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How is the relationship between the man and woman in you?


How’s the man and woman in you? What stands in the way of the confluence of the two? And how can you unite these two in you? Your way to peace between the man and woman is the way to liberation from yourself.

The feminine energy should invite the masculine energy into her security, her pure earthly love. She can embody the power of Mother Earth. Only then will the man feel the confidence to physically allow his universal unconditional love on Earth. The confluence of their love brings a deep peace and opens our path to self-healing.

Unfortunately this is not easy. Both have lost faith in earthly love, which stands in the way of our transformation to a new life. The fear is at odds with our deep desire to merge.

Sorrow of humanity

The great sorrow of humanity is that the most beautiful thing we can live on earth is often locked or even hidden. Deep within our well here on Earth is a beautiful sensual, healing and fulfilling earthly love that can make us feel alive. The woman in us does not dare to live this earthly life energy visibly and thus closes off earthly security. The man does not feel the foundation and confidence to be himself here and does not dare to come home to earth with his universal love. His power does not reach us either.

Our deepest desire makes us strive for unity between the man and woman in us . Once there was unity between the masculine and feminine, which arose through the magnetic and magical field of pure love.

What sustains the struggle?

Through loss of unity we have also lost faith in earthly love. With this fear was born in us and we started looking for certainties and straws to feel safe. New impure connections between the man and woman that emerged then still form the cage for your pure love and close the way to unity. The deepest fear tells us that we must do everything we can not to lose or leave the other person. Here lies the discrepancy. False certainties allow us to guard the impure connections through which our desire, the pure unity of life, cannot arise!

This internal marriage could be the entrance to a paradise life. But for many, it has become a rippling, struggling, or even repulsive relationship, far from the love that can unite them.

_de relatie tussen de man en vrouw in jou

In my view, here lies the solution to many problems that we now face with humanity. For example, illness, violence or addiction are caused by not living our original masculine and feminine energies. In his impotence, the man shows injustice such as: aggression, abuse of power, indoctrination and overcontrol. The woman in her impotence becomes impure. Think of venom, condemnation, envy, submission and manipulation.

The constant struggle wears us out, resulting in illness. A lack of male love gives you emptiness, you look for fulfillment. The lack of female love brings insecurity, creating a society full of power, rules and dogmas. Time for a turnaround.

Daring to lose each other again and leave each other is the only door to unity life…

Dissolving the impure connection between the two opens the way to unity. It feels like you’re saying goodbye to each other for good, but the opposite is true: they meet again in a purer form.

The mirror of relationships and your body

Every relationship with your environment tells you a part of the story that takes place inside you. Your internal relationship creates your external relationship and not the other way around. We are all in a game and ultimately help each other to become aware of who we really are. You should welcome all relationship problems with open arms, but the problem is that it touches our deepest pains that we would rather not look at. Yet I invite you to ask yourself the question in every situation: what does this say about myself?

Your body has the same signaling function. Discomforts, ailments and illnesses are there to make you aware of the struggle that binds your body and ask you to return to your pure love.

Through pain and agony

The way to unity can be opened by the woman in us. She is the entrance to earthly security, feeling at home on earth. Only deep pain from old lives, through oppression, abuse, pyres and humiliation, keeps her from living her original power. She carries a deep indignation towards the masculine energy.

The man, in turn, also bears deep pain associated with feelings of guilt and self-loathing for brutal lives that involved violence and death. He has become afraid of his own powers.

A bizarre situation in which both of them avoid their own strength. In order to create unity, we will therefore have to choose through fear of death, indignation and fear of our own powers in order to be able to live our original man and wife. Quite a task! No one can do this for you, this is your own healing path to oneness within yourself.

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In this I teach you to trust that your situation opens your way to deeper self-healing. Your situation gives you the opportunity to meet yourself (and possibly each other) again and to grow (together).


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