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How did souls originate?

God Himself explains in the book An Unusual Conversation with God [ Neale Donald Walsch ] how the |Al| and the souls have arisen: “From the nonbeing the |All| arose, a spiritual event which corresponds entirely to what the scientists call the Big Bang.”


A further explanation from God:

‘Mythology is mankind’s first attempt to understand and tell about a cosmic event that permeates the human soul deeply, but which the mind can scarcely comprehend. By transforming the universe into a split version of itself, God created from pure energy Everything that exists today, both the visible and the invisible. Thus, not only the physical universe was created, but the metaphysical universe as well. That part of God that the second part in the interplay |I-am/I-am-not| forms, also exploded into countless units smaller than the whole. These energy units you would call ‘spirits’ – pure spirit’.

God continues:

Some religious mythologies hold that ‘God the Father’ had many spiritual children. This parable of the human experience of the multiplying life seems to be the only way in which the masses could be convinced of the sudden appearance, the sudden existence of countless spirits in the “Kingdom of Heaven.” In this case, these mythical fairy tales and tales are not so far removed from ultimate reality, for the infinite number of spirits that make up the totality that I am are, in a cosmic sense, My Offspring.

My divine purpose in splitting Myself was to create sufficient parts of Me so that I could know Myself empirically. There is only one way for the Creator to come to know itself as the Creator through experience, and that is to create. And therefore I gave to all My myriad parts (to all My spiritual children) the same creative power that I have as a whole.

This is what your religions mean when they say you were created in the image and likeness of God. This means that we are essentially the same. We are cut from the same cloth. We are the same! With the same qualities and possibilities, including the gift of creating a physical reality out of nothing’.

This is what God has told us about the origin of a soul and this indicates that we are part of the Divine Whole; a part – an energy body – of God Himself!

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Is there such a thing as a human soul?

Yes, a human soul is one of the three aspects of your being. You are a threefold being that consists of a body, a mind and a soul. The characteristic of a soul is that it is larger than the body, and that the soul is not carried by the body but carries the body itself. The soul envelops and permeates the entire physical body.

The soul is what holds you together; the life energy that exists in and around all physical things. There is only one being, and therefore only one soul!

Does everything have a soul?

  • Everything created has a soul.
  • Everything that has a soul is alive.
  • Everything that lives has feeling.
  • Everything that has feeling grows.

We cannot observe all growth, because we measure everything according to our own growth, which is lightning fast compared to a stone. In addition to plants and trees, animals also have a soul. Anyone who has ever looked an animal in the eye knows the answer to that question.

Were all souls created at once?

Every soul that has ever been created was created immediately – during the big bang. We’re all here now, everyone. However, not all at the same time on Earth. A part will dwell in the hereafter; another part can reside elsewhere. Thus each soul has been given and created the opportunity to be where it wishes to be, namely in the physical universe or in the metaphysical universe.

The number of souls, limited or unlimited?

An unusual conversation with god
Imagine if you could talk to God, you could ask Him anything and He would answer anything & In An Unusual Conversation With God, Neale Donald Walsch describes how this actually happened to him.

In the Now of Everything there is a continuous process of change going on. The amount of ways in which the ‘ individualization process ‘ process’ – the reincarnation of souls – changes cannot be called constant and therefore always changes, and yet remains constant. So you cannot talk about constant numbers on an earthly level. It is a variable metric, indicating that the number is infinite. But at any given ‘point’ it turns out to be a finite number.

There are ‘new souls’, in the sense that they find themselves – after attaining Ultimate Consciousness and reuniting with Ultimate reality – |All-That-Is| -, having decided again to ‘forget’ everything and ‘start over’; they have decided to move to another place on the cosmic wheel. And some have chosen to be “young souls” again. Yet all souls are part of that first Generation, for they are created (have been created, will be created) in the one moment of NOW. So the number is finite and infinite, variable and constant, depending on how you look at it.

What is the difference between an ‘old’ and ‘young’ souls?

A soul can consider itself ‘ old ‘ or ‘young’ depending on what it chooses when it has reached ultimate Consciousness. Some souls choose when to return to the cosmic wheel to be an old soul, and some choose to be ‘young’.

