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How our spirit guides guide us

If you are open to the idea that we are all guided by spirit guides, you may sometimes wonder how that guidance works and how your guide himself experiences his work with you. It can be interesting to look at it through the eyes of a guide. In the third part of my book Featherlight, living and working with spiritual guides , one of my guides gives an insight into his existence and into his work with us and his fellow guides.

A shining world

“Our world is all light and radiant consciousness. Our world is not far from yours and yet the difference is immense.”

Spiritual guides seem to experience their own existence as one big party that is constantly celebrated. Because they do not have a physical body, they experience the freedom and lightness that we also experience when we continue to live in that same dimension after death. They find their work with us extremely fascinating and inspiring.

You don’t just become a guide for someone on earth

You have to be suitable for it and have many qualities, just like a good therapist or teacher on Earth. The consciousness of our spirit guides is more advanced than ours, but they are not saints. For their own development, the work with us is very important. They are much less bothered by their ego than we are, but they do know human emotions.

“You have to be able to handle the fact that in most cases the person guiding you has no idea of ​​your presenceThis takes a certain amount of selflessness, for you will seldom expect gratitude from someone who is unaware of your guidance. The satisfaction of the work therefore lies in the fact that you see how your help works out and how it supports the other in his learning process. But you also have to be able to bear the fact that everything you try will come to nothing and the one you want to help will only sink further into the swamp. So you have to be able to withstand a fair amount of frustration. Because don’t think that we are completely free from those kinds of feelings.”

In general, spirit guides are beings who have experienced and struggled a lot in their earthly bodies. Like most therapists, they are interested in this work because they recognize so much of the problems another person is dealing with.

The team of spirit guides

How does the match come about between you and your guide(s)? Usually you know each other from several lifetimes on Earth, as lovers, family, teacher/student or close friends. That is why it is not so difficult for a guide to commit himself completely to you, you have been connected for a long time and have a loving bond as souls. You are on the same wavelength and speak the same language. Usually you have several guides / escorts. For example, there may be specialists who help you with the work you do.

Your main guide is in charge of the team, which can be very different in composition and level. For example, there may also be ‘trainees’ who have yet to learn the trade. Often deceased relatives are included in this group. They compensate for their lack of experience with their great involvement.

“There is always a lot of consultation in the team, but that doesn’t work like yours. Because time is not an issue, the consultation only lasts fractions of seconds. Thoughts go back and forth at lightning speed. We communicate with energy, with images and thought packages that make complex information clear in one go. Because we can exchange ideas with several people at the same time, consultation is a very dynamic affair. We therefore do not hold meetings, but are in constant contact with each other and continuously exchange information.”

How the spirit guides guide us

That is how our guides communicate with us , through energy and the power of thought. They try to subtly influence us by generating thoughts that can guide our actions. People in your area can also ‘use’ your guide in this way, so that, for example, a meeting takes place that may be important to you. Sometimes you may notice that you are also involved in contact with someone else, who you may not even know well. Sometimes you hear yourself say something, where you feel that those words don’t just come from you and that they are important to this person.

Own responsibility

But not only can our spirit guides influence people, they are also able to manipulate matter.

“ We can make an object disappear , appear or change place. We have the ability to make the phone ring or block, we can temporarily let a broken car run so you can get home unharmed, or cause a breakdown so you break down. Those are the small, simple things. But everyone knows the spectacular stories of miraculous rescues by angels. Someone falls from a great height but is unharmed and says that it looked like he was being caught, which of course it is. Or nothing happens to you in a terrible car accident, from which you normally would not have come out alive.

In principle we can get everything done, but only in very exceptional cases are ‘miracles’ performed. There must be a really important reason for that. Because it would make you easy-going if everything is arranged for you, we will not fulfill all your wishes. Your own responsibility comes first.”

That actually applies to everything that our guides can help us with. The question is always: does it fit in a situation that you get that help, or do you have to learn to solve this yourself? That mainly depends on the soul mission that you have entered into in this life. But the aim of our guides is to make themselves virtually redundant, just like any good therapist or teacher.

Much of the work with our spirit guides is done at night

The teaching and therapeutic guidance of our spirit guides happens to a large extent at night when we leave our body during our deep sleep. You can benefit greatly from those nighttime hours when more is happening than you think , which can greatly accelerate your development in every area.

Your guide is generally very motivated to connect with you on a conscious level so that he or she can guide you better.

If you want you can arrange an individual session Contact with your guide with me† More information can be found here .

What do you notice about the presence and guidance of your spirit guides?


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