How spirituality and nutrition come together


Since I started living more consciously, my body has started to react differently to food. My view on food has changed as a result, and so has what and the way I eat. In the article “these food changes occur when you awaken spiritually” you can read that these changes do not come out of nowhere and I have really experienced this myself. Read here my experience about how spirituality and nutrition come together and how you can eat mindful/intuitive.

From ‘standing off’ to conscious living
Mariëlle from The Green Guide writes about conscious living, with inspiration about natural beauty, fair fashion, veganism, minimalism, sustainability, health & mindfulness.

You may recognize it: when you were younger you could eat everything and you didn’t seem to be bothered by anything. I had this too (a real sweet tooth here), but luckily I always thought it was important to eat healthy. However, I had almost no idea what the real influence of nutrition on my health was.

As soon as I reconnected with my body, I started to notice what food does to my body. I learned that I get tired of a carbohydrate-rich lunch, a headache from a pastry full of sugar, soy skin problems and a bloated feeling from too much wheat.

How your body guides you

The more you get out of your head and into your body, the more sensitive you become to signals from your body. It has given me a different view of food and certain foods. Instead of living to eat, I now eat to live. I want to eat foods that do my body good.

I have completely liberated myself from the eating habits I used to have. No more 6 eating moments a day, but 3 meals that provide me with all the necessary nutrients. Because I feel more compassionate , I choose vegan food and I am much more grateful for my meals.

Back to the healthy base

In addition to the connection with our body, we have also lost the connection with food. That is not surprising with a supermarket full of food products from the factory instead of from nature. Spirituality helps to get closer to ourselves, nature and therefore our food!

For example, instead of a ready meal, more and more people are choosing to prepare a healthy meal themselves without packages and bags. In addition, we are becoming more aware of where our food comes from and how it came about.

More and more people are therefore opting for local, seasonal, organic and vegan food.

From diets to conscious eating

Because of the different view of food, you will most likely eat differently. For example, instead of counting calories very strictly to avoid gaining weight, you start tracking nutrients for optimal health.

And your taste changes with it when you start eating differently. Where I used to put sugar in my tea, I now find it way too sweet. You make me much happier now with a sugar-free brownie based on brown beans, while I didn’t even like beans before!

And there is something else: where in the past you probably unconsciously used food to suppress feelings (such as sadness), you become aware of your feeling and you choose food for the food and not for distraction.

Tips for eating mindfully

In addition to the foods we eat, we may also become more aware of the way we eat. Bite-gulp-away is eating on autopilot. That is like stress for your body, so that nutrients cannot be absorbed optimally.

I am a fan of mindful eating myself and would like to share a few tips:

Cook your own meals, instead of ready-made or with packs & bags.
Before you start eating, think about how grateful you are for the meal.
Engage your senses: how does your meal smell, what does it look like and how does it taste?
Chew your food more consciously! If necessary, put your fork down between each bite.
Eat without distraction to really do it consciously: no TV and no telephone
Take a good posture while eating and then sit still for a while
Check how you feel after eating: energetic or tired? Take this with you for next time.
Eating intuitively by feeling

The more consciously you eat, the better you will feel what works for your body. I eat more intuitively now. So, for example, not at set times, but just when I’m hungry. I can distinguish hunger and thirst much better and know when I’ve had enough: never feel overfull again!

Although many people think you have to give up so much for such a conscious diet, I enjoy my food more than ever How about you? How do you deal with your diet?


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