Therefore, some souls volunteer to be called ‘young’, and others to be called ‘old’, so that the one Soul who is in actual |All-That-Is|, may know Himself completely. Likewise, some souls must be called ‘good’ and others ‘bad’ for exactly the same reason. And that is why a soul is never punished. For why would one soul want to punish a part of itself, because it is a part of the Whole?

Is there such a thing as ‘soul relationship’ or ‘twin souls’?

The soul mate does exist, but not in the way we think. We have romanticized ‘soul relationship’ and made it our ‘other half’. In reality, the human soul—that part of God that individualizes—is much greater than we have imagined. In other words, the soul is much bigger than you think. Much bigger. It is not like the air of one room, but like the air of a whole house. And that house has many rooms.

The soul is not limited to one identity. It is not the ‘air’ of the dining room. Nor does the soul ‘split’ into two individuals who then become ‘soul mates”‘. It is the ‘air’ of an entire country house. And there are many mansions in the kingdom of God.

And while it’s all the same air that flows around, in and through each mansion, the air from the different rooms in one of the mansions can feel ‘closer’. You can walk into such rooms and say, ‘It feels ‘closer’ in here.

You must then understand that there is only one Soul and this also applies to the physical body. The physical body is surrounded by only one soul and no more than that! But what you call the Individual Soul is huge. The Soul hangs around hundreds of physical forms, flows through and resides within all of those forms.

Some physical forms that are surrounded by your soul are alive ‘now’. Others individualized in a form are “now” dead as we would say. And some soul-encompassed forms live in what we call the “future.” That’s all happening right now; this one moment. The construction ‘time’ is a kind of instrument with which we can better absorb the experienced reality. In other words, if those hundreds of billions of bodies “encompassed” by the Divine Soul are all God’s “soul relatives.”

What is a soul?

what is the soul
Soul has always been a difficult word to explain what it really means. Everyone knows about it, everyone feels it when ‘inspiration’ is involved and yet it remains a mystery. The Greek philosophers, medieval mystics, scholars and religious leaders of the East and West have described the soul as:
“elusive, immaterial and mysterious part of man” or
“the non-corporeal part from which man lives”

Yet we often use the word soul in our everyday language: ‘ to save one’s soul’, ‘to pass away’, ‘to sell one’s soul and salvation’, ‘to devote oneself whole-souled to something’, ‘the more souls the merrier. ‘……. and ‘God rest his soul’‘.

There are those who believe that the body is what holds you; which houses your essence (the essential). That is the idea: that the body houses the life energy, which is called the soul. But that is not correct!

It is the soul that houses the body. But your soul does not only live within the force field which is sometimes also called the soul. This force field, this radiant pulsating energy beam that surrounds your body, is sometimes understood as your aura. However, it is more than that, much more than we can imagine. The soul is therefore described as the life breath, the life force, the life energy that sets a person and all other living beings in motion; the ‘spirit’. No, the soul is housed not only in and around a physical body, but also in the energy configuration, within the localized expression of the Universal Soul; |All-That-Is|, God!

The soul dwells at all times in two essential places during one life cycle, namely in the Realm of the Absolute (‘Hereafter’) and the Realm of the Relative (the Earth), as God describes it. So the soul is not your body. The one you are is limitless and endless!
The soul is |Who-You-Are|!

What are the general beliefs about a soul?

cloudscapeIn Christianity the term soul is often interpreted as the indivisible and immortal part of man, his essence. The soul is the essence that makes a person alive. In science the soul cannot be proved. After all, science focuses on objective facts and not on the subjective ‘being’ of the scientist himself. The soul therefore belongs to “psychology” in the true sense of the word, not to the behaviorism of the accepted science that looks only at the outer appearances. In an esoteric sense, the soul is the “carrier,” the expression or vehicle of the spirit.

Concepts of the concept of the soul can differ greatly from culture to culture and change over time. But there is a constant flow of movement in time, however the soul is described:

  • The soul has to do with the  essence,  with that which makes a man a man;
  • The soul is mysterious, elusive but plays a very important role in everything we do;
  • The soul knows and longs to realize itself, to follow a path of development through the human being it envelops;
  • The common idea is also that the soul comes from a Unity, separates itself and returns to that Unity and that it – the soul – carries a destiny within itself.

