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How do you learn to embrace The Greatness of your Soul?

Tuning in to  Who You Really Are: Learning to Embrace the Magnificence of Your Soul

Imagine that everything you deeply desire can actually be realized. Imagine that you are no longer limited by your little I and that the whole world is open to you. How does that feel? Liberating or not? And what happens when you completely allow this feeling? Aha, there comes another nice sabotaging thought that immediately destroys this image.

“Because you can’t”, “You’re not good enough”, “You don’t have enough money.” The script of your little I immediately comes into effect when you turn to the love that resides in your heart and do not listen to the voice of your Ego. How did that happen? The Ego is afraid that you will find love in yourself because it then no longer has a grip on you.

If we can let go of our story of who we think we should be and tune into the Source and the voice of our heart to feel who we really are, then we can feel the Magnificence of our Soul. In this article I want to explain how you can tune in to the Greatness of your Soul.

Playing roles instead of believing in the drama of the story

By living on Earth as spiritual beings in human bodies, we all play roles that we have chosen in advance. Mother, Father, son, daughter, partner, ex-partner, etc. These are roles that serve the growth of our Soul. We also choose a certain personality that suits us in this life right now.

Because of earthly life and its challenges we forget that we are just playing roles and start identifying with these roles, our emotions and with our body. We really come to believe in the story that our personality has created and may feel like victims of certain events. In fact, we get caught up in the Drama that creates our Ego.

If we can place all our experiences in a larger perspective, and place ourselves above our story, then we can reconnect with our essence. But when we cling to our story and let this story define our identity, we forget who we are and live a life cut off from the love within us. This kind of life warms our hearts because we believe in debt and lack, and are also weighed down by the pressures of obligations and the belief that we must meet them.

Our choices are made to “People Please”, for example, for fear of not being accepted. Fear drives our actions and makes us feel small and insignificant. Love on the contrary makes us infinitely powerful and great. So big you can hardly imagine it.

Letting go of the Form

Take a moment to feel what it does to you when you say “I have a body, but am not a body”, “I have an emotion, but am not that emotion” and when you are sick, “My body is sick, but I am not my body or my illness. I am so much more than that.”

This realization is liberating and offers you possibilities.

When you are no longer limited by your form, by your story, by seeking social approval of your story, but you approve in advance and are guided more by your Soul, then love becomes your motivation and opens the doors to your desires.

Your desires are part of who you really are. By acknowledging your desires you recognize what lives in you. The movement of recognition creates space for your unconscious desires to surface and show themselves to you.

Standing in Your Greatness

In order to feel The Greatness of your Soul, you must first embrace your own Greatness. Marianne Williamson’s oft-cited quote from her book ” Return to Love ” about standing in your light sums this up nicely:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are infinitely powerful.

It’s our light, not our darkness

what we fear most.

We wonder:

Who am I that I would be brilliant, extremely attractive, talented and amazing?

But why not?

Are you a child of God?

Don’t pretend to be smaller than you are

so that the people around you don’t feel insecure.

We were born to carry out the splendor of God that dwells within us.

Not just in some of us, but in all of us.

When we let our light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.

When we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

It’s about daring to be who you are and showing it to the world. We are all children of God who are meant to shine and make our light useful to the world in one way or another. We often deprive ourselves of our own light through painful events from the past. We have come to believe in certain beliefs and have allowed them to be part of our truth.

Acknowledging your Greatness is not an easy process because you must first clear everything that stands in the way of this sense of Greatness.

Dare to be vulnerable and be brave enough to follow your own courseHow do you learn to embrace The Greatness of your Soul

I came to stand in my own light at the moment that I had really chosen it. I got to a point where I was tired of making myself small, “playing small” and felt inside that I wanted to experience my Greatness. I then expressed this to the Universe in clear intent and this clear desire is now being realized step by step.

The moment you acknowledge your Greatness, make yourself very vulnerable. In a way it means really standing up for who you are. You say with this “I can be there with all the trimmings, regardless of what the outside world thinks about this. I’m following my own course and it’s good.”

Yes, following your own course is what you must do as a human being to be able to live your truth and thus empower your inner authority. But it is exciting and uncertain because all certainties are released. You are taken out of your comfort zone by following the voice of the heart, not knowing where it leads, but feeling deep inside “I may be faithful to this”.

Adjusting the course is part of the process

If you really choose yourself, you will be tested again and again by life and by your Ego. Your Ego doesn’t want you to grow, wants to keep everything safe and keep you small and tries to tempt you not to take certain steps that your heart whispers to you. The trick is to see this for what it is: a fearful part of yourself that only needs love.

Do not think that following your own course is immediately clear and straight forward. My experience is that the course is constantly adjusted by the experiences I collect and by the awareness that is thereby increased. The direction your heart is steering may be clear, but the path to it is not always obvious because life constantly tests you to feel whether the chosen path is still right or not.

It is then up to you to choose whether you want to take the same path or choose a new path that is unknown and uncertain but leads to growth. Every choice you make is good because there is no right or wrong. Every choice always takes you somewhere and contributes to your experiences and consciousness.The question then is whether the chosen path fulfills your heart or not.

Ultimately, your self-love is the ultimate signpost of the heart and it is part of your Greatness.

Your Greatness is already there Dear human being, but it is up to you to fully embrace it and stand for it and I wish you that from the heart, because in this way you develop into a powerful and conscious human being who is subservient to the world and that is needed now more than ever.


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