How Kintsugi’s Healing Power Can Help You Get Back On Your Life

How Kintsugi's Healing Power Can Help You Get Back On Your Life
Kintsugi is the Japanese art of gluing pottery shards with gold. To show the scars instead of hiding them. Day after day, week after week, the restorer is busy cleaning, caring for, treating, and ultimately improving the object so that it shines.

The Way of Kintsugican is seen as a form of art therapy that invites you to transcend your misery and turn lead into gold. It is a therapeutic metaphor for healing emotional wounds.

It reminds you that your scars, whether visible or invisible, are proof that you have overcome your difficulties. By giving shape to what happened to you, they say, “You went through it!” and they put a heart into you. Whether you have suffered physical injuries (due to a car accident, breast surgery, amputation, a disability, or from illness, fire or violence), or emotionally (by breaking up a friendship or depression, job loss, neglect, gossip, or a difficult childhood), the energy of kintsugi can support you and accompany you in your healing process.

Kintsugi’s powerful symbolism, focused on resilience and optimism, has helped me heal, become stronger, regain my breath and regain my vitality.

Repair step by step: step 1 – break

The art of kintsugi follows a slow and meticulous protocol that requires patience and concentration. Day in day out, week in week out, phase after phase, the object is cleaned, cared for, and restored so that it eventually becomes even more beautiful. The different stages of recovery that Kintsugi traditionally follows are explained in Kintsugi – The Beauty of Emotional Shards. In this article, you can read step 1 of phase 1: breaking.

How Kintsugi's Healing Power Can Help You Get Back On Your Life

Something unforeseen, a wrong move, a collision, and there you lie…

And like an object that falls into shards: you are broken. Whether that is physical or mental, it seems insurmountable. Like you’ll never recover, never be your old self again. And that’s right: you will never be the same again. All the better! Consider today the tentative beginning of a new life. The recovery process will be painful, and difficult. And it will take a long time. That’s the way it is. But that too will come to an end…

Huge shock

I myself have experienced such a moment several times when everything seems to fall over. Thus my world collapsed like a house of cards when it dawned on me that I was getting a divorce. It was a huge shock, I didn’t see it coming, even though there were signs, as I realized afterward. For me, marriage was a fixed value, a safe haven, a union I firmly believed in.

Almost as if I wanted to ward off fate, because my parents divorced when I was four. And it is probably no coincidence that I even made marriage my profession: I worked as a wedding planner for ten years, just as long as my own marriage lasted. The shock was immense. And this to an even greater degree as painful memories of my childhood came to mind when I was left alone with a nine-month-old baby.


I was convinced that I would never get over this misery. And yet I’m still there, standing upright. Stronger than ever. I’ve survived it. That bad time has also come to an end. I have worked on myself and now understand better what went wrong. I have also had a part in it myself and I see how the family relationships work deep in my subconscious.

Step by step I have recovered, I have regained meaning in life and confidence in the future. Despite what I’ve been through, I’ve remained hopeful and still find such a commitment to live a wonderful thing. Then I married again! And divorced again, but that’s another story. Despite everything, I still believe in it. Is three times not a charm? Moreover, persistence wins.’

How Kintsugi's Healing Power Can Help You Get Back On Your Life

So now something is broken in you too. You have been touched to your soul by what has happened, like an open wound your cracks and weaknesses have been exposed. But you can also unexpectedly draw power from it and reinvent yourself… as a better version of yourself! After all, you got through even the most difficult periods. Take courage and take the first step in developing your new self. It may still be shaky, and uncertain: you are afraid of stumbling and falling again. But the first step is often the hardest!

And you?

Do you realize that the difficulties of the past have brought you to where you are now? That you now have to pick up your life again? And that the best is yet to come?

To work! – Your life path

How Kintsugi's Healing Power Can Help You Get Back On Your Life

Sit in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed or distracted. This moment is yours alone: ​​provide optimal conditions so that you can enjoy it. A piece of music, a candle, a cup of fragrant tea, an easy chair – just what you feel like. Keep a pen handy, close your eyes and relax. Imagine your life path, from year to year, and remember all the difficult situations you have experienced in the past. Write them down one by one, and feel how much resilience you have: you have overcome all those difficulties! Deep down you know: this time you will get through it!

One step further

Take a break. Wasn’t it the case that some painful experiences afterward were an opportunity or a gift – even if you didn’t see it that way at the time? Perhaps it was precisely this that allowed you to develop a new quality or skill, or to escape a dangerous situation. Or new doors opened. Think about all those moments when you have turned fault lines into lines of force. You can use that same alchemy against the difficulties you are currently experiencing.


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