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How I Balanced My Masculine and Feminine Energy


Every human being has masculine and feminine energy, like almost everything in nature. My feminine energy has always been very present, I was a very helpful little man from a young age who wanted to take care of his mother and sister because it was clear that our mother could not connect emotionally with herself and therefore us, and could use some help.

I actually did not know my masculine energy, also because it was not tolerated at home. So I suppressed it myself. My mom just couldn’t handle it. My parents divorced early on and my father worked and lived in a distant foreign country, in a different one every so many years. We didn’t speak much and I missed him terribly in my life.

A society I never understood so much about as a child. School was boring and easy. I found most of the teachers nice, but not necessarily loving. And our way of working in companies, so focused on money and so little genuinely focused on people, initially scared me to end up there. Behind a desk in a crowded office, with a ‘dick’ as a manager (I was still young and full of judgements).

That’s why I initially became such a manager myself. At least that way I had more influence, a higher salary and fewer people above me. I worked from my mind, ego and intuition but didn’t know then that I was going there to learn emotionally, to learn, to learn. To see and feel my qualities and pitfalls, and ultimately to face them.For me it felt mostly like survival. It took approx

In summary I would say that I have practiced for ten years to develop my masculine energy and when it was strong enough on the surface I could start to balance it with my feminine energy that was already so present is me, but still not very consciously.

And that’s why, again without realizing all this, I started working in care, with mentally handicapped people in residential groups. One of the most meaningful things I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing. Oh yes, and I founded Nieuwetijdskind Magazine. So that those two parts in me could work together.

Because of my spiritual work with Nieuwetijdskind Magazine I have had contact with mainly female entrepreneurs (90%). And do you know what I also intuitively looked up? Connection with successful entrepreneurs (M) who have absolutely nothing to do with spirituality and work in the “old” economy, for the money.

Drinking coffee, chatting and laughing, that’s all. And there I eventually learned to be myself completely. As MAN. With my qualities and pitfalls. My masculine and feminine qualities. In the here and now, in connection with myself and others. My mind and heart open.

I am extremely grateful to my mother and father. Where I used to feel abandoned, I now realize that they have released me.

To be able to discover for myself who I am and where I come from.

If that isn’t unconditional love, then I don’t know what is.


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