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How do you do that, create your own future?

How do you do that, create your own future? Yes, that’s an important question. You create your own future, whether you are aware of it or not. With every choice you make, you create your future. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could do that consciously ? If you can experience what you want to experience instead of having to wait and see what appears in your experience?

Creating your own future gives a feeling of strength instead of the powerlessness that you often experience now. You have no idea why you are experiencing what you are experiencing, why you are experiencing the same ‘problems’ over and over and you are really trying your best to turn the tide, but it all seems so random what is happening.

And then you look at others and you wonder why she has it so easy and why it always goes so smoothly with her? You struggle on and on, and why is that anyway? You are on the awareness path, isn’t it about time for some improvement ?

Don’t compare yourself to others

Comparing yourself to someone else is completely non-functional and I suggest that you stop doing this immediately. The main reason is that you are responsible for yourself and that is enough work. Another important reason is that you don’t really know how someone else is doing in general.

You don’t know what someone else is struggling with inside. We are all human, we struggle with the same pieces, we are in the same boat, which is to remember who you really are and what that means to you in your life now. We have collectively forgotten this.

We have all had the necessary lives, we all still have karma to work out and we all walk around with (old) fear, pain and sadness. So, stop comparing yourself to anyone else. You have, it seems to me, enough with your own life and you have your own path to walk. That path, that is the path your soul chose before you came to this life on Earth.

You want to experience yourself in a certain way, clear certain karma or overcome a certain fear. whatever. And that’s what you have to do. In that respect you have nothing to do with anyone else. Because the other person walks her or his own path.

How do we create?

We create our experiences through the choices we make and the actions we take. What is important here is that you then let go of the attachment to the result. We don’t see the bigger picture and Life does. Our job is to listen to our intuition, we follow our heart and then we take the inspired action that follows. But we let go of the ‘when’ and ‘how’, that is not up to us, that is taken care of by Life.

Trust that what you feel is true. Trust that at the right time and in the right form, the result will appear in your life. Maybe not the way you envisioned it, but then trust that what does show up is better for you.

That is quite difficult if you are very attached to the result, for example money because you really need it now or if you want a relationship with someone you have met but who is married, just to name a few. You are taken care of, that is the basis for your trust. You will find that you relax when you can stand in your life in this way.


Where you are now is a sum of all your past lives and this life and of the choices and actions you have taken. Look at your circumstances, see what you experience, feel and think. You can use your circumstances as a mirror to see what needs attention inside.
If you experience something in your life that you don’t like, go inside yourself to see why. Is there pain, fear or sadness that can be seen, healed and released? Or do you think certain (negative) thoughts that keep you in a certain situation? Are these thoughts true? Are they yours?

Create your own future

You create your future in the same way you created the present. The choices you make now and the actions you take now determine your future. Pain, fear and sadness, emotions and limiting beliefs determine your choices and actions. They run in the background as a kind of program inside you.

By looking at your circumstances and exploring within yourself you can find out about this programming and do something with it. This makes you more and more free in your choices and your actions; you can start to create more and more of what you want to experience in your life or what you want to manifest.

So: be alert, what’s happening on the outside? That is caused by your insides. And if you, consciously, want to create your own future as you envision it, then the work is on the inside.


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