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How do you deal with obstacles?

This morning I went for a long run through nature. A fresh start to the day. Just clear my head. Meditate while I’m active and come home well-charged. delicious!

Metaphors from nature

This whole week, nature has made things clear to me with its beautiful metaphors. I had one of those again this morning. This time about obstacles. Just the word. Bah! I don’t like obstacles. I just want to continue my way running, preferably without too many detours. Increasingly, however, I see that it is precisely those obstacles and detours that bring me something beautiful. As long as I’m aware of their message.


During my running route there was such a moment of awareness. The forest trail I walked was littered with pools of water. Some were so large that they took up the entire width of the path. So real ‘obstacles’. At least, that’s what I thought at first. However, I didn’t notice it until I got to the third puddle and I was trying like crazy to pass it as fast as I could. I didn’t want to stop and tried to run because otherwise… Yeah, what else would actually happen? I decided to give it a try at the next puddle. So I stopped. I took my time to look and then quietly pass the puddle.

And what turned out? Of course it was much easier!Because I allowed myself the time to approach and view the puddle calmly, I could choose the best side to get across without wet feet. At the same time, this way I always rested a bit and I was even able to expand my running route a bit further. And I enjoyed nature much more. Wow, what a simple, yet wonderful insight!

daily intercourse

When I finally left the forest trail behind, I had plenty of time to let this new insight sink in. A question then occurred to me, which kept bouncing around in my head. “How do I actually deal with obstacles in my daily life?” I found out as I walked that I often approach them in the same way as the water puddles on the forest trail. I rush toward them, hoping to get them behind me as soon as possible. Precisely because I don’t allow myself time to stand still and look at them, I get wet feet or step on the road. I forget to enjoy the ride or I’m dead tired at the end of the ride. Not always necessary, it turns out. Oh, that’s quite confrontational!


Once home from my running route, I did an exercise to calm my breathing. In my mind I thanked nature for this beautiful mirror and felt grateful for the insight that was allowed to come my way through this road.

what now?

I don’t know yet whether I will actually approach obstacles in a different way in the future. Apparently this is the way that suits me best NOW, otherwise I wouldn’t have chosen it every time. Still, I think it’s great that I was able to receive this insight. I am now aware of the approach that I generally preferred, and can therefore choose to do it differently next time. In order to find out what that brings me.

to trust

Whether you choose to approach obstacles calmly, try to avoid them or step right into them. It doesn’t matter. Every situation has an approach that is appropriate for

. You can rest assured that you will always choose the approach that is right for you at that moment. The approach that will take you to where you need to be right now.

Your path unfolds,

with every step you take.

you need your destination,

not yet known.


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