How do you make healthy choices when you’re on vacation? (Give your body a holiday too!) 12 x tips

How do you make healthy choices when you're on vacation? (Give your body a holiday too!) 12 x tips
The holiday season has come again. Many women have started a healthier diet and lifestyle pattern in the past year and want to stick to this during the holidays. But how do you do that if you go camping, travel around with a small camper, are served food during a trek in Asia, or sit in an all-inclusive resort where you can eat and drink ‘free’ all day long. How do you make healthy choices? Here are my advice. Pick what can help you.

Give your body a holiday too!

Many people let go of the reins on holiday and think that they will be happy by exercising little and eating everything they feel like. Healthy habits go overboard for a while. If you are very honest, however, you know that this does not really make you happy.

If you give your body healthy food, your body has to work much less hard to keep you healthy.

By healthy food, I mean all-natural, unprocessed products as nature gives them to us and which are recognized by your body as food. Most of what comes out of a factory are processed; substances have been added that your body is not built on. It costs your body a lot of energy to remove all these foreign substances. Also, give your body a holiday and don’t let it work too much overtime during your holiday: natural, unprocessed food is available all over the world.

Tip 1: prepare well

How do you make healthy choices when you're on vacation? (Give your body a holiday too!) 12 x tips

When you go on vacation, you usually spend time preparing. Plan time at home to search the internet for healthy addresses for on the road or around your holiday destination. Where are the larger supermarkets, organic shops, greengrocer, or the (organic) markets? Is there a fresh juice bar somewhere? Make a list, for example on your telephone, with all the addresses.

If you use a navigation app, you can already use these addresses. The same goes for good restaurants. I like to use myself. This is an international site of good vegetarian and vegan eateries/restaurants. My experiences with these restaurants are generally fine.

Don’t skimp on the quality of your food during your vacation, that way you economize on your health. Do not!

Tip 2: enjoy local, natural, and unprocessed

Wherever you are, especially abroad, look around to see what’s available locally. Are there products that come fresh from the land? Try to get these on your menu whether you cook for yourself or eat out. I have traveled a lot and there are plenty of fruits and vegetables available almost everywhere. Be curious and especially try new products as long as they look natural and unprocessed.

Eat more fruits and vegetables than you are used to. Especially if you get enough exercise you can fully enjoy fruit.

When you’re thirsty, nothing tastes as good as a large slice of watermelon, and when you’re hungry, a banana or avocado is a great snack. Or try an ugli, a cherimoya or a durian! Do you eat organic at home but can’t find it in your holiday resort? Don’t worry about it. Wash everything well and enjoy.

How do you make healthy choices when you're on vacation? (Give your body a holiday too!) 12 x tips

Eating non-organic fruit and vegetables is many times better than not eating any vegetables or fruit.

Tip 3: drink plenty of water

To help your digestion in the morning, it is very healthy to drink two or three large glasses of water immediately after getting up, preferably with some lemon juice in it. Make sure you always have drinking water at hand during your holiday, even next to your bed! In some countries, you have to buy water because the drinking water is not reliable. Always check this carefully and if in doubt, rather buy water.

Our body does not distinguish between hunger and thirst. We often think we are hungry when our body is really only thirsty. Especially when it’s hot you need more water than usual. Avoid soft drinks and drink mostly water.

Provide bottles to take water with you along the way. Throw in some pieces of fruit or vegetables for a taste and add some Celtic sea salt when the weather is warm to keep your minerals up to date.

Tip 4: leave you’re I don’t want to be a nuisance syndrome at home

You are on vacation and you want to take good care of your body at the same time. Cheers! So don’t be too shy. Are you in a restaurant and do you want more warm vegetables or an extra salad; ask for it. Want an appetizer portion of something on the menu as the main course? Feel free to ask.

See a tasty dessert but only want half? Pretend it’s the most natural thing in the world and ask for half a portion. Ask the greengrocer if he wants to cut the melon into quarters for you or ask at the market if you can taste something you do not know. Ask at the breakfast buffet if they want to make you a smoothie or tell your B&B host what you would like for breakfast.

Tip 5: bring what you would really miss

How do you make healthy choices when you're on vacation? (Give your body a holiday too!) 12 x tips

Are there (small) things that you would really miss, take them with you. I always take a salt and pepper grinder with me. I think an avocado with salt and pepper is a great snack. I also take a small, glass, tightly sealable bottle with me.

On the spot I buy a very good olive oil that I put in a small bottle and take it to restaurants for a salad.

