How animals mirror us (+ an exercise to strengthen the bond with your animal)

How animals mirror us (+ an exercise to strengthen the bond with your animal)
Animals can enrich our lives enormously. One of the reasons for this is that they live completely in the moment. Animals, unlike humans, don’t wonder whether or not they should do something tomorrow. They don’t dwell on the past or the future but react to the moment itself. In addition, animals are often very forgiving. Ultimately, negative human actions and our negative energy take their toll on any animal.

How negative energy can cause mental and physical problems in an animal

Negative human actions and negative energy from people can result in mental problems or in physical or behavioral manifestations in an animal. For example, a horse may step with its legs, gasping for air, or hang its head. Dogs may obsessively lick their paws or pee in the house, and cats may attack others. They may also wash incessantly or lose their fur.

We wonder how we can solve these problems, as we all want our animals to feel good. It is important to recognize that not all physical problems also have a physical origin. Physical problems in an animal are often the direct result of a situation to which the owner of the animal in question has contributed. We express our vibrations through thoughts and actions and these have a huge influence on our animals. It is important to recognize that there is a link between the health of our animals and our behavior when we are concerned about their welfare.

Animals: a direct reflection of who we are

How animals mirror us (+ an exercise to strengthen the bond with your animal)

Animals mirror us and they are a direct reflection of who we are. They react to our touch, the tone of our voice, our movements, but also our mood. For example, if you’ve had a run-in with a co-worker and are still sulking when you get home, your dog probably reacts differently when you come in. Just watch his body language.

It is therefore important to take time to look at yourself if your animal has problems. Look at your situation, your life, your day, your attitude and your vibration. There is a good chance that the problems with your animal will disappear after you consult yourself. Once we become one with ourselves, we develop a deeper bond with our animals. A new world of consciousness and vibration then opens up.

Exercise: letting go of negativity

The exercise below can help you let go of negativity and just ‘be’. With this, you not only help yourself but also your animal. It’s about the Animal Magic technique. This exercise will help you deepen your connection with the animal kingdom. This is done by sharing resonance and energy with your animal, in a setting of love and connection. Find a place where you and your pet will not be disturbed and then follow the steps below.

  1. Sit on the floor and have your animal lie horizontally in front of you, on its stomach or on its side, so that you are next to the shoulder. If you are doing this technique with a horse (with you and your horse standing), try this after grooming. Stand approximately next to your horse’s shoulder.
  2. Place your hands in your lap or rest them next to you. Make sure your palms are facing up and allow yourself to feel calm, centered and grounded. Take three cleansing breaths, but don’t exhale over your animal. Then turn your head slightly to the side. Observe your animal and watch the rise and fall of its body. Make your breathing synchronize with that of your animal.
  3. Bring your attention to the center of your forehead and focus on an invisible eye: your third or intuitive eye. Then gently place a hand under your animal’s chin and give the animal the opportunity to connect by sniffing. Your palm should be completely open. You may gently stroke the animal with your other hand. Start at the chest area and move towards the base of the tail. Try not to touch the tail. Animals often move. Bring the hand closest to your animal’s abdomen back to the point of the shoulder, on the side of its body, in line with your heart.How animals mirror us (+ an exercise to strengthen the bond with your animal)
  4. Stay in touch with your animal for about a minute and let him enjoy this intimate, heartfelt connection. If you like, you can place the hand closest to the front of your animal on your own heart. Then shift your attention to an area that you are beginning to see in your third eye. Start paying attention to everything else and notice what you feel in your own body. After a few moments, run one of your hands over the animal. Do not touch the skin, but stay about five centimeters above it and move from head to tail. Pay attention again to what you feel when you run your hands over certain parts of your animal. Has your animal’s breathing changed?
  5. Is the animal looking at your hands? Do you feel emotional when you hold your hands over a certain area? Do you get images to mind? Are you experiencing physical symptoms? After about five minutes, let your energetic connection calm down and move your hands from the top of the head to the tail of your animal. Do that three times. Take three grounding breaths and press your hands together in front of your heart area.

When you do the above exercise a few times a week, you can synchronize yourself with your animal and make huge discoveries about his health and his physical and emotional well-being. You can then not only identify change but also determine whether your animal may have additional emotional needs. If we deepen the relationship with our animals when they are relaxed and healthy, we become more aware of their ‘normal’ behavior. Your animal will become more familiar with your energy and recognize it as something it enjoys and feels safe with.


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