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How do I let go of my family karma that I’ve taken on?

Dear Jennifer:  I just realized that I’ve taken on my family karma and emotions, which explains why everything in my life is in chaos right now, and I feel blocked, depressed, and have no energy. This realization came to me when I once again talked to my sister about her life’s problems,

and then suddenly I got angry, told her I couldn’t solve her problems, and hung up the phone. I’m tired of trying to solve my family problems. But then what should I do, and then create more karma with them when I refuse to do this and let it go?

Jennifer’s answer:  First of all, congratulations. You have just released lifetimes of obligations to your soul group, limiting your life to help them with their problems. You took this on for a lot of reasons, all based on past life experiences, but mostly because you thought they were powerless,

either through their actions or your contribution, and you wanted to help them heal and regain their strength. What you have realized is that as long as you do this you are limiting your own life and theirs, they have to do their own healing and trying to do it for them only slows down their process.

You were able to see this because you have also undergone an energy shift, and you now have a new perspective. So don’t be mad at yourself when you begin to see all those ways in which you have curtailed your life, given away your energy and strength, and tried to help others.

Every time your thoughts go in that direction, forgive yourself and them, and then let it go. You did what you thought was right. And it was, as long as you felt responsible for their karma. Now that has changed.

Also know that when you start drawing your energy away from your family, they seem to need you more, have more problems, and seem more helpless than ever.

They need to get used to working with their own strength, where they used to use yours. It will take a little time, but they will adapt. The most important thing you can do now is stay focused on what you want to create in your life.

It calls to you, but until now you were unable to hear it. Do not feel guilty when you realize that you have supported them in this way and prevented them from using their own power, they share equal responsibility with you in this situation.

The other challenge for you will be to start focusing on your life and using your energy to empower your dreams. Your family’s needs have been your excuse for not moving forward, not accepting your gifts, and not having joy in your life. By removing that drain of your energy, you are now able to focus on you and your life, and that is a new concept, not just for this lifetime but for many lifetimes.

Start creating some goals for yourself, reawaken your dreams, and start focusing on using your own energy to empower your life.

You may be distracted by your family problems at times, but that will diminish when you ignore the temptation to be their source of strength and start using your energy to empower your own life.


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