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How grateful are you with your life

How grateful are you with your life? When I am out in the morning taking care of my horses, I often experience an intense sense of gratitude. I feel very happy because I can do what I love every day. The view of the green fields gives me peace. A beautiful “office” to work in.

The way to your goal

I really love my life. My greatest wish is that everyone can experience this feeling. Yet my life is not perfect. There are still many things I dream of that I have not yet realized. But if there is nothing left to look forward to, is your life still satisfying? Because that’s exactly what brings me happiness : something you work very hard for and eventually achieve that goal. That is one of the best rewards you can receive.

Be thankful for what you have

The trick is to be thankful for everything you have in your life right now. You probably often hear “what you pay attention to, grows”. This also works for gratitude. If you give a lot of attention to everything you are grateful for, there will be more things in your life that you can be grateful for. When you are grateful for everything, including your current situation, you are open to the opportunities that life gives you.

Be open to solutions

Recently I had conversations with someone who was having a really hard time. I gave him motivation and words of encouragement, but the message couldn’t get through to him. His focus was only on the problem itself. He was not open to solutions. I was outside the situation myself, so I could look at it objectively. There was no problem for me at that time. After a few days he realized this himself. When I heard things got better, I was extremely grateful for his insight.

A positive view

With this example I want to show you how simple it can be sometimes, as long as you have a positive outlook. If you only look at the problem itself, you will not see any solutions. Ask yourself questions like these:

  • What’s possible?
  • How can I view the situation differently?
  • Who can give me an objective insight into the situation?

Focus on all the beautiful things in your life

Also look at everything you can be grateful for in your current situation. Perhaps you think that nothing is right in the first place, when you are having a hard time. Yet there are so many beautiful things that you do have. Think of family, friends, food, drink, clothes,… Pay attention to everything you are grateful for. You immediately feel a lot better when you realize how much you do have to be grateful for.

Let it go

What does the feeling of gratitude do to you? Do you feel warmth inside? Now open yourself up to ideas, insights and inspiration. Don’t focus on the problem, just let it go for a while. Trust that you will get the right prompting, at the right time. Before you know it, a fantastic idea pops into your head. Bet you say, “Why didn’t I think of that before?” .

Every day a new chance

It may not be easy every day to look at everything positively . Just do your best and be aware of your feelings. You can change the way you live your life at any time. Every day is a new beginning, a new start, a new opportunity. What do you choose: a positive or negative outlook on life?


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