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How health ailments and relationships lead to new insights

It sometimes feels like opening an old-fashioned safe. You turn that large round knob a number of times. And you feel if it clicks. Whether it makes contact with the lock. Trust grows with every successful click. Make the contents of the safe visible. At a certain point you turn the key completely and open what has been locked up for a long time.

Your medical background tells a story about you. About the relationship with yourself. Broken bones about self-esteem. Rashes about your relationship with the world. Dental problems about making and choosing decisions.

Allergies to stress. And migraines about drug use, for example. Your ailments are a reflection of you at that point in your life. What happened then. And how you dealt with it. It is a guide to how you have gone through life. And what challenges you have faced.


In addition to the relationship with yourself, there is also a lot to deduce from your relationship with your partner or with your family. Can you be yourself completely in front of the other person? Do you feel safe and secure? Can you express yourself emotionally freely? Do you know the patterns and habits you brought with you from the parental home?

When you repeatedly end up in a certain discussion or emotion with your partner or family member, that theme is often a priority. It is a block that asks to be seen. To see what lies behind it. It no longer serves you. Why do you react like that? Are you aware of why you do what you do?

Our complaints and emotions are a reflection of our metaphysical state. That goes beyond the physical. The invisible that is connected to the visible part of us. Emotions, beliefs and energies. These are the themes that play a major role in our lives.

Influencing us every day. Who want to be healed. It exposes our weaknesses. Always to grow. To become a better person. To become healer. And to be completely in the moment.

Integration is the process in which new insights can sink in. They become part of us. We made them our own. And we can apply them in our lives. Insights on how we can better deal with a certain situation.

How else can we talk to ourselves when we don’t succeed. How we understand the other side of the story when we stand firm. How we can forgive loved ones. Or how we make our choices based on love rather than fear.

Asking questions

To arrive at a different view, it is important to ask the right questions. The question behind the question. Often we ourselves are caught in circular reasoning and do not get to the essence. At the ultimate core of the situation. And then it can be very nice to discuss the situation with someone. Someone who listens without judgment. Someone who is sharp the moment you fall back into your circular reasoning.

Someone who takes you to that uncomfortable point out of love. So you can see what’s always happening. How your head deceives you. When you get to that point, you come to understand. New insights emerge. And can you free yourself from old patternshabits and beliefs that you unconsciously carry with you. You open a piece that was locked up. Which you no longer asked questions about. That you took to be true.

It takes courage. And vulnerability. To shed new light on what you have carried with you for a long time. That seems to belong to you. And feels dense and heavy at the same time. To be open to a different perspective. That gives you tools to work on it. That you realize that it is not a fixed thing at all. But that you can play with it.

That you can change it. By bringing awareness. By finding out which layers the ‘disease’ is made up of. By seeing the logic of the accumulation. And the cause-effect reactions that have arisen. That it’s something we’ve come to live with. We haven’t investigated it. Not peeled off. No connections made. And we find that we can see through the illusion. It is within easy reach.

aha moments

With a lot of practice you can start asking yourself the right questions. It’s getting smoother. Even with the more difficult topics in your life. You will increasingly examine your intention in the things you say. Or does. Was the intention pure love at that moment or was it still my ego? Was this a conscious action or reaction or was I on autopilot? Was it a pattern or was I triggered by a theme from the past? You keep getting sharper.

You become more observant. You experience and recognize your learning points. It will click more and more. You get aha moments. And you will feel again. You realize that opening that safe is becoming easier and easier for you. And that the content is priceless.

Do you wonder what the background or origin of your health problems is? And what about relationships in your life? Do you want to clarify which themes play a role in your life? And have you reached a point where you are open to change? Then sign up now for my holistic basic trajectory ‘back to feeling’.

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