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How do you get customers for your Lightwork?


Do you also feel the desire to contribute with your Light to a positive change on Earth? And would you prefer to earn your money with your Lightwork, so that you no longer have to do the work that no longer suits you?

If you receive a “Yes!” twice, is probably one of your doubts: I would like to… but how do I get clients for my Lightwork? A logical question, because to earn an income you need people who want to buy your Lightwork. But it is also a question that will make you unnecessarily despondent in the start-up phase of your company. In this article I explain why – and what you can do now first to manifest a company as a Lightworker.

It starts with your choice to be a Lightworker

The very first choice you may make is the unconditional choice to be a Lightworker in this modern life as well. And to earn money with your Lightwork. In the way that suits you and the life of this time.

It may seem a bit nonsensical reading this. Because of course you choose that. It’s what you want most, isn’t it? And you feel (deep in your heart) that this is what your soul asks of you? There are so many messages, you get it confirmed time and again: It’s time! So why not make that choice? If you are sure it will work. If you’re sure you can do it. If you are sure that you will find customers for your Lightwork.

And that list of ‘if…’ (you probably already feel it) is exactly where the foundation of your challenge lies.

The guarantee you’re looking for is blocking your mission

With your ‘if…’ you can easily block the flow of your mission. For you are trying to negotiate these terms with your soul. As a result, your soul cannot bring the abundance of customers to you, no matter how much it wants to.

Your soul simply cannot give you the guarantee that everything will go at once as you hope, expect or demand as a human being. Because this is not the job of the life you live. Your life gives you (from unconditional Love) endless possibilities and options. And also the chance to bring your soul’s mission to life.

But the conditions you set are impossible demands. It’s as if a child is negotiating with Earth and demanding that she learn to walk only if Earth gives her a guarantee. The guarantee that learning to walk just goes right the first time. And that it will absolutely never hurt if she does fall.

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The demands you make are understandable

Of course, the demands you place on living your mission are understandable. I too know from my own painful experience that it can be horrible and almost unbearable to fail at what you love most.

Every time I’ve put my heart and soul into something and the response from the environment wasn’t wildly enthusiastic or even disapproving? It tore my heart and I would have loved to have gone back Home on the spot.

And of course I still remember all the painful times when I started a company with the most beautiful intentions from my inspiration. Then after a while you have to look for a normal job again.

In other words, a job to earn money for myself and my son because my business was not viable. I knew right away that it wouldn’t be the best job for my soul. I immediately felt that it was going to end in intense frustration. But I simply saw no other way.

My life makes the choice easier for me

In my own life, the choice to go for my soul mission and Lightwork was made easier one day. Well, not really easy. But clearly. Because the burn-out I ended up in made it clear with a big bang that it couldn’t go on like this any longer. Doing work that went against my soul was simply not an option from that day on.

From that moment on I discovered that my soul had been waiting all this time, until I was ready as a human being. Just as now your soul is waiting for your willingness. The willingness to drop your ‘if…’. And your willingness to work with your soul. And not to your mind, but to your soul to ask, “What can I do? What can I do to make the choice for my Lightwork and mission from my toes? And what can I leave behind to make room with this, room for my Love and Light?”

The deep choice for your Lightwork is the first step

When you make a real connection with your soul possible again, you can start working with your soul to bring your soul mission to life. As a person, in this modern age. A time that also includes building a company. A spirited company with which you earn money by helping the customers who need your Light and Lightwork to take the next step.

And that’s what makes this time so challenging and exciting at the same time. Because this time we don’t live in a temple where people come automatically. We get to discover how we use marketing and social media. And can learn to be visible Light again in the present time, freed from every opinion that does not matter to us.

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You can learn to find customers

As a modern Lightworker you can first make the deep choice for your mission and Lightwork. Only after this deep choice does the Golden path of your soul mission open, the path on which you can find the customers who need your Light. The Golden way along which your company can flourish, in the way that suits your soul and the New Age.

Because you can learn to find the right customers. From someone who went this way for you. But the first step that is being asked of you now is a deeper choice than you have made until now. And really, if you actually made these, you weren’t looking for customers for your Lightwork now. Therefore, explain quietly to yourself or clearly out loud:

“I am unconditionally willing to be the Lightworker in this modern life that I am meant to be in my soul. In the way that suits me and the life of this time.

I am unconditionally willing to receive abundance in all forms with my Lightwork, including payment with money.”

Be open to the signals of your soul

Then in the minutes, hours and days after that, open yourself to the subtle signals of your soul. Listen to the messages of your Light, in which direction you are being led.

Also pay attention to the thoughts of doubt that arise in you. On the conditions that your ego wants to place on the manifestation of your Lightwork. For even though these doubts and conditions once helped you, now they no longer serve your growth. So your doubts may be there, but you just don’t have to take them so seriously anymore. And can now make the choice again: “I am prepared …”

Then take some time every day for the next few days to make this powerful choice. And feel what this does to you! Soon there will be a sequel waiting for you: “How do you get customers for your Lightwork”


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