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How I Found My Lost Twin Half (In a Black Hole)

“The part of me that you are will never die.” Lady Gaga’s “ Always remember us this way ” had been echoing in my head for a while, but suddenly I understood. That part is real. That part of me and what I had come to call my sister. The being that lived with me in our mother’s womb for a while before she left and I was born.

The creature I had been looking for for a long time because I missed it so much I might finally find it. In the middle of a part I imagined as the Vesica pisces. A figure consisting of two circles that are the same size and the center of both circles is on each other’s edge. I immediately knew how to find it. Through my heart.So inside me, and not outside myself.

“ It’s funny how I get to see it then ”, said Hermelijn van der Meijden a few months in advance, during a reading in her practice. “What she now shows as a soul”. “She now looks like a black hole, a kind of wormhole. So almost like inviting you to go through the black hole, go through the wormhole. To be born in another dimension. As if it is related to that.”

She went on to say: “ It’s not just a rebirth that people sometimes have in their lives, but it’s something deeper than that, being born into another dimension. “And what would happen if you plunged into the black hole? Then where do you come from? Now it almost looks like a mirror, in which it looks like pain.

But when you fall through it turns out not to be pain, but a different dimension kind. And with our limited consciousness we call that ‘love’. And you don’t have to die for that. You just have to go through the black hole. Then you can imagine that if one of the twins is not born that she facilitates you from another dimension”.

“It is really very interesting”, said Hermione, still laughing, because she meant it. To which I replied that when I heard that I felt like throwing something through her windows. Because it’s been hurting for 50 years. She understood that perfectly well.

Anyway, there I was, five months later, triggered by Lady Gaga’s one sentence. And so I went on a journey through my heart. To that black hole. Close your eyes and feel. I was there in seconds. Like I was in space. An immense black void, which although there was nothing, had EVERYTHING in it.

I estimate that it took me at least an hour to move through it, step by step. I literally pushed myself energetically through it, holding myself to my desk, past the immense pain and fear. I wanted it so badly!

I remember thinking that no one would believe me except Ermine if I said I had traveled through a black hole through my heart. Still, that’s exactly what I did. And from that day on, my old truth of pain and lack shifted to a new one: this connection has always been (already has been).

I don’t know if I was born in another dimension as well. Don’t think it’s that important for now. I do know that of the two of us, I was the only one who had to be brought back to life on Earth.


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