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How do we make something of the future?

To make something of the future , we as humans must realize that we are a collective whole: humanity. From an astrological point of view there are different eras and in those eras we recognize different “phases”.

For example, the phenomenon ‘cosmic year’ exists, the period in which the axis revolves around the earth and the earth revolves around the axis, this takes 26,000 years from scientific research. Until the year 1962 there was talk of the “Pisces Age”. Typical of this phase are: idealism, subconscious dreams, addiction and sacrifice.

On a collective level this meant: no individualism, schools and groups, religion and king. In the authoritarian field mainly: the church (priest), university and morals. Central to this were: government, wealth, status, intellect, power and elite.

The hippie era

After 1962, the Seven Planets were dominated by: Aquarius. The new age dawned, Aquarius stood in the house of Uranus. This was a revolutionary and transformative phase, an aversion to morals, academy and government. A sexual revolution: taboos were broken, there was often experimentation with drugs to get into a “God ecstasy”.

Spiritually, this was a positive phase, Taoism and Tantrism were discovered in the West and much was done about meditation and inner self-reflection. On the other hand, there was sexual debauchery (the easy way) and this revolution happened in an outer way: there was a lot of greed and jealousy, an inner revolution is needed!

The present and the future

Nowadays we see more and more people waking up . More people are looking for meaning: the meaning of life, spirituality, individualism and achieving inner freedom.

How do we achieve meaning in its essence?

By looking for ourselves, for our true identity. By asking ourselves the question who we really are, in addition to the built-up conditionings from society: education, school, work, and social environment. These are all external factors that are shaped into your personality. In this it is important to ask ourselves real essential questions: who am I? (I – really). By looking for yourself you turn inward.

The confrontation in this is one’s own ignorance, this causes suffering. We do everything we can to fill our own void by looking for it outside ourselves through for example: a partner, because you don’t want to be alone or: search in materialism; Buying new stuff and appearances can lead to an obsession that goes unfulfilled, leaving you looking for new external factors that won’t provide lasting happiness in the long run.

The origin of suffering is the desire to seek outside of yourself.

In this the horizontal way is the way of pleasure/pain, with no real depth in it. Circumstances do not change who we are in this. The vertical way is the way of Being: we can change our inner state, and with it also change the circumstances.

“It is the mind that has created today’s civilization, this tradition-bound culture or society and if you don’t understand your own mind, there’s little point in rebelling, as a communist or as a socialist or whatever. Therefore it is very important to have self-knowledge, to be aware of all your activities, your thoughts and feelings, and this is education” – Jiddu Krishnamurti


This requires an inner transformation: self-knowledge is the way to happiness. Why? Because self-knowledge is enriching, mind-expanding, you grow in knowledge and awareness and it is permanent.

Everything is energy

Our beliefs determine the conditions for converting frequencies through the nerve pathways that run to and from our brains.

Quantum physics teaches us that everything consists of energy. Our solid matter consists of particles that in turn consist of smaller and smaller particles. But: those tiniest particles, which consist of nothing but pure energy. This is what Albert Einstein’s famous formula E=MC2 shows us. This means that our thoughts and intentions are pure energy.

Our thinking influences our reality

In addition, several experiments have been done that prove to us that we influence other energies with our thinking and with our intentions. Think, for example, of the “placebo” effect in healing for disease .

With positive thoughts and positive emotions you attract more positivity into your life. With negative thoughts and negative emotions you attract more negativity.

You see around you daily what the results are of your emotions and thoughts that you send out in the form of your actions and speech. You can clearly see and determine how your thoughts and intentions, your actions and speech, create the world around you.

Do what it takes

And take action: any change in your life requires action on your part as well. Do what is necessary to achieve your own and also the social goals, without action on your part nothing will change!

“We are facing a huge crisis that the politicians can never solve because they are programmed to think a certain way. Neither scientists can understand or solve the problem, nor the business world, the world of money. The turning point, the decision, the challenge is not in politics, religion or science. It lies in our consciousness. One must understand the consciousness of humanity which has brought us to this point” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

The new thinking

When in our quest we come to this realization that we all belong to a collective consciousness and do not distinguish ourselves in ethnicity, religion, gender and age, then we make the leap to an entirely new consciousness in humanity. That of unity, connection and Love.

This is only possible if we can view the world from new perspectives, open minded and with sympathy.

In this new realization of a collective consciousness that connects everything and everyone on earth, we work together on a clear, loving and open vision for a new future.

A future of compassion, love and compassion. A future of connection in wholeness.


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