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How do you make conscious contact with your soul? This is how you tune in to this high frequency!


In the first part of this article, I described how our souls connect with us throughout our lives. How she wakes us up and tries to lead us to a life in which she can let her energy frequency flow through us. This part is about what we can do ourselves . In this way you make conscious contact with your soul.

W hat is your soul?

Your soul is an unimaginably high energy frequency with a unique vibration that makes you who you are. In Conversations with God (ND Walsch) the nature of our souls is beautifully described:

“Your soul is all around you and around you. She is what fully encompasses you. Your soul is bigger than your body. It is not carried by your body, but carries your whole body within itself. Your soul is what holds you together, just as the soul of God contains and holds the entire cosmos together.”

Contact with your soul? Developing high sensitivity

If you want to make contact with your soul, you will have to tune in to a much higher frequency than the daily reality. This sounds vague, but it isn’t. Higher energy frequencies are just as concrete as the energy of our 3-dimensional world, only it is much more subtle to perceive.

Highly sensitive people sometimes tell me they feel like they have 20 senses instead of 5. Not all of these senses have names yet, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less real. Most people just haven’t developed them yet, but that’s only a matter of time. 

With these more sensitive senses we can perceive higher energy frequencies, such as the frequencies of our soul. Actually, communication with our soul is only possible if we become more sensitive.

Every person can practice sensitivity, it is, as it were, a muscle that you can train. In order to perceive more subtle, inner and softer signals of higher frequencies, we must learn to put the harder, external and more concrete perceptions into the background. This means stilling, turning inward and raising our own energy frequency. So meditate.Developing high sensitivity

The Law of Attention: Energy follows our focus

When it comes to working with energy, many people are already familiar with the Law of Attraction. It says that our thoughts and emotions emit certain frequencies that attract similar frequencies and repel others.

A derived law from this is the Law of Attention. This law means that extra energy is added to thoughts/feelings that have our conscious and focused attention. The power with which we send out thoughts – and also the extent to which we attract similar things – is thus determined by the amount of attention we attach to our thoughts. 

Of all that we can measure in the universe, focused attention seems to be the strongest energy generator. This is grand.

Our energy system does not distinguish between thoughts or feelings that we imagine, or actual events. The effect of an inner image is thus comparable to a situation that actually takes place. We all possess unlimited creative power

Without exception we are able with our attention to set in motion the stardust of which we and our entire cosmos are built. This is what wisdom traditions mean when they say that we are true creators, that we are all gods. They are talking about this principle. And luckily, science is also starting to unravel this mystery .

Consciously transforming energy 

Scientific research ( Hunt, 1996 Infinite Mind) shows that the state of our consciousness and the level of our perception can be read from the vibrational frequencies of our energy field. When we shift our attention to higher dimensions of consciousness, our personal frequency level and our sense of perception automatically shift with it. 

The wider our consciousness and perception, the higher and stronger our vibrational frequency. This is why certain gurus or greatest of our earth can only transform space or heal people by their very presence. Their vibrational number is so high that they only have to ‘be’ to energetically lift everything in their environment.

We all have this ability, but not everyone has developed it to the same level.

Contact with your soul, the facts at a glance

What does all this even mean?

  1. We can raise our own vibrational frequency to the level (reality) to which we focus our attention.
  2. Because as we expand our attention, our powers of perception also stretch, we are able to consciously perceive and experience these higher levels.
  3. Because our energy system does not distinguish between reality and imagination, we can perceive literally anything that we bring to our attention through our imagination. 
  4. Because of the law of attraction, through our imagination we have a limitless creative power in what we can experience.

This is what William Arthur Ward was referring to in his statement:

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it”.

He apparently knew these fundamental universal laws.

So whether you believe in your soul or not, whether you know it from experience or just as an image in your fantasy; it does not matter. The fact is, when you tune in to your soul, you raise your energy frequency toward the frequency of your soul that allows you to be able to perceive it.

Of course, the clarity of our perception and experience increases as we invest time and effort in training our focused attention.

how do you connect with your soul

Meditation, training in sensitivity

Meditation is another word for focusing our attention. Many age-old wisdom traditions tell us that meditation helps to get in touch with higher aspects of ourselves.

During meditation you bring your energy – which you normally direct outwards – inwards. We can focus on a point of interest such as our breath, a thought or feeling, or an intention. As I wrote in a previous article :

Meditation is simply the training of mindfulness: perceiving, observing what is happening in our thoughts and feelings. Our thoughts, emotions and bodies become quieter so that we can more easily perceive the subtler signals of higher frequencies.

Gradually raising your vibration number

That sounds very easy. When I focus on my soul or just an image of it, do I tune in to the energy frequency of my soul? According to many age-old wisdom traditions, yes, and our contemporary physics now seems to show this too. Contact with higher dimensions of ourselves is simply within the power of our consciousness. And we can control our consciousness.

But this is not something you can achieve all at once. You did not just land on your soul frequency from one moment to the next . Without preparation suddenly such a higher frequency our body would not be able to tolerate at all. There are known cases in which people – due to overstimulation of certain energy centers – went into psychosis, or in which their bodies spontaneously ignited (pyrokinesis).

Our nerves , our psyche and our energetic body can only tolerate this process when it is a gradual shift. When we slowly increase our energy so that our whole being can get used to an ever higher level of vibration.Infinity

Effects and consequences

Together with clients I work through a number of meditation techniques to gradually increase their energy frequency and make contact with the unique ‘vibration of their soul’‘. Experiences range from unity experiences, clear insights into the workings of the universe, a direct knowledge of one’s own destiny, to people who called it ‘the best drug experience ever’.

Higher vibrations can transform lower ones, not the other way around; another law of energy. This is why the phrase “Love conquers all” reveals one of the greatest mysteries of creation. Love is the highest energy frequency. Attunement to your soul – the pure love frequency – thus permeates all ‘lower aspects’ of your being. 

It transforms our heavy emotions, our negative thoughts and heals our physical body of all kinds of lower frequencies that weaken us. But you are not just doing this for yourself. By raising our vibrational number as an individual, we automatically raise the entire quantum field that makes up our entire universe.

By using the Law of Attention and training ourselves to focus our consciousness, we can transcend and lift ourselves and our world in all respects.


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