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How do you find and fulfill your mission?

Do you feel that you have more to do here, but are you unable to gain clarity? Or to achieve your mission? Often it is a quest before you find your destination, but you can influence this. Your energetic ‘state of being’ and your beliefs are helping or hindering. Although I have experienced this road as tough, I would not have wanted to miss it.

Satisfaction in your current situation

This, of course, sounds like a paradox. Because if you were happy with your situation, you didn’t have the nagging feeling that you have more to do here.

Yet it is important as a basis to find peace in your situation as it is now. Then you have more peace of mind to recognize opportunities and possibilities that present themselves as such. Unrest, dissatisfaction and certainly fear narrow your consciousness.

Do you now have a job, but do you feel that it no longer suits you? Appreciate the fact that you can provide for yourself. Your job offers security and peace of mind. At the same time, mentally open the door to something better. In this way you are in a higher vibration, which helps to allow in your deeper desires and receive inspiration.

Fear of shortage

The idea of ​​letting go of my fixed income and opting for an insecure existence was quite frightening to me.

It is important to find a form in which you can still take steps. Your mission may feel exciting, but when it paralyzes you with fear, your vibration drops drops significantly and the energy flow stagnates. Then look for a middle ground: is your partner willing to temporarily meet your needs more? Is it an option to work less in your current job and get started with your mission on your days off?

The fox tells you how to find your mission

Caroline has had a challenging job for many years. She has been at home with the children for several years and does volunteer work. She increasingly feels that she can contribute to the awareness of humanity, in the form of coaching or energetic therapy.

In one session she asks her Higher Self about her mission. A light path appears before your eyes. When she asks if there is an animal that can advise her, a fox appears. He says: “Hahaha, you already know””.

Caroline becomes aware that her mission is related to help, light, touch, magic wand.

The fox says: “Just go for it, don’t run away from it any longer. Go do something.”

To which Caroline asks: “But what?”.

His answer: “Give what was taken from you then. The light”.

Caroline: “How can I find it?”.

The fox shows it: sniffing in the bushes, searching, moving, walking.

She asks the fox if she can find answers in nature. “Yes Yes Yes”.

He lets her know: think less, do and feel more!

She asks the fox how she finds the right thing, what suits her. He starts sniffing again and suddenly dives with his nose in a bush.

How can she do that? De vos: “Relax, walk around in the sun and bang, you see it in one go. Don’t force anything”.

Caroline says she would like to add something. But the fox says she is already doing a lot. From her Being she transmits her frequency.

The fox makes it clear to her that she can enjoy it. She doesn’t have to put any pressure on herself anymore. The answers will come, it’s important to let go of the ‘when’.


Tip of the veil

As with Caroline, a mission often becomes only partially clear when you ask your Higher Self and guides. The answers are often of a general nature, such as: helping people heal, shining your light, or raising your vibration. Often it is disappointing not to receive a concrete answer, but this has a function.

If the universe were to reveal our mission in all its magnificence, we might shrink from it. Our ego cannot comprehend this and with that our mission is nipped in the bud by ourselves: can I do this? Why me? And above all: how? To protect us and grow step by step into our true potential, our mission becomes clearer over time. Walking your path means that your ‘earthly self’ can keep up with your mission.

A better question to your Higher Self is: “What next step or choice can I make now?”.


Is your mission unclear or is there no shot? Perhaps the thought comes to you that ‘it may never work’. Try to give this as little attention as possible, so that no unnecessary energy is added and your process stagnates.

Above all, spend time letting your wants and desires sprout. By seeing your desires in your mind and especially feeling their energy, the energy around your mission builds up. This energetic manifestation is called ‘momentum’. The greater the momentum, the closer it grows to manifesting in matter.

Be careful about the people you discuss your mission with. If people don’t have an affinity with it, it can trigger a nasty energy that detracts from your momentum.

Connect with your guides

Your energetic team will always help you, but it is advisable to also consciously ask them for signals and signposts . So that you recognize them earlier and become more aware of intuitive feelings. Signals can be articles, but also people who cross your path or messages in songs.

Because there is an ocean of possibilities in front of you, it is difficult to feel which direction is the right one. As a human being it is tempting to take steps from your mind, but this has only a limited overview of what is possible. Our guides see a wider range of possibilities. They are happy to help you, so take advantage of them!


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