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How Archangels And Gems Together Can Support Your New Age Child.

You can still remember the time when you discovered that you (and/or your child) are highly sensitive, spiritual or exceptionally gifted. A world you didn’t know yet opened up to you. Maybe it felt like coming home, maybe you still find it difficult to surrender to this. Understandably, take your time in this.

And then, you’re looking for answers and have a lot of why-questions. You read books, blogs and scour the internet for more information. Because something inside you tells you that this was the path you’ve been looking for for so long. The inner awakening process has started and doors open where others close.

You are not alone

All the while, as a parent, you run into certain things. You have to account for the way you raise your child. You are too soft, not strict enough, you accept too much and so on. Forcing your child to do things that neither of you agree with, but do anyway. You feel inside that there is something, but you can’t put your finger on it. Due to social pressure, you may have made choices that you would have liked to have done differently.

It is very recognizable and a small consolidation, you are not alone. Many parents/carers struggle with this. How do you deal with a child who is extremely sensitive, reacts differently than is socially desirable or sees things that others do not see? I suggest that you throw off that heavy blanket now and start trusting your own intuition from today. You are reading this article for a reason!

Archangels and Gems

During my own search I discovered the existence of archangels and the working of gemstones. Archangels are powerful angels, each with their own specialization. These angels are closest to God, making their power extremely pure. These angels do not know time and space and can therefore be with everyone at the same time. It is their energy that is with you, angels do not have a body like you and me.

Gemstones are a natural product and have been used since time immemorial because of their special effect. After reading more about this, I started trying out what it can do. And the results amazed me. By making the combination between archangels and gemstones, a beautiful, pure energy is created.

How does it work?

There are several gemstones that can match an archangel, in terms of color or effect.

It is nice for new-age children to see and hold the matching gemstone. The link between the archangel and gem is then quickly established. Based on feeling and intention, this cannot go wrong.

Archangel Michael and Lapis Lazulli

Archangel Michael is the angel of strength and courage, in combination with the lapis lazulli both reinforce each other. Explain to your child what Archangel Michael can do and what the gem represents. Your child can wear a pendant with the gemstone or carry the gemstone in his or her pocket.

Whenever it needs courage and strength, all it needs to do is hold the stone and become aware that Michael is nearby and supporting it. In this way, it may dare to take a step more or do what it normally walks away from. This way every archangel can give support in his own way with the gemstone as support.

The gemstones and archangels can support you as a parent/caregiver in guiding your child. Archangels give their power and the gem its own effect, this combination gives wonderful results in new age children. It is a foothold and a helping hand that may just be necessary to learn to deal with difficult situations, feelings or stimuli.


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