 A better description of the soul

  1. The soul is the  ‘individualization’  of the Divine Mind and that is |All-That-There-Is|.
  2. The soul is produced from God Himself, and thus is a  ‘part’  of God Himself.
  3. The soul is a  Divine part of the Divine Whole; part of the One Vast, Infinite Energy Body.
  4. The soul is  God in miniature; the soul is the tool through which  God  expresses Himself.
  5. The soul has become an  “individual”;  a clumped  energy part  (energy body).
  6. The soul is the  essence,  which makes a person ‘alive’.
  7. The soul is a  self-evolving creature!

The special qualities and characteristics of a soul

  • You are a  threefold being,  consisting of a body, the mind (also called spirit, not to be confused with the brain) and a spirit (also called soul). You could also call this physical, non-physical and the metaphysical or ………. thought, word and action (deed, action). Put together, they produce a result that  is called a feeling or experience within our language and understanding  . Your soul  is therefore  the sum of every feelingEvery feeling you’ve ever had is in your soul. The soul is a storehouse of past and present feelings. Your memory (the mind, the mind) is made up of memories of these feelings. In fact, we are all one energy lump, but with three distinct characteristics.Emotions  are  the language of the soul.
  • The soul will always  protest against imposed restrictions . Any attempt to limit the natural expression of Love is a negation of the experience of freedom and thus a negation of the soul Itself, for the soul is freedom in person.
  • The soul is a  ‘god-in-the-making’.
  • The soul  is  existence  (existence) forever. The soul is what it is regardless of what the body does, not by what the body does. So if you think that doing things is all life is about, you don’t understand your own being. Your soul doesn’t care what you do to earn a living. Your soul is only interested in |Who-You- Are| when you do something, no matter what it is. The soul strives for existence, not for deeds.
  • The soul is a powerful  creator. The soul is the creator of every experience itself. The soul creates, the mind reacts.
  • The soul forms the idea, the mind creates, the body experiences. The soul responds to the most powerful suggestion emanating from the thought and reproduces it.
  • The soul guides you to the right, perfect  opportunities  so that you experience exactly what you have planned to experience. You decide what you really experience.
  • The soul is a  Master.  Although some do not remember their origin or heritage. Yet each soul creates the situation and circumstances for its own highest destiny and its own most immediate memory………… for each moment of NOW.
  • The soul  never dies.  The soul incarnates again and again.
  • When the soul returns in physical form, it can start a  new agenda  , experience new memories, embark on new adventures.
  • Your  intuition is in the soul. Your intuition is not in your brain. The intuition is the  hearing of the soul. The soul is the only instrument sensitive enough to “pick up” the lowest vibrations of life to “feel” that energy, to perceive and interpret the energy waves in the field.
  • The soul – your soul – is your  truth.
  •  Where exactly is the soul now?

The soul, unlike the mind, is… everywhere! The soul is everywhere in you and around you. The soul is what encompasses you. It is often spoken of ‘that your body is the vehicle of the soul’ or ‘your body is the temple of your soul’ with the emphasis on the body. These expressions help people to see that they are more than their bodies alone; that there is something “greater” than them.

The soul is bigger than your body! The soul is not carried by the body, but carries the body within itself. The concept of aura or the human energy field that we have all heard of is the closest we can come to when talking about the soul. But the realm where the soul manifests itself most strongly – “is felt” – is the so-called  etheric body or etheric body  .that extends about 4 cm to 10 cm outside the physical body.

