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How does the spiritual bypass affect your deepest shadow?


It’s hot to talk about the spiritual bypass. And I understand that. In fact, I really feel the value this term has in it. The spiritual bypass, or using spiritual ideas to avoid one’s own shadows, creates more awareness about entering into these shadows . And that is a major challenge for many people.

Because in a society in which there is a lot of judgment about the ‘bad sides of people’, we would rather not see those dark sides. We like to be sweet, kind, funny and understanding and we are often ashamed of our jealousy, fear and anger.

So sometimes we put that away. Then we say, for example, that everything is love without really feeling it (a much used spiritual bypass). We use the spiritual concept that all is love in order not to have to feel what is really happening. In fear of our shadow, we create a spiritual bypass.

But what if the spiritual bypass is used as a spiritual bypass? What if people who point to another and say that the other is ‘spiritual bypass’ actually create a spiritual bypass themselves by not wanting to work with the resistance to what they see in the other?

Is everything love?

Yes. And no. It depends on the perspective you use. From the perspective of the Source, which is also present in us, everything is love, from our human perspective we usually cannot see it that way. From the Source our life is a game for growth, in which we humans eventually come to see love in everything, from our humanity war or abuse is anything but a game. Or love. We believe that the misery in the physical world is real, for the simple reason that it serves us to experience it as real.

The replacement of ‘everything is love’

There is an easy way to help you deal with the all-is-love attitude. Transform this sentence into the sentence: “There is love in everything”. Of course, there are still immense challenges to see love in war or abuse. But it gives more space to the emotions that arise during such traumatic events than the sentence ‘everything is love”.

Instead of saying that everything is love, ask yourself if you can see the love in what is. In other words: how is it serviceable? For example, how is war in the service of man? How is that which initiates war, fear, service to man? And how can I understand the value of the dark?

The following may help you ask and feel these questions: The dark was created to know what the light really is. Without an opposite pole, therefore, no knowledge about the true Self. And since darkness is born of light , darkness is nothing but light in ignorance. It is love born of love, but a form of love that has consciously forgotten what love really is. But it is love. So technically everything is love. But is it useful to keep saying that everything is love? No, I don’t think so.

Blue Moon in Taurus

I am, therefore I avoid

Openness serves people. In ways that we are increasingly realizing. So let me start with myself; I avoid, I sometimes avoid my shadow, I put things away. I don’t want to see everything, I sometimes create a spiritual bypass. So, that’s nice. Now I ask you to do the same. If you feel like it, of course.

At least give yourself some space, by feeling that you can take on everything very powerfully, but that it can never be determined whether you are still hiding things unconsciously. You may well be human. Your shadow side may well be that you judge your shadow side. It is nice if you see this in the most conscious way possible. Remember, sensation is the basis of all transformation.

The spiritual bypass against itself

What about using the spiritual bypass as a spiritual bypass? The real question to ask yourself here might well be; to what extent do I use this term consciously? Am I aware of any resistance to what I label in another as a spiritual bypass?

An example. Suppose you have trouble with people who only focus on the light . For you this is a spiritual bypass and you call it that. Can you feel whether there is any resistance to what you perceive in the other?

Do you have the space to look at that resistance? Or are you actually labeling the other person’s behavior as a spiritual bypass in order not to have to look at your own resistance? If that is the case, then you do exactly what you perceive in the other person. Oh, that powerful mirror of life. Very nice. Mostly.

Embrace of the dark, from the value of the light

In fact, as in so many cases, this is about the delicate game between acceptance and desire. From a need for control, we tend to have a preference for using one perspective. Something is either true or false. Something is light or dark. You feel acceptance, or desire. Let’s stop that now.

Let’s open up to the power of paralleling acceptance and desire. ‘I see that there is darkness, understand from deep layers of my being that this is a creation of love. And I understand that my desire to transform dark is an important part of accepting all that is.’ That is the real path to enlightenment. A beautiful path full of challenges. Will you join us?


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