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How do you free your own life energy?


Shiva and ShaktiMany people today realize that they are done putting the emphasis on the intellect as it has been for the last twenty or thirty years. Too much emphasis on knowledge, information, computers and cell phones sucks the life out of your system and numbs the free flow of energy and feeling. The desire to feel more awakens in many people.

They long to be more in nature, to experience life in all its facets, to recognize their sensitivity and to give space to their impulses. The energy that wants to wake up in us and activate our cells is the Shakti, our primary life energy.

“Tantra is the science of weaving all the aspects of your self into a unified tapestry, circulating sound, light, breath and loving sexual power throughout the universe of your bodymind and soul.” Padma Aon Prakasha.

Shakti as life energy

Shakti is the goddess who represents firepower, creative power, sexual energy, agility and power to change. Shakti provides free energy flow in our lower chakras, for natural rhythms, joy, impulsivity and passion without limits.

Although intuition is strongly linked to our higher chakras, a healthy flowing shakti is a basic requirement for a free intuitive flow.

When we give Shakti enough space in our lives, we surrender more to the flow of life and embrace constant change. Then we live in the uncertainty and unpredictability of the moment, but we also know what to do in that moment and feel happy about it.

Stone relief of Shakti in the complex of Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia


The husband of goddess Shakti is the god Shiva. Shiva generates consciousness, consciousness. Without Shiva, Shakti would lose himself and create pure chaos. It is the ray of light of consciousness that balances the Shakti energy.

Not by controlling it, but by giving Shakti energy clarity and grounding, giving it direction and allowing the Shakti energy to generate new impulses. In the dance of Shiva and Shakti, a person is in balance with his creative powers and their manifestation.

Repressed and oppressed Shakti

The Shakti has been suppressed in our society both now and for the past hundreds of years. Excessive life energy is a threat to many spiritual systems. The entire establishment of the Catholic Church is aimed at suppressing Shakti, the heavy values ​​​​and norms from the Reformed Church do the same.

Many churches have a patriarchal system, centered on power and control. Also from past lives many people have memories of suppression of their Shakti energy as a healer, shaman, witch or herbalist.

But even within the new age movements, spirituality is still often aimed at developing the higher chakras and upgrading and purifying the lower chakras does not receive all the attention it deserves.

The suppression of Shakti gives an imbalance to the whole social system. I see the rise of pornography and all other excesses in the sexual field and many related fields as an expression of a suppression of energy that is actually a natural source of joy, love and creation, especially when the Shakti is connected with the heart consciousness.traits of empaths

Personal suppression of life energy

If we deny and suppress the Shakti energy within ourselves, then two things can happen. Or we look for that energy outside of ourselves. On a personal level, this can express itself in lust.

A person uses energy from another to satisfy his own need. It can also manifest itself in excessive consumption, aimed at bringing in energy and the kick; after all, everything is for sale in our society.

Or the oppression manifests itself in fear. Fear of living, fear of loss, fear of change, fear of standing up for who you are, fear of aggression, feelings of depression, and so on.

Shakti that is suppressed does not disappear but collects in the chakras below our first chakra. Within tantra this is called ‘underground’ and ‘dark feminine’ or ‘dark masculine’. Often the repressed Shakti takes on a form that we fear. We become afraid of ourselves and of what is hidden in ourselves.

This often includes conscious or unconscious shame. It is a feminine energy, which is suppressed in both men and women. In men it can feel like, for example, the harem owner, the seducer, the pimp, and on a multidimensional and mythical level a werewolf, vampire or magician. In women it can be the witch, the snake, the spider, the whore, or the temptress, among others.

By meeting these repressed figures and embracing them for what they have to bring you, we recover our life energy. We free our Shakti from the swamp, from the dark. As long as this energy has been repressed, it has split off from who you essentially are and you cannot trust it as such.

It is right that you crowd her, because she is really unsafe for yourself and for the other. When you safely allow this energy into yourself and reconnect it to your heart, it becomes part of who you are again. This is immense empowerment.

You feel more grounded, you experience your body more as your own holy temple and you dare to use your strength again.

New masculinity

In my view, this is a very strong ‘initiation’ for men in rediscovering and recalibrating their masculine strength. Too many men have been restrained by the process of women’s awareness to avoid making women feel intimidated. Many men today pay more attention to their feminine, sensitive energy.

If that goes hand in hand with appropriating their masculine power, then both aspects reinforce each other. In the new man, both their masculine strength and their sensitivity come together. The combination of sensitivity and strength also gives more room for dimensionality and room to be different, to go your own way off the beaten track.

In this one I have not highlighted the Shiva power of men (and women), I will come back to that in a later article.
I wrote an article about the new wife .

Healing collective trauma

When you embrace and bring into the light your own suppressed aspects again, you are not only healing yourself. Your healing has an effect on the collective field.

You send a different vibration into the world, to which fear cannot resonate or where lust suddenly no longer has a target.

Does this resonate with you? Is your Shakti life energy also a bit hidden and would you like to bring it more into the light? I really appreciate it if you leave a comment below.


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