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How good intentions do succeed! In 3 steps.

“Good intentions” consist of two aspects, the goal and the way to get there. Your good intention is the ultimate goal you want to achieve, but the road to get there is just as important!The goal gives you focus, the right direction and inspires you to ‘walk’ the way. But with the end goal in mind, we often forget the way and want to reach the end goal asap. When that doesn’t work, we are disappointed, especially in ourselves. And that’s why just making good intentions and wanting to implement them doesn’t work. Ultimately, the loss of good intentions is confirmation that we are dealing with unconscious limiting persuasion.

For someone else

Sometimes a good resolution still succeeds when we ‘do it for someone else’, for example slimming down because you or your child are getting married. Or stop smoking because your child or grandchild has asthma. That’s because your focus is on a goal other than ‘the diet’ or ‘quit smoking’. Your focus will then be on ‘looking beautiful at the wedding, or creating a healthy living environment for your child’. That can also be a reason why you temporarily succeed. Later, unfortunately, the old habit will resurface and make itself felt.

How do you manage it, especially if you do it ‘just for yourself’?

First of all, it’s important to give yourself time. Making a good resolution is to change your life. Looking at things differently, learning a new habit. It takes time, space, perseverance, love for yourself and knowledge. Time for research!

We often set the bar way too high!

We try to change our behavior and our actions in one day to get a good and immediate result. While the cause of your behavior is hidden in an old limiting belief that has been in your system for years. Instead of changing your behavior and your actions, the goal is to discover your old limiting belief and transform it into strength!

Changing your life in one go, within 1 day is (almost) impossible. Barring exceptions… and for those who do succeed, a whole process has probably already started unconsciously in advance, which resulted in the turning point on that one day. You have acquired a certain bad habit over a number of years. So you also need a while to break that habit. And that’s a process. A process of several steps.

Step 1. Awareness.

You are aware that you want to change something in your life. Otherwise you are not making any resolutions at all!

Many people immediately attach the calibrated label to what appears a lot in the media, such as bad eating habits, smoking or too little exercise. Because you focus on that label, you do not find out why you actually smoke, eat unhealthy or have no energy to exercise. The label is like a layer of energy to hide what you don’t want to feel. What you don’t want to feel is an old limiting belief. It was created by a painful life event or several similar events that confirmed that pain point.good intentions

Look from a different perspective.

As long as you keep focusing on that one goal that you keep failing to achieve, that old belief is actually confirmed in your subconscious. Examples of such beliefs might be: ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I can’t do it’, ‘I’m not worth it’, ‘I don’t get enough love’, ‘I’m being shortchanged ‘, ‘I have no control’, ‘this makes me anxious/insecure’, etc. etc.

The more (double) confirmations, the more difficult it is to break through. Every time your old belief is confirmed, you put an extra layer around it so you don’t have to feel it. We also call it anesthesia. And then you need an outlet which often manifests itself in an addiction which is actually an anesthetic, for example: smoking, sweets (sugar), alcohol, hiding yourself in the house and letting yourself feel that you are too tired for other things than on the couch in front of the TV.

You can really fool yourself with your own thoughts by making yourself believe that what you do is very good, that something is allowed, that you have earned something…! So numb….and then be convinced that you are doing very well! This works to a lesser or greater extent and can take extreme forms.

The reverse is also possible! Such as extremely healthy food, extremely intense or a lot of sports, workaholic or other addiction. It seems like it shows that you need to ‘cut down’ on whatever anesthetic, but it actually shows you that you are out of balance.

Step 2. Discover: Where does that imbalance come from?

Find out where that anesthetic comes from. And whether it is true. It may have been true for you once because you were in a situation where your life was difficult or you were in a painful situation. But is it still truth in your present life? With the current people around you? Didn’t you just carry that painful event with you for years? …and now? Maybe it’s time to start thinking differently, or to look at yourself and your life in a different way so that the old comes loose and dissolves on its own. Just by looking differently it will come naturally! Easy right?!

Read the list of the old limiting beliefs again and feel for yourself which sentence ‘triggers’ you. Ask yourself the question: Is this true?

TIP: What may help you is Byron Katie’s work, ‘The Work’ ( Four Questions That Change Your Life -)( Link). There is a lot to be found on the internet about Byron.

Step 3 Check: What do you really want?

You need it to start thinking differently. Focus on a different goal! For example, with intentions such as quitting smoking, changing eating habits or exercising more, you can also focus on goals such as becoming healthier, feeling better in your body or buying nice clothes. Start looking more radiant or have more energy. What do you actually want ‘better’ in your life? What is the real purpose of your intention? Think about it yourself and focus on that!good intentions

Feel for yourself, by focusing on such a different goal or that comes to you better than focusing on what you came up with in the first instance.

What are you worth?

Turn your old limiting beliefs into power! Start to love yourself and to find yourself worthy to have a healthy and beautiful life in abundance. Use the life lessons as a guide to discover how to empower yourself. Your life lessons are not there to work against you, your life lessons are there to show you your life path. That which you have to learn.

Life lessons are the paving stones of the transformation process. It is the path on which you can grow and discover what life can be too. Life is always moving in the direction of healing. For that reason, what you can work on will always present itself. Sometimes, as inspiration for a ‘good intention’ in the new year! In short, get started with yourself! That inspiration comes to you for a reason.

A good resolution doesn’t just happen in your mind! Your subconscious is crying out for change. transformation. In other words, take responsibility for your own life.

I wish you the best of luck with this process and make 2017 a super-growth year. Give yourself time to transform with all the love!


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