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How do you work purely with crystals to make your wishes come true?

Crystals come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Each crystal therefore has its own qualities and properties that you can use for healing and personal growth. The crystals have come to us from the earth ‘upwards’ for a reason. Yet among crystal workers there is still the question of whether that is allowed:

using crystal power for your own ‘benefit’. How does your crystal work remain pure, but can you still set your intentions? In this blog I will give you a number of tips, so that you know exactly how you can and can work with a crystal to achieve something: pure collaboration with crystals in 5 steps.

For many people it feels like a kind of abuse when they ask for help from their ego. For example, a citrine is a crystal with one of the highest vibrational frequencies, which helps you to feel that the universe is happy to give you abundance and happiness. Citrine also makes you aware that you are connected to the whole and it nourishes you with warmth and golden energy.

Putting down a citrine purely to attract money is such an assignment to the crystal from your ego. Of course you understand that it doesn’t work that way, but that’s how it is sometimes written about. Do you want to attract wealth? Buy citrine!’ It is nice that we are aware that energetic work starts with ourselves and that there is no crystal or other means that blindly execute ego wishes.

Speaking Crystal Language

The solution is to first connect yourself to higher vibrational frequencies within yourself before picking up a crystal to work with. I have noticed in my crystal work that ego wishes slide past the crystal, as it were, because the crystal only ‘understands’ higher frequencies.

Because the crystal does not understand lower frequencies and does not fulfill ego wishes, you do not have to fear that you ‘program’ a crystal incorrectly or abuse it. The crystal will only work with your energy if your intentions or wishes are pure. And yes, you can certainly ask for better health, more confidence, more lessons that support your development! Programming is a very old, but well-known word here, which we should replace with ‘enhancing intentions through cooperation with a crystal ‘.


How crystals help

I believe that crystals have a consciousness and that they are willing to help us in our development. So if we work with them from purity, they will assist us by raising our vibrational frequencies and learning specific lessons. Have you found a crystal that you want to use for a specific purpose? It helps to keep going back to your own purity. Tune in to your higher heart and the questions that arise from it. They are never aimed at personal gain, but at your highest good and the best outcome for all involved.

For example, I ask my crystals (and certainly my skulls) for more lessons and knowledge. Because I’m a teacher myselfand I immediately pass on what I have learned to others, I am continuously developing. To maintain this cycle, I need to find the right teachers or access those dimensions where I can get spiritual knowledge myself.

My crystals think that’s a wonderful goal to work with! For example, I have a humanoid skull, a dragon skull and a manifestation crystal that help me very precisely in my development. ‘Condition’ is that I share my knowledge and maintain the cycle. That seems easy, but I find it quite a challenge to first internalize all the lessons myself. I have a rose quartz skull that helps to soothe me when it gets painful or heavy and a tiger eye dragon that protects me.

Dedicate your intentions to the highest good

Perhaps you are also a coach, trainer or teacher and you recognize the need for assistance in your (spiritual) development. Your question can also be very different and be about feeling more (self) confident, becoming more intuitive or just putting yourself down completely. Not only because you want to, but also because then you are better able to do what you are here on earth for.

When you know from what higher purpose you need crystal help, you can ask your crystals. To help you establish the purity of your intentions, you can express your intentions even more to your crystal and add something very special to it! It is a ‘dedication’ to the higher frequencies of the crystal and the energy field that surrounds us all. Or call it a question. I ask this: “Help me in making my intentions a reality as long as it is in harmony with the highest good of all. Let the most beautiful and best become true!”

Pure collaboration in 5 steps with the power of crystals

  • First do your attunement to your higher frequencies, for example by grounding yourself in light.
  • Tune in to your higher heart and feel what your true questions for help are. State these as best you can.
  • Connect with a crystal and connect your intentions to this crystal. Ask the crystal to work with you.
  • Dedicate your intentions or your desires to the highest good of all. Ask the connecting energy field around us that the outcome will be the best for everyone, including yourself.
  • Thank yourself, the crystal and the connecting energy field for the energy work done.

In this way, with the extra step of dedicating your intentions to the highest good, you transcend all ego pieces. By this method you know for sure that you are not ‘programming’ the crystal from your ego and lower vibrational frequencies. For many crystal workers who want to make sure that they are good for the crystal, this is a method that fits. Working together from the right intention, does trigger a beautiful energy that brings miracles. I wish you beautiful crystal work and beautiful results!


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