How do you let go of the emotional bond you have with the past? + exercise

How do you let go of the emotional bond you have with the past? + exercise
Do you carry your past with you every day, but would you like to live today to the fullest? We can share this exercise by Louise Hay from  You can heal your life, so that you can discover what exactly is holding you back and how you can leave the past behind with forgiveness, step by step.

Letting the past hold you back

A lot of people who come to me say they can’t enjoy today because of something that happened in the past Because they have not done something in the past or in a certain way, they cannot live fully today. Because they don’t have something they had in the past, they can’t enjoy today. Because they have been hurt in the past, they do not want to receive love now. Because something bad happened when they did something once, they know for sure that it will go wrong again today.

Because they did something they regret once, they know for sure that they are a bad person forever. Because someone did something to them once, it is now always the other person’s fault that their life is not the way they want it to be. Because they are angry about something from the past, they continue to want to be right. Because they have been mistreated in the past, they do not want to forgive.

How do you let go of the emotional bond you have with the past? + exercise

Because I wasn’t invited to the prom, I can’t enjoy life today.

Since I didn’t do so well in my first audition, I’m now always panicked during auditions.

Because I am divorced, I cannot live life to the fullest today.

Because I was hurt by a comment once, I can never trust anyone again.

Because I stole something once, I have to punish myself forever.

Because I was poor as a child, I don’t stand a chance now either.

What we often fail to understand is that holding on to the past only hurts us, no matter how bad that past was. They don’t care. Usually ‘they’ are not even aware of it. We only hurt ourselves by refusing to live fully in this moment.

What has happened has happened, the past is over and cannot be changed. This is the only moment we can experience. When we complain about the past, we experience our memory in that moment and cannot really experience the present moment.

Exercise: What are you willing to let go of?

Now let’s clear our minds of the past. Let go of the emotional connection you have with the past. Let the memories of it be only memories.

If you think back to the clothes you wore in the third grade, you will notice that you have no emotional connection with them. Those clothes are just a memory.

How do you let go of the emotional bond you have with the past? + exercise

The same is possible with all events that have passed. The more we let go, the better we are able to use all of our mental strength to enjoy this moment and create a wonderful future.

Write down all the things you are willing to let go of.

  • How great is your willingness to do this? Look at your reactions.
  • What can you do to let this go?
  • How willing are you to do that?
  • How much resistance do you feel?


The next step is forgiveness. Forgiving ourselves and other people frees us from the past. A Course in Miracles argues over and over that forgiveness is the answer to just about everything. I know we usually have something to forgive when dealing with a blockage. If we don’t go with the flow of life now, it usually means we’re holding onto something that happened in the past.

We may be sorry, sad, in pain, afraid, guilty, blaming ourselves, angry, holding a grudge, or even seeking revenge. These moods are common when we don’t want to forgive; when we refuse to let go and live the present moment.

Love is the answer to every healing and the way to love is forgiveness. Forgiveness dissolves resentment.


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