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How do you stand in the power of your own wisdom?

What is wisdom and truth living in you?

When your head, heart and ‘will’ work together with your feet and abdominal center, a clear and integral picture emerges of what is alive in you in wisdom and truth. This allows you to make more balanced and attuned choices and to follow the call of your heart more and more pure. Without noise or clouding. Moreover, it releases the life energy for a natural way of being.

Let your inner wisdom speak and don’t be fooled by the power play of your thinking. For the mind control game creates noise. It blocks the life energy for inner mindfulness and the natural state of being. It ensures that you cannot come home to yourself and keeps you from the essence of your own wisdom.

The smile of the heart is able to see through and solve the game of mind control from purely felt intentions. In addition, the heart can connect the power layers of our inner wisdom (head, heart, will, abdominal center and feet) into one coherent whole. This creates an integral picture of the wisdom of our inner world. And we can make more coordinated and balanced choices.

What deserves attention in this inner attunement?

The power play of the head

In our current dually oriented experience world, the power layers of the head, heart, will, feet and hara (abdominal center) – as the place of our emotions and the natural intuitive faculties – are used as separate from each other. The tendency of our mind to want to control, to direct and to reason usually predominates here. It thus overpowered the signals, answers and information from the other sources of wisdom.

Moreover, feelings of fear or uncertainty, however understandable or real, trigger our mind. Just like thoughts of ‘I don’t want this’. They keep us in mind , and put us (unconsciously) in survival mode because we want to keep a grip, do not want to be oppressed and want to avoid things in our living and experiential world. This creates a field of tension that blocks the path of compassion and the warm heart in us.

This power play of the head is clouding things. It creates noise with the other power layers, so that their abilities and information do not come through clearly or cleanly and/or get snowed in. It prevents us from getting to the essence of our inwardly felt science, wisdom and truth.

The power of the smile of the heart

The head, on the other hand , is able to join forces with the other power layers and their information from relaxation – in contrast to the tension that our often busy lifestyle entails. For when it is empty, still and quiet in the head, we can experience clarity of thought and awareness. Then the faculties of the head are sharp, clear and alert, and they can see everything.

In addition, the smile of the heart can dissolve the power play of the mind and connect the power layers together. It bridges what the head cannot overlook nor considers possible , and points the way of warmth, compassion and non-judgment – ​​see also the article ‘ a message of hope and peace ‘ here on Nieuwtijdskind. So that we can be open to everything that lives in us without indicating here a judgment or label of nice or not nice, right or wrong, etc. And we can be aware of everything that is – deep down – present and alive in us.

This kind of mindfulness goes beyond thinking and arises from deeper levels of feeling, knowing and feeling. The more aware we are of this and the more familiar we are with its various nuances, the more clearly we can perceive what lives and moves within us . This allows us to make increasingly coordinated choices. And with that we can walk our path more and more purer, without noise or clouding.

The coordination and deepening

You make this move by balancing the power layers of your own wisdom within yourself. It requires a lot of inner fine-tuning and attention to learn to recognize the signals that your body gives off, to become aware of the sensitivity of the various signals, answers and information from your inner self and to distinguish what is yours or what belongs to someone else. It also requires alertness to connect all layers and to tap into a coordinated whole as a basis for your ‘doing and leaving’.

In this way you fine-tune the whole of your inner wisdom (sources) more and more, so that it can dance naturally in your power center more and more. And deeper (meaning) layers in you can be touched for an integral experience of unity. Where the physical, cognitive, emotional, emotional and intuitive / energetic work together as a whole.

The core of the power layers

The head and its clarity  (thinking ability, mental strength and cognitive abilities)

The unobscured power of these faculties can be experienced when empty, still and calm in the head. And it does not lose itself in its own maze of thoughts, impressions and other mental (creative) abilities.

The warm heart

The beating heart in you gives access to warmth, passion, non-judgment and compassion. Its connecting and soothing abilities blossom when open and smiling. The more consciously you are in connection with – the openness of – your heart, the better its power can flow.

The solar plexus center or the solar plexus as the seat of our will(power)

The will to get things done and to realize something can be deployed from the more selfish, material or ego driven ambitions or from immaterial or spiritual drives that serve the greater good or higher purpose.

The hara or abdominal center and our natural faculties

The less you are in your head and the more you sink into your body, the easier you get to these abilities. From the hara gets the natural state of its form. Our experiences, emotions and feelings are digested in the abdominal region. And in the womb the natural creative faculties and intuitive inner knowing are cradled.

The feet, to keep both feet on the ground

The ground under the hara and the heart – or the earthly – provides relief for the head and thus clarity of thought. The feet ensure the alignment with the earthly orientation, and what is needed for this.

The hands that (purposely) act consciously from the power of your own wisdom

Help questions for inner testing

How often do you test in addition to what your head thinks of something, what your gut feeling or intuition indicates, how your ego views it, what your heart says about it, how your emotions experience it and what your feet need?

And to what extent do you balance this before taking action? To what extent can you say YES to ‘what you want to avoid and don’t want in your life’?

To really create new perspective for yourself and to solve the power play of the mind. What do you do to let your heart connection work purely through the information and signals from your wisdom sources?

How do you strengthen and deepen the connection with your heart? Which inner signals do you get from which place? To what extent do the experiences differ from each other, such as tension, cramping, hardening, restlessness, softening or relaxation?

What can you do with this? What’s underneath? And do you also check what is yours and what belongs to someone else? If something resonates with you, do you check from your own wisdom what resonates where with you?

With the above-mentioned inner integral orientation you shape the (respect) honoring of your life force and life stream.


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