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How do clairsentients feel

Clairsentience is the feeling of subtle energies. These can be different energies, the energies of the environment where you are or the feelings and emotions of people. The energies that are perceived from the environment float around in that location, as it were.

Every house has a different atmosphere, which is determined by the inhabitants of the house. This energy can linger for a long time after the residents have moved and new residents have moved in. How do clairsentients feel this?:

When you feel people (or animals) you make contact with the aura of that person. When that contact is made, you look at those energies and it is better not to take over.

A person who is clairsentient often feels only some or all of the possibilities of the psychic feeling listed below.

What options are there?

  • Feeling energies by hand
  • Feeling energies elsewhere
  • Feeling colors as a means of communication
  • Feeling of nature beings
  • Feeling that someone is dying (angels)
  • Feeling others (feelings & emotions) (empathy)
  • Feeling that someone is looking at you
  • Feeling things that suit you
  • scallops
  • Feeling Kindred Soul
  • Experiencing that you are something other than the body
  • · Automatic writing
  • ~~ Electrosensible ~~

Feeling energies by hand

Feeling can be done with multiple body parts. Some people feel with their hands. Then it feels cold or warm when something is wrong. There are also people who can feel both hot and cold in the hand.

The cold and the heat indicate that something is not right. When a person feels heat, he can feel the right place where the problem is, if a person feels cold, the exact place cannot be felt, but the body part can be felt in general. What you feel you feel in different degrees.

Feeling energies elsewhere

When a lot of (positive) energy comes to you, there can be a nice tingling in (a certain part) of the head. When this energy is extremely strong, a fine tingling can occur in the entire head, which can even be felt in the shoulders. You can also get a negative (not nice) tingling in your head when something doesn’t feel right. This tingling feels different and doesn’t feel as soft as the fine tingling with positive energy.

It is also possible that you will feel very cold in certain places in the lower legs and possibly also the knees and upper legs. It is also possible that you get the feeling that you have to kneel in certain places, because it becomes very heavy in the lower legs. It can also happen that it feels so heavy that it seems as if you are sinking into the ground.

Feeling in places is common in people. One often thinks that one feels all the energies of such a place, but usually a person only feels a single energy. It is rare that the clairsentient person can feel all the energies that are present in one place.

Feeling colors as a means of communication

Feeling colors means that someone perceives the communication of, for example, a guide or spirit as color with the feeling. All energy and information that comes in comes in as a color (not through the eyes but through the feeling). With all the emotional information (and energy) that comes to you, you experience it as colors. Each piece of information (energy) has a different color.

For the most part people know what the meanings of the colors are, but it can also take longer before that is known. There is a lot of information ‘hidden’ in those colors. The color also shows where the information comes from. It is similar to the accent of words, there are very small tiny differences in the colors and meanings. It is similar to synesthesia, hearing colors and seeing sounds.

Feeling of nature beings

Nature creatures are present in certain places in the landscape. The energy of these can be felt, even though they may be underground. There is not just one feeling in feeling nature beings. This is because there are many intermediate forms, which differ slightly from other devas. In this way, the radiance that can be felt by humans differs per intermediate form. Nature beings are earth beings that are very much connected to the earth.

The Foreboding

The feeling that a certain situation is coming, where you already know what (part of) the situation will look like. It is possible that this is literally foreseen in a visual way, but what is also a possibility is that the energy of a situation is felt with the feeling that the impression of a (part of the) situation was already well before the situation started. had already been taken in with the feeling.

To feel someone die (angels)

When people die, a process precedes in which the person is detached from his or her body. This process can take weeks and is performed by angels. There are people who can sense that another person is busy with his (usually unconscious) dying process. What they then feel is the presence of certain angels who help man pass over.

Feeling others (feelings & emotions) (empathy)

What a clairsentient person can sometimes also feel, are the feelings and emotions of other persons. It is possible that the clairsentient person picks up and takes over those emotions, this should not happen because it affects your own constitution.

While feeling others it is necessary that the feeling person himself is pure and remains empty of the emotions of the other. Feeling can be done with the person himself and from a distance, a photo is often used for this. When feeling a picture one can sometimes feel a heartbeat.

For example, a very sensitive person may feel that the person in the photo is an alcoholic. If the sensitive person does not shield himself from it, he can get drunk himself.

Another example is a person in a photo with stomach cancer, the feeling person can get stomach pain from this. It is also possible to feel directly where the pain is. Furthermore, it is possible to feel how the person really is inside. In addition to sensing people, animals can also be sensed.

Feeling that someone is watching you

It is quite common for people to feel that someone is watching you. The attention emanating from the viewing person is apparently captured by the viewed person. The energy of looking pierces the auric field of the other and that is felt.

Feeling things that suit you

When walking through the landscape, people sometimes find pebbles (as an example). There are people who can subconsciously sense which stones suit themselves on an energetic level, without noticing it, they take certain stones with them. But some can also consciously sense what suits them. The feeling of things can be used well for, for example, one’s own health.the energy of august


Scalloping is when a being moves through your body, front to back or back to front through the body. This can be an orb or an entity that does this. The person in question who experiences this can notice this very strongly, but it can also be a little weaker. In general, that person gets a wonderful feeling about them when this happens.

It feels wonderful! The being that goes through you is sometimes clearly felt and sometimes also visible. This experience is rare. Sometimes it can mean that an entity wants to thank you for what you have done.

Feeling kindred soul

By feeling a kindred soul is meant when you meet someone for the first time and have the feeling in that person that you already know them, that you have something together but not from this life. The stronger that feeling is, the greater the degree of kinship. An example to illustrate this is the following story.

Multiple souls are born from a cosmic egg. The soul that is born right next to you is the most related soul, the soul that is born again next door is slightly less related than the previous one and this continues. So the closer another soul is born to your own soul, the more related this soul is, and the stronger the sense of recognition will be.

Someone closest to you is called a twin flame or soul mate. Twin Flames complement each other and fit well together. There are also souls that are negatively related to a person, these are called secondary souls. When two secondary souls are in a relationship, one sucks too much energy away from the other.

Experiencing that you are something other than the body

Many people experience themselves as a body, they think they are the body. This is not so. People are not aware that a person consists of a body, consciousness and a soul. Many people know this, but still experience themselves as a body. There are also people who do experience this consciously.

They feel themselves in the body instead of being the body. The body as a vehicle to move about here on earth. It seems that you are floating in the body. You can control the body very consciously, but you can also do this on autopilot.

automatic writing

Automatic writing is a written message that, for example, a guide or ghost writes with your hand, but it can also be done on the computer. Your hand is temporarily “taken over” and it writes (or types) a message on paper. Sometimes the messages are written in other languages.

The handwriting with which you write will usually differ from your own handwriting. When someone starts thinking about writing during automatic writing, this will block or disrupt the automatic writing. To be able to write well it is necessary to be empty and let it go freely.The energies of May 2015-

It’s a bit like channeling (letting guide/entity speak through you), only now only the hand is used for the message.

~~ Electrosensible ~~

Today, there are many devices in the home and outdoors that emit radiation. Almost all equipment that is connected to the mains has a certain radiation, from the clock radio to the computer screen.

Cell phones and wireless equipment also have radiation. People can suffer from this radiation and in the long run they can no longer stand it. Perhaps being Electro sensitive does not belong here, we suspect that it is not a clear feeling property, but a hypersensitive reaction to radiation.


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