How do you regain energy after your burnout?

How do you regain energy after your burnout?

When you’re burned out, you feel completely exhausted and lifeless. The battery is empty. You want your energy back so you can do something. Energy, you can hardly have enough of it. Or is it? If you’re buzzing with energy but don’t know where to focus it, you’re going crazy! We need a purpose to focus our energies on. How does this work?

After a burnout, you may feel that you no longer have a direction or purpose. When we don’t have a goal in mind, our thoughts go in circles and form a self-destructive pattern. Even if we want something. Thought can get in the way of doing what you want, it will find excuses not to do it.

Finding a purpose and direction after a burnout

The goal doesn’t have to be big, a small goal that you want to achieve is also fine. In fact, it is good to divide a large goal into smaller goals that are easily achievable.

You know which direction you want to go and you can take targeted steps. The energy you have then helps to take action and bring things to fruition.

Regain energy after a burnout

How do you regain energy after your burnout?

If you’re recovering from burnout and still have little energy, it’s best not to want too much. You cannot achieve goals without energy. In that case, it is better to recover and recharge the battery first. Sleep and rest in the beginning, then move slowly later. And in this way, you build up the activity so that the energy can also gradually increase.

After a while you will naturally long for action, you want to do something again. Preferably something that you find meaningful because those are things that give you energy. It is important to feel good about what you feel like. Start with small things. The energy for bigger things will come again.

Desires give direction

We all have a desire in life, something that we really want to achieve, that we are convinced that we should do this and that we also want to do our best. Yet something can hold us back, such as fear of failure.

In order to achieve your goal, it is not only necessary to work for it, there are also things in yourself to overcome, such as procrastination, not feeling like it or seeking distraction. Or think that it won’t work, or that you can’t.

Working with flow and energy

Listen to your heart and do what it tells you. Your desires are a strong driving force, giving energy. Do you know what you want? Make it a goal! Is it a big goal? Break it up into subgoals. Which (small) step can you take first?

If you really have the intention to achieve your goal, then your soul will direct your lifestream towards that goal. Then you get into the flow and you can follow the energy. It will lead you to results.



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