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How can the Universe help with your pain?

Life is actually very simple. Well, theoretically then. Because if you open yourself a little bit to the history of all that is, then the world of today is quite understandable. Including the things we experience as problems or pain. And it is precisely through this understanding that the perception of your pain could change, so that you could experience this pain as less burdensome.

I’m going to try to explain this briefly and clearly to you. In a fairly light-hearted way, because it’s actually quite heavy. And not to make it more complicated than necessary, I use the term ‘time’ the way most of us are used to in earthly life. That means we start in an era long before earth life as we know it today. A time even before the fear/love duality arose. Okay, here we go.

How the fear love duality came about.

Once upon a time there was a Divine Unity. It was beautiful in the Divine Unity. Loving, warm and very connected. But a bit moderate. By that I mean, nothing very exciting happened. Everything was ‘just’ fine. To make that even clearer, let me make a comparison with something very practical and earthy; a comparison with the weather.

You could see what it was like within the Divine Unity as a climate where it is always 20 degrees Celsius, with the occasional rain shower. A nice place to be. Because it is not too hot and not too cold, the plants get enough sun and water, and everything is flowing nicely.

The disadvantage of this climate is that you miss the opportunity to learn where the best shelters are when it rains very hard. And you will never find out that it can be very nice to cuddle up in extreme cold. And then using each other’s body heat. Experiencing these kinds of adventures could be valuable lessons. And the consciousness growth that would result from this is what Divine Unity was actually looking for.

Divine Unity also had a question. For if you have known only oneness, how do you know what oneness is? That’s pretty tricky. Something began to bubble within the Divine Unity. A desire for more dynamism, so that more growth would be possible from the experience of adventures. And a longing for getting to know the ‘self’, an answer to the question of what unity actually is.

From those desires a piece of individual energy has been created. That seems a bit contradictory, because that individual energy has never really been outside of the Divine Oneness. And also always remained connected with Divine Unity. After all, the Divine Unity is all-encompassing. But somehow we managed to transfer this idea of ​​’being apart from the unity’ to the piece of individual energy.

Creating that individual aspect had major consequences. For where in the unity there was only love and connection, in the individual piece there was a feeling of being abandoned. Fear was the logical consequence of this. And see here; the fear/love duality as we know it today was born.

The three great illusions.

In that fear/love duality the ego-based consciousness initially reigned. That consciousness, where the ego is experienced as the center of Being, is accompanied by a number of illusions. These are the three most recognizable illusions:

The illusion of separation.

There was unity, but the individual energy no longer felt that. The individual energy felt for a moment only that which was new, the individual aspect that seemed separate from Divine Oneness.

The illusion of losing love.

Love was always there, and the individual energy was created from love. But the fear was so strong, so great, that the love around the individual energy could no longer be felt from the individual energy.

The illusion of loss of mastery.

The individual energy felt that everything that happened was due to an external cause. And then you have no influence on it. The individual energy had the feeling: ‘it’s happening to me, and I can’t help it’.

From illusion to movement.

From that point there has been movement. A movement that continues to this day. A movement aimed at seeing the three great illusions for what they really are; illusions! And yet it is exactly as planned that it takes so much effort and energy to shatter those illusions. For this is the very adventure that Divine Unity has longed for in the quest for expansion of consciousness. And it is precisely by living through the individual energy that Divine Oneness can learn what oneness actually is.

The movements that arose can be linked to the three great illusions.
There was a movement from separateness to unity.
There was a movement from fear to love.
There was a movement from victimhood to being a creator.

the light of god universeAnd we, we are part of those three movements. Because in our Being we also carry a piece of that individual energy with us. Let that sink in for a while. In our Being we carry with us a piece of the individual energy that is created from Divine Unity. And because we carry this with us and thereby move in a certain direction, we feel more and more that we are all one. And we see more and more that in the end everything is love. And we are taking more and more responsibility for our own path, returning to our true role as creators.

So how can the universe help with pain?

The universe can be defined in many ways. I personally like to use this definition: ‘the universe is a reflection of all your desires’. And that ‘your’, that is meant in the broadest sense of the word. In other words, they are desires that arise from, among other things, The Source, the Higher Self, the Soul and your Personality. And those are all aspects of you in a way.

And by realizing a little more regularly that the movements we are in are born of desires and love, you may be able to find a little easier acceptance for the fact that these movements involve pain. Because it is precisely in that part of acceptance that many of us still have a lot of potential to suffer less. Suffering often occurs when we resist the pain, and is then experienced as an aggravation of the pain. If you increase your acceptance, your suffering will decrease and you will experience that the pain becomes more bearable.

Pain can be seen as a nasty side effect of all these processes, but it is also a signpost. Where can the light go? Which way do I want to move?

Of course, this is not always easy in practice. But it’s worth to try. If you zoom out, you can see that the things that we experience as problems and that involve pain, have to do with movements that come from desires.

And no matter how hard that is sometimes to comprehend, those desires always, really always, originate in the core from love. Can you feel it?

In light and love,


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