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How much is enough? Focus on Abundance!

Are you someone who focuses on what you do have or on what you don’t have? It can really help you a lot if you are aware of this. To help you make a ‘shift’ in consciousness from poverty consciousness to prosperity consciousness and abundance, I will show you how to realize how ‘rich’ you really are.

Many of us are focused on what they still want and what others already have. In doing so, you unconsciously focus on the poverty consciousness. Because if you focus on what someone else has and you don’t, it automatically means that you feel shortchanged. Thinking in deficits is exactly what poverty awareness is.

Focus on abundance

However, when you focus on what you already have, you feel much richer in the broadest sense of the word. It doesn’t matter what you focus on in abundance, as long as you focus on abundance. That can be enjoying a walk or bike ride along the water or in a forest (freedom), or sitting on a terrace with a cup of coffee (enjoying).

Or the wonderful smile of a baby you see in a stroller. You can focus on your lovely family, that you can read and write, that you have opportunities to grow and develop….Just make something up! You can be happy with so many, often simple things!

be grateful

You can focus on making ends meet every month (poverty awareness) or that you have a roof over your head and have food every day and that you are healthy (wealth awareness). It doesn’t matter what you have, but at least be thankful for it. Dissatisfaction in any area of ​​life is poverty consciousness.

Take care of your own grass

The expression ‘The grass seems greener on the neighbours’ is a good example. If that’s how you feel, isn’t it high time to take care of your own grass?
But how do you do that?
It is about consciously experiencing both the big and the small things in life differently.

Grab your chances

I will give a few examples. Do you realize what your talents are or do you just look at people who seem to have made it ‘completely’ in life? This way you automatically put yourself at a lower level, which really limits you. It is then high time to take a good look at your own possibilities and to realize whether you are making the most of your opportunities.

Use the triggers

If you are triggered by someone else about something (in admiration or in irritation/jealousy), then that says something about yourself! Be happy that that person is a trigger for you at that moment, because probably the Universe wants to say to you: ‘Come on, take it! You can do this too! Why are you sitting in a corner?’

Thinking about abundance

You can apply this way of thinking in all areas of life. As soon as you only see ‘happy families’ around you and you yourself are languishing in your relationship, it is time to do something. For example, work on it! As long as you continue to focus on ‘that everyone is happy in their relationship and you are not’ you will be in the poverty consciousness and you will sink further and further into the swamp. That is a shame, because it is precisely these situations that want to make you aware of this and encourage you to work on it. To take steps, in whatever way.

Take your responsibility

Does your colleague get promoted and you don’t, while you want it so badly, and you also think that you are worth it and they are not? Then think about what you can do to promote yourself. As soon as you fall into the trap of “he’s a scumbag” or “she does it to the boss” (or whatever), you’re not taking responsibility for your own life at that point. You then fall into excuses to ease your own suffering.

How do you get on?

Of course it’s okay to be angry or disappointed. If you then put your shoulders to the wheel to achieve that desired goal. There will be a reason why your co-worker’s promotion makes you sad, or makes you feel rejected. Take action on the part you do want, and don’t get stuck in the part you don’t want or what someone else does have. You’ll never get anywhere like this!

Don’t wait for the other

And yes, maybe it’s time to look for another job, take a refresher course or course or show more of yourself. Sometimes it’s the little things that you expect someone else to pick up on. Unfortunately that’s not the case. As soon as you notice this, you will have to get started with it yourself! So pick it up yourself: don’t wait for someone else. At least, only if you want to change it.

Make your own choices

If you’d rather stay in your victim role and keep complaining that your life is so bad, that’s okay too.

But realize that you always have a choice: prosperity consciousness or poverty consciousness. It’s up to you! Really!

In all areas of life: Money, Fulfillment, Relationships, Happiness and Health.

Where do you put the focus?

I know someone who has an income that has been below the poverty line for years. And yet this person is carefree and happy. It’s really a personal choice of that person. By being very creative with money and focusing on all the freedom it gives, for example not ‘having to go to a boss’ every day, enjoying the outdoors, no materialism, exchange of help, which means a lot of social contacts and the other benefits.

this person is getting rich every day. It just depends on where you put the focus in your life. We’ve all been so maddened by marketing stories and imagery of ‘what we all have to have’ and so on that we’ve come to believe that we ‘should’ be unhappy when we don’t have something. But that is of course nonsense!This creates a prison in our own heads and thus a poverty consciousness.

Choose your priorities

Do you want to save more per month? Then make sure you take matters into your own hands to save more. This can be done in two ways: cut back or generate more money. It just depends on where your priority is. You can continue to focus on what you are missing, or look at the possibilities. Always keep looking at the possibilities and be grateful for what you have. Then you will at least stay in the energy of abundance: the prosperity consciousness!

Use your talents

Look especially at what you want, how you want to live and what your chances are. Think from the focus on talent development instead of the focus on materialism. Deploying, sharing and using your talents makes you really happy. This gives a huge boost in prosperity awareness.

Shift in consciousness

I hope you now understand well what poverty consciousness is, and also what prosperity consciousness is. It really is a shift in consciousness that only you can make. No one else can do that for you. And it is also true that you always ‘must’ be aware of whether you are in the poverty consciousness or in the prosperity consciousness.

Quick turn around

I myself have been working on this for years, and sometimes I find myself acting or reacting with some things from the poverty consciousness. But once I realize this, I can turn it around very easily. For example, I ask myself: ‘What can I do about this situation to improve it? Or why does he/she do this and I don’t? What’s stopping me? What are the excuses I use to hold myself back? What triggers me so much in this situation? What made me attract this situation? What do I have to learn in this?’

Be open to classes

As long as you can be open to the lessons of every situation (despite the fact that they are sometimes really difficult), you will stay in the flow of prosperity consciousness. Apparently we as humans are so enormously conditioned from poverty consciousness = to act as a victim (by the thought that he/she/the situation is ‘doing this to me’).

And yet life is a lot more beautiful when you act from the welfare consciousness: what do I learn from this and how can I take responsibility? So that you also realize how much is just enough to live happily. I give it to you wholeheartedly and I know you can make it! Good luck with it. And… stay aware!


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