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How To Change Your Food Habits During Ascension


Ascension is the process in which higher and lower physical and etheric layers of yourself ‘merge’, as it were. These layers consist of your soul , your mind and your physical body. This changes the internal, cellular structure in your body, allowing for a higher vibrational level. But what exactly does ascension do to your food habits , your appetite and your diet ?


People are increasingly preoccupied with food in a different way. For example, we see that people are increasingly moving away from heavy and fatty foods and also from processed foods. We are also eating less meat .

During ascension , also called cellular transformation , nourishment will increasingly come from light or energy vibrations and less and less from physical sources. This leads to changes in your eating habits and appetite, but in the long run it can also completely change your food intake.


For example, heavy or fatty food is difficult to digest, because this heavy food does not fit into the ‘flow’ of your changing body vibrations. Instead, you will want to ingest food that best suits you as a light being. For some people this means that they have little appetite.

If that is the case with you, you would do well to eat and drink a lot of salads , vegetable juices or green smoothies (aff.)  . It is also possible that you are hungry, but that the type of food you choose changes.

Listen to your body

Eat raw and natural foods as much as possible, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. But most of all, listen to your body. What your body needs will change rapidly in times of ascension. Maybe you suddenly feel like the strangest food combinations, or you have a need for foods that you normally never eat.

And maybe one day you’re extremely hungry, while the next you have very little appetite. The most important thing here is to stay in touch with your body and especially to feel in the now what you feel like or need.

Adverse effects

Side effects during ascension are also there. Think, for example, of abdominal pain, a disturbed digestion or an extremely bloated feeling. This is partly due to the throat chakra and its physical counterpart: your thyroid. Both are very vulnerable to changes in electromagnetic energy .

The thyroid gland regulates the metabolic processes of the body, and in the case of ascension, your thyroid gland can no longer keep up with the increasing differences in vibrations. Some symptoms include weight gain or loss , altered sleep patterns and high levels of fatigue.

Connectedness and awareness

It is very important during ascension to be connected and aware of your body. Learn to ask your body what it needs and be open to what the body is telling you.


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