The function or task of a soul

  1. The  function of the soul  in man is always to indicate its desires, in every decision-making of the mind and not to impose its will on the mind and/or the body. The function of the mind then becomes to choose from its alternatives.
  2. The  function of the soul  is to  Be  as opposed to the function of the body which represent action and action. The soul is what it is, regardless of what the body does. Not because of what the body does. The soul does not care how you earn your living. Your soul is only interested in |Who-you-are| when you do something, no matter what it is.
  3. The  function of the soul  is  to create. The soul here on Earth creates situations and circumstances for its own highest destiny and its own most immediate memory for each moment of Now. The soul creates and the mind (spirit) responds. The mind will make choices from the offer. The soul will try to make clear that only one consideration can come into play when you choose, namely: ‘Is this a statement about | Who-I-Really-Am|?, ‘Is this a statement about |Who-I-Choose-To-Be|?’ The soul speaks to you in your  feeling  . Listen to your feeling. Respect your feeling!
  4. The  job of the soul  here on earth is to produce something with your soul. Your body is the tool of the soul. Your mind is the force that propels the body; gives the ‘spirit’‘. So what you have here is a tool used in creating what the soul desires ………… desires to Be and desires to experience.
  5. The  soul’s job  is to permanently remind you of |Who-You- Are|, so that you can then choose |Who-You-Wish-To-Be| ….. today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Today I am grumpy, but tomorrow I am happy.
  6. The  task of the soul  is to recreate, to recreate again, again….. because all kinds of situations arise in our lives that can put us in a difficult position. The soul is, as it were, in ‘ development’. The development of the soul is empirical, that is, the experience(s) is the only source of knowledge. The development of the soul is empirical, ie  ‘knowing….. experiencing ……. and the Being’!
  7. The  task of the soul  is to remember you |Who-you-really-are|, namely an  individualization of the Divine Mind; a child of God. By experiencing and experiencing again, the soul is constantly reminded of |Who-She-Is|.
  8. The  soul’s job  is to ‘wake you up’.

What is the purpose of a soul on Earth?

What does the soul actually desire? Why does the soul reappear from the ALL, to become an ‘individual’ again? Why does the soul want to experience all this for itself?

rainbowIn the Hereafter — the Realm of the Absolute — there is only Divine Light; love, joy, lastingness, enthusiasm, honesty…. , but above all there is Divine Love present. Pain, sadness, fear, loneliness is not present there. Therefore the soul cannot experience these ‘dark’ feelings in the hereafter. Also the feeling of ‘being abandoned by God’, which we all know so well here on earth, is not present in the hereafter! Only here on earth can you experience those ‘dark’ feelings ……. if you want to experience it as being a soul, but you don’t have to!

If the soul in the afterlife says: ‘ I want to be sad or experience pain’,  that is not possible because there is only Love!

The Purpose of a Human Soul everything can therefore be experienced, so that it can be everything. The soul knows all there is to know; all knowledge, all power and all glory. Nothing is unknown or hidden for her. However  , knowing  is not enough for the soul. Knowing is conceptual; the ‘know everything theory’. But that is not enough for a soul! The soul aspires to its own experiences……….., and the best place to get it is here on Earth.

‘How can a soul be exalted if it has never been downcast, left if it has never been right? How can she be warm if she knows no cold, good if she denies evil. You know yourself to be generous, but as long as you don’t do anything that demonstrates that generosity, you only have a concept. A concept sitting in your soul. You know about yourself that you are nice, but as long as you are not nice to others, you only have an idea about yourself. So the soul wants to experience its ‘grandeur’, its greatness  ‘.New Moon April 2020

The soul longs to experience all individual aspects of His Divinity. It wants to know itself fully, empirically and expand itself and recreate itself ‘again’ – becoming an ever greater version of itself – and the way it does this is by entering the Realm of the Relative (the Earth) in  an individualized form  . .
The soul  ultimately  desires to be a god. To be able to experience this as Jesus was allowed to experience it on earth, a ‘tool’ has been created; your life’s work! Your life’s work is therefore a statement about |Who-You-Are|.

In the event of a return to earth, the soul will long to experience what it would like to experience for itself. Not just to experience, but much more important is to remember |Who-She-Is|, or rather |Who-You-Are|.
The soul’s sole, yet very important purpose – and that is also  your first general task  here on Earth – is therefore not to learn (what you actually conceptually already know), but to remember |Who-You-Are| and to remember |Who-All-Others-Are|!

Hans Zevenboom

Source: millennium-visie.org

link to the book ‘An unusual conversation with God’ at BOL


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