How self-examination can help to get back on track after a burnout

How self-examination can help to get back on track after a burnout

What if you have everything and yet are not happy? A well-paid job, a nice house, a big car, distant holidays, and yet the sun no longer shines. What if you end up in a burnout? In this article, you can read how self-examination can help you get back on track.

The importance of self-examination

Some people, when they are dealing with burnout, seek contact with a coach. Of course, coaches can help you to clarify things, which gives you peace of mind. Often, however, you only benefit from this for a certain period of time. The method that usually works best is self-examination.

It is important to learn for yourself to find out where the shoe pinches, within your circumstances and within your story. This can be done, for example, through spirituality or within non-duality. Your answer can also be found in festivals, or in lifestyle, or philosophy. In books, movies, or websites. As long as you dare to open up to new ideas and stories from other people. In addition, it is important to give up that you have or should have everything in life under control. That you just play that part, and that we all play that part. Even if we don’t say it out loud.

How self-examination can help to get back on track after a burnout

Deviating from the system

When we are dealing with, for example, limiting beliefs or sadness, we would do well to really ask ourselves questions about what meaning is to us. But you just have to be ready for that and end up in it at the right time. And that moment may take a while.

The system has taught us and our ego that we must first look for meaning in other things. Things like a good job, a steady relationship, and a house, tree, or animal. As long as you find something to hold on to and can show the outside world how well you are doing. Only when you notice that those things don’t bring you happiness, let alone rest, but even give you stress. It’s time to look for it in other ways. And that also takes time.


When you realize that we should enjoy more, because we don’t know if we will still be well tomorrow, you often automatically start worrying less about things that don’t matter. And certainly not about things that will never happen, but that you only made up your mind. This can feel like you’ve taken off a jacket and dropped a shield. The one you really are slowly reappeared.

How self-examination can help to get back on track after a burnout

In non-duality, it is said that our transformation happens by itself. It happens naturally, who you were or wanted to emerge when the time comes. It just needs to be given space and you don’t have to do anything for it. Transformation is inevitable, it will come when the time comes. However, you can also contribute yourself. Try to explore what gives you satisfaction. What are your interests and needs? This is important because recovering from burnout is about learning to accept that the old is no longer sufficient and the new is not there yet.

Burnout: a time of reflection

How self-examination can help to get back on track after a burnout

It’s about taking risks and having faith in it. We all learn at home that you should not throw your old shoes away before you have new ones. But you might be better off if you do, and go barefoot for a while first. See what that brings you.

Burnout is miserable, but it is also a time of reflection. A period in your life to put things in order. And to clear out your attic, literally and figuratively. Some things you get rid of, others you put in plain sight. And that can sometimes be very close to each other, but just take a different shape in your life than before.


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