My favorite tea is also included. If you are going to cook yourself, take some of your favorite spice jars with you so you don’t miss out. Sometimes I also take a bag of unroasted nut mix with me. These are hard to get or very expensive. Great for chopping and mixing with fruit. Sometimes I also take a jar of hemp seed with me: easily absorbable proteins and easy to sprinkle over everything.

Do you suffer from constipation on vacation? Take linseed or chia seeds with you and drink a tablespoon of seeds dissolved in a glass of water every day.

During a walking or cycling holiday, I take (raw) bars as healthy as possible. My favorite bars are well packaged, can withstand heat, and are nutritious and filling. Also ideal for a long flight.

Tip 6: take your favorite supplements with you

If you use supplements, take them (partly) with you. I leave vitamins D  and C at home because I spend a lot of time outside during holidays and have little stress, but I do take my multivitamin and algae oil (omega 3) with me. I also take a jar of spirulina/chlorella tablets with me. I like to start the day with that, along with a large glass of water with Celtic sea salt. I have already received the first healthy “green”!

How do you make healthy choices when you're on vacation? (Give your body a holiday too!) 12 x tips

Tip 7: Do You Know There Are Small Travel Blenders?

There are small travel blenders for sale. Are you in a hotel or house and you love your smoothies, then purchase such a small blender and take it with you. Smoothies are a great way to get more green vegetables. Click here and view such a travel blender.

Tip 8: Use the minibar well

No, this is not a plea to drink a lot of alcohol during your holiday. If you have a minibar in your hotel room, empty it and put the contents away as far as possible, somewhere at the top of a cupboard. If you don’t want to spend your money on something, it’s that expensive stuff.

Use the fridge in your hotel room to keep your own choices such as fruit, vegetables and water cool.

Don’t forget to put the original content back when you leave!

Tip 9: Use buffets in a smart way

Are you going out to eat at a place where you can use a buffet? Most buffets have an extensive salad bar, make good use of this. Only choose in a (possible) second round the things that may not be so healthy for you, but that you do like. Be modest with your portion and take all the time to eat and, above all, chew well.

How do you make healthy choices when you're on vacation? (Give your body a holiday too!) 12 x tips

Take twice as long on your food as usual. You now have all the time. However? Above all, enjoy your company!

Then feel good whether you really want dessert. If you want to taste something, take a mini portion. Often the first bite is the tastiest, the second also, but the third and fourth bites are already less. Just pay attention to this. Then stop at the fifth bite or better yet: do not serve more than four bites.

Tip 10: Go gas stations well filled

During your holiday you will come to places where unhealthy food is everywhere winking at you. Airports, gas stations, train stations, and roadside restaurants are all the same in that respect. If you know that you are (still) sensitive to this, make sure you don’t walk around here with an empty stomach and don’t be tempted to buy things you don’t really want.

I regularly walk into a gas station eating an apple. That really helps to resist the temptations!

Look forward to the delicious dinner that will come soon and leave that bag of M&Ms.

Tip 11: be careful with alcohol and other temptations

I really enjoy a good glass of wine myself, so I know how hard it can be to leave it alone. Maybe you love ice cream or muffins or big bags of chips? Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t deny yourself too much. Denying yourself a lot is asking for trouble because you can’t sustain that!

How do you make healthy choices when you're on vacation? (Give your body a holiday too!) 12 x tips

Enjoy all you want but remember that you don’t have to eat it all and you don’t need a lot to enjoy it.

As said before: the first bite or sip is usually the tastiest, after that the pleasure often diminishes. Share desserts with others, take the smallest ice cream or ask for half, always drink water next to your glass of wine and enjoy every lick, sip and bite.

Be there with all your senses and attention because you don’t eat this because your body needs it but because you want to enjoy it! So enjoy it to the fullest!

Tip 12: what is your beckoning perspective?

My last tip that could help you make healthy choices on your vacation is to have a beckoning perspective for when you get back home. A vacation is a good time, with or without your partner, to evaluate the past year and make plans for the coming year. I think it’s a better time than December 31st.

What went well, what are you happy about? What else would you want? What are the dreams you have for yourself? What do you get energy from? What would you like to do in the coming year? Having a healthy body and lots of energy will help you achieve your dreams.

Your vacation is a good time to start making healthy choices. Unhealthy temptations lurk everywhere, not just during the holidays.

The sooner you start making healthy choices, the faster your beckoning perspective comes closer!


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