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How do I put myself on the map? Your life theme as a guide

 ‘How?’ That is the question most people ask during an energy reading . Whether it’s about how they put themselves on the map as an entrepreneur. Or how they open their hearts. Or how they can earn more money. ‘How do I shape my life theme?’ That’s the one million dollar question .

life theme

During an energetic consultation, most people come with a life question, and based on that a story unfolds. The next question they invariably ask is: ‘And how do I do that, practically speaking?’ In my experience, the life theme you are wrestling with is the catalyst for a profound transformation process. (Of course, only if that concerns you.) But let me start with some images that have surfaced during sessions lately.


‘How do I earn money with my passion’, is the question of a coach. A cave system appears. She has no map, and there is no one to show her the way. The cave system represents an initiation . In theory, we all know that after darkness, at the end of the tunnel, light appears. But she is told: ‘If you stick that picture on your process, it is not an initiation at all. The basis of an initiation is precisely the fact that you have no idea whether and how you will get out of the cave; who is still with you after that tunnel, and whether your trip will bring any money at all. The view will stay with you until you surrender to something bigger than you. And the confidence that the light is indeed there only arises after you have experienced it yourself.’

How do I put myself on the map? Your life theme as a guide


‘How do I open my heart’, a manager wants to know who is making deeper contact with his core. The answer to that is: ‘Step into experiences. Experiences that make your heart beat, and unknown situations that make you realize: this is essential. I have to be there’. In addition, he is told: ‘You will not find the answer where you have always looked.’ And: ‘You have to make room to expand. Nor does it happen in the armor of hard work.’

Not knowing

‘How do I put my company on the map’, asks an entrepreneur who markets a product line. The image shows a ship leaving the harbor. The area where it has lain is well known; it is safe there, it is clear and clearly defined. Outside the harbor, however, she does not know where she stands; what weather conditions or risks she will encounter, and to which continents she is en route.


The answer to your life question can therefore always be found outside the area you already know, in the ’empty’ space, so to speak. And it has everything to do with taking responsibility. You do the latter by making your life theme – whether that be money, a relationship, having a child, or shaping your passion – not (only) the goal, but above all the way. You do it by walking that road, step by step. Regardless of whether you lose people with that, without giving up hope, being led by fear and worry, or by always looking aside at others.


In other words: you let money be your guide, if that’s your life theme, almost without the ‘double agenda’ that as long as you do your homework, your income will work itself out. You enter into heart connections if that is where your desire lies, without fear that you will be swallowed up in the relationship, let down again, or hurt the other person. And if you want to turn your passion into a business, you have to go where no one has gone before. It is your unique path, which you want to express. ‘How?’ is always connected with ‘who you essentially are’.

How do I put myself on the map? Your life theme as a guide


The only answer I know, and find interesting, to the question ‘how?’ is ‘develop yourself’. Go on a journey in your inner world. And realize that you are not traveling to an all-inclusive where you know exactly when you will arrive and return, what the hotel looks like, and what you will eat. No; you get on your sailing ship and set sail with an unknown destination.

And the question that comes up again and again with life themes is: are you actually prepared to do that? Do you want to leave without luxury transport, organizer, itinerary or goretex equipment? Do you have that dedication? For do you think initiates in Egypt walked into the snake’s or the lion’s den, with the guarantee that they would come out alive? Of course not. They were torn if they did not remain in their midst; in line with their potential. Only if they trusted deeply in the integrity of the soul,

How do I put myself on the map? Your life theme as a guide

To invest

From a practical point of view, ‘developing’ means to me: investing in yourself, seeking mentors, taking energy training, taking on experiences outside your comfort zone, seeking outside paradigms and beliefs that are generally held, and exploring areas that interest you and feel intuitive to you. that they bring you to life, even if they’re actually too exciting to contemplate, and, finally, it’s all just grace too. What you so desire may come to you, but also not. There is simply no ‘reward’. And you have nothing to say or think about that.

Nevertheless, if you do all that, there is a good chance that life will take you, and lift you to a height that you could not imagine existed before. And trust that the universe will get you where you need to be? That’s really too easy. You are the universe yourself.


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