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How do you ask advice from the angels?


“But I cannot receive the advice, I have no clear channels”. It’s something I often hear people say. In my previous articles, including Raising your vibrational frequency with angels  , I indicated that you can ask advice from your angels. Below are the main guidelines for receiving advice from your angels.

Call on your angels

Take a moment for yourself. Take a deep breath and relax first. Make sure you are alone in the room where you are. If necessary, put on a piece of music without text, for example harp music. Invoke your guardian angel. Your guardian angel is always there for you and is always with you. By calling on your guardian angel, you amplify intention and contact. Trust that the contact is there, even if you cannot perceive it. Thank your angel and indicate that you want his or her advice.

Invoke Archangel Michael

This is not a requirement, but I always do it myself. You can ask Archangel Michael to keep watch. Why would you do that? He ensures that only high energies come in. When you call on angels, other energies may also respond. These can be both high and low energies. Ask “Archangel Michael, until I leave this room again, will you keep watch in this room and only allow angels and energies that support the angels’ message?” With this you ensure that you receive protection against other energies and therefore also know for sure that the message comes from them or from an energy (for example a guide or deceased loved one) that supports their message. Sometimes a deceased loved one or guide comes to explain the message extra. If you don’t want this, ask to keep it out as well.

Ask your angels to communicate with your higher self

Ask the angels if they only want to communicate with your higher self. Your ego can influence the message. In this way you ensure that your ego cannot cloud the message or less.

Take the time for your question

If you want good advice, take a moment to formulate your question properly. Angels are only allowed to give advice and insights in areas for which you give them permission. The more specific your question, the better the advice. A question such as “I would like insight into all facets that are not going well” provides a more general answer than “Why did I have a collision with person x today?”

Use angel cards

This is a very pleasant tool, especially if you do not yet have access to your clear channels.
You can buy a deck yourself, but there are also plenty of online options to draw a card. If you buy a deck, clean the cards beforehand. How to do this is always stated in the booklet with your purchase. Start with one to three cards in the beginning. Do not draw too many cards, this will not make things clearer in the beginning. With three cards you can place them horizontally and then start left with past, middle present and right future. Ask the question again and again before you draw the card. Draw the card and turn it upside down so you don’t see the picture and the message yet. Then draw the other cards before turning them over. You do this because seeing the message can raise questions,

Keep a pen and paper handy

Turn over the first card. Write down everything that comes to your mind: thoughts, images, experiences, things that enter through your senses. Read the message on the card last and see if it confirms anything or provides additional explanations. Only when you have written everything down do you move on to the next card.
When you have done all the cards, check if there is a red thread in the cards. Then see if you can draw a conclusion from the information you have received.
Why pen and paper? This is so clean that it is less distracting than a telephone. Even if you only use it for notes, it will make you more distracted. Or type on your laptop and only open Word and the internet and everything that you can deduce from the message.

Ask for confirmation

Do you have the conclusion? Then ask for confirmation. This can be in the form of numbers or in another way, for example in your sleep. In the article The way to Self-healing with the help of your angels I described how you can ask this.

Start the advice

Angels only give advice in your highest good. So it can also be advice that you did not expect, but which in the long run will bring you a lot of happiness. But no matter how good the advice is, you are the one who has to work with it.

Have fun receiving your angel messages, I look forward to seeing what it brings you.


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