How do you stop anxiety and fear?

How do you stop anxiety and fear?

Life goes up and down: you are in the ‘Haunted House’, then again in the ‘Playground’. It’s dark in the Haunted House. There is fear that things will not go well and there is setback and disappointment. Things aren’t going the way you expected there. In the ‘Playground’ it is light and airy and everything goes according to plan, as if by itself. In short: there is no reason to complain. The lament of the EGO is not only active in the ‘Haunted House’. Also in the ‘Playground’, when you’re having a good time, it can bother you with negative thoughts. Below are some examples of the EGO lament that you may be confronted with.

Lamentation EGO in the ‘Haunted House’

  • This should not happen.
  • Why do people do this?
  • I’ve done it wrong again.
  • I’m never going to be okay.
  • Why don’t things ever go the way I want them to.
  • I’m comfortable in my own skin and then this happens.

Lamentation EGO in the ‘Playground’

  • How do I hold this?
  • If only I could always feel this way.
  • Soon it will be gone again.
  • Why am I only experiencing this now?
  • I’m so sorry I had to miss this all this time.

How do you stop anxiety and fear?

Stop EGO

If you ignore or don’t accept negative feelings, your EGO takes over with the accompanying self-rejection, worrying, and suffering. You have emotions. They are human and you get to experience them. That’s what we’re human for. If you can no longer get out of the grip of bad emotions, it is time for First Aid: First Aid for Unrest. Tell yourself: “I’ll stop tormenting myself, I’m going to ‘DO’ now, then I’ll have peace again within 90 seconds”.

Rest: Mindfulness; being in the here and now. It is what it is. Acceptance of what is IN and AROUND you. Go with the flow. Surrender and Trust. Space and silence. Intuition is available.

Observe, Acknowledge, Send Love

Below you can see how you can positively deal with the unpleasant feelings that can overtake you. You stay more in balance and you can restore your sense of wholeness and confidence. It helps you to love yourself unconditionally, including your pain body! You are basically doing to yourself what you naturally do to a child who is in pain or distress.

How do you stop anxiety and fear?

Tip: Keep a log of your experiences. Put the date and time above it for each experience and indicate what you have specifically done and experienced and what the result was. You can use the following overview as an aid.


Step 1: Observe

If you are experiencing a negative emotion, you should stop what you are doing. Find a quiet place and sit there. Go inside and step into your perceiving self. Stop thinking and worrying. Stop self-pity. Let go of the need to understand, suppress, ignore or control the bad emotions. Just go there. Examine the physical characteristics of the feeling. First, determine the location. Put your hand on it and bring your attention and breath towards it. Below you can see which characteristics you can further identify so that you can fully focus on the part that asks for unconditional love. You don’t have to fix everything and not in this order. Identifying the characteristics helps you to recognize the bad feeling.

Location: Where is this feeling in your body?
Size: How big is it?
Movement: Is it moving or standing still? Which way does it move?
Shape: What does it resemble in shape?
Structure: How does it feel when you grasp it in your mind?
Image: What do you see when you take a picture of it?
Temperature: Does it feel warm, hot, or very cold?
Word: Which word belongs to this feeling, what comes to mind?
Sound: Which sound belongs to it?
Color: Is it transparent or is it a color or a combination of colors?
Weight: How heavy/light is it?
Smell/taste: How does it smell / taste?
Striking: What else strikes you?

Step 2: Recognize

Once you have identified some of the characteristics, you accept that this bad feeling is now there. You are acknowledging this part that is now (sometimes in all vigor) imposing on you.

Step 3: Send love

The last step is to send unconditional love to the part that demands your attention. Do it your way. You can pour heart energy into it or place a white rose or picture of your child in it. In any case, have something in mind or visualize something beautiful that will bring a smile to your face. A high-energy vibration of love, gratitude, or happiness dissolves the low-energy vibration of the rotten feeling. That is the law of energy. Unless the part that causes that rotten feeling has another message or insight for you. Then you have to listen to it first before it dissolves.


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