How do you let go of what gives you weight as a highly sensitive person?

How do you let go of what gives you weight as a highly sensitive person?
How can you live lighter? How do you let go of what gives you heaviness as a highly sensitive person? On the basis of practical tips, exercises, and practical examples, This article makes clear how you can take your life into your own hands and let go of heaviness. Below you will find 10 tips inspired in this article

10 tips for a lighter life

1. Let go of what doesn’t give you energy and embrace what does give you energy

It is important to find a balance between activities that give you energy and things that take energy. Highly sensitive people lose energy by worrying and having the feeling that they ‘have to do things. Activities that generate energy are being active in nature, being creative, and maintaining warm contacts. It is also important to keep an eye on whether the closest people in your life are givers or takers. It can be very energy-consuming to have many takers in your immediate vicinity. Choose how much time you spend with them.

2. Let go of heaviness in your immediate environment

External heaviness imperceptibly influences how you feel. Tensions, quarrels, and sadness come in intensely when you are highly sensitive. Not only is it not pleasant when you feel that an environment is not harmonious, it can also cause a lot of unrest and tension. Highly sensitive people generally feel very responsible and want to maintain harmony. Try to accept that tensions are sometimes there and do not check excessively, because this will only add to the heaviness.

3. Avoiding Heaviness in the World

How do you let go of what gives you weight as a highly sensitive person?

Highly sensitive people can react violently to heaviness in the world, such as political tensions, violence, natural disasters, and famine. The psychological impact of this manifests itself in feelings of guilt and a feeling of powerlessness. A physical reaction, such as a headache or stomachache, is also common. It often helps to avoid or at least limit the information you get through newspapers, radio, and television. Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know everything, but make choices about what information you take in.

4. Rest your senses regularly

For a highly sensitive person, it can sometimes feel like your senses are wide open, leaving you with a lot of impressions to process. The incentive level is particularly high in our current society. When you feel you are overloaded, close your senses for a moment and take a moment of rest. In this way you give your body the opportunity to discharge.

5. Forgiving yourself and others

Bottling up anger or sadness creates tension in your body. That is why it is important to try to forgive yourself and others as much as possible. Forgiveness gives peace and creates space in your heart. By forgiving you dissolve old contractions that were caused by hurt. However, this does not mean that you should not express your feelings. Learn to listen to the emotions that you consciously or unconsciously suppress, as this will give you freedom and inner strength and ultimately make it easier to forgive.

6. Schedule time for yourself

If you are highly sensitive, you would do well to schedule enough time for yourself. Don’t just schedule time for relaxation, but really spend that time on yourself. Use silence to listen to your body and feel what is going on inside you and what you need. Highly sensitive people are more concerned with the feelings of others than with what they feel themselves.

7. Let go of what hinders you in healthy relationships


Pain, but also relationship and commitment anxiety can become a repeating pattern and give How do you let go of what gives you weight as a highly sensitive person?weight to your relationship. Be aware of yourself and clear out what you have brought with you from your base so that you can start working on a healthier base. For example, it is important to learn to set limits and to feel your limits well. Do not be afraid of rejection. You will also have to learn to listen to your body and intuition. This works best when you take enough rest; because of rest you are better in touch with your feelings and you will feel subtle signals in time.

8. Accept

Although acceptance can be difficult for everyone, highly sensitive people are often preceded by an inner struggle. This is certainly not bad. Sometimes as a person you need some heaviness to get to the core and to be reminded of how you want to live. Accepting a situation is not weak or passive, but rather indicates action; you choose circumstances and go with them.

9. Letting go of trauma

How do you let go of what gives you weight as a highly sensitive person?

Highly sensitive people are prone to a trauma reaction in their body because of their intense absorption of stimuli. It is important that the body can express this so that the trauma feeling can be released. Processing a trauma can be done in different ways, but nature in particular is a means for many highly sensitive people to release tension. Living with your trauma means trying to heal your wounds instead of surviving in spite of your wounds.

10. Experience and enjoy intensely

Highly sensitive people experience everything very intensively so that they can enjoy it intensely. A highly sensitive system enables you to have an eye and an ear for small, everyday things and to enjoy them intensely. By working on a healthy and good foundation, you can start building a lighter life and you will focus more and more on the positive.


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