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How to create an authentic life in 5 easy steps

Creating an authentic life you love isn’t always easy – is it?

It is possible and I will take you through 5 easy to follow steps to make possible a life you love; and that starts now.

1: Being. (the base)

Your state of being (or how you feel) directly influences what you create in your life.

Imagine it as the main space you live in. If you are in a bad mood, you will do a bad job. If you’re in a great mood, chances are you’ll exceed your expectations.

What you need to do is address your inner mood.

Think of the serene mood and art in your home, this sets the tone. You can do the same with your own inner feelings.

I recommend a simple 5 minute exercise where you just breathe to let your body relax. Allow your heart to become soft and tender and then open yourself to allow lessons and playfulness. This is an easy and totally attainable goal.

An additional advantage of regularly returning to your base is that you gain clarity about underlying problems that have an impact on your sense of “being.”

In order to create a real life for yourself, it is also important to discern how you do this. There are 4 main points :

Objective: This is often a dictating way of creating something. I want to lose 13 kg so I’m going to do this and that.

Intention: This is the feeling and being you want to create. For example, what would it be like to lose 13 kg. How would it affect your life and the way you act towards other people. Defining those qualities is the intention.

Because of fear / resistance:  we all know that if we don’t want something, it will happen anyway. What you resist happens.

By others/others through us : For example, this could be the diploma you never aspired to. Have you ever accomplished something that others wanted for you, but never really clicked for you personally?

The ideal way to make something believable is to create it deliberately “as spirit.”

To do this, you need to practice regularly to fan your inner fire with the intention of living from a quiet place in which you have a relaxed body, an open mind and a loving heart.

2:Intention (Brightness)

Be specific in what you want to create. If you don’t know what you want how can you expect it to come true?

If you are unsure, start from your base (step 1) and see what qualities you want in your life. For example; peace, love, cheerfulness, fulfillment etc..

When you are aware of the qualities, think about what you need in your life to make them come true. Once that is clear, you can start developing your vision and intention.

There are a few ways to do this. The most important piece is understanding the powerful impression you would like to have. A powerful impression is the feeling and state of what you want, no matter what the physical creation may resemble.

For example, most people want to win the lottery. They are not so much concerned with the many millions as with the acquired freedom or opportunity to travel whenever or wