Learn to perceive your inner processes sharper, more consciously. What is happening with you? The signals are often very subtle.
  • Your own pets are much closer to you than you probably realize.
    My two dogs, for example, react directly to what’s going on inside me. They bark in the street at a dog that I find scary, because they feel my fear. For me now a signal to think about: why am I afraid of that particular dog? How real is that fear?
  • What you see when you look at animals is a mirror of what lives deep inside you. The sadness I felt at the sight of underappreciated equestrian horses spurred me to do what I bestowed on them: break free, quit my job and look for a place where I would be more recognized for my qualities.

Everything is connected to everything and when you consciously connect with the animals, make real contact from your heart, you will experience that more and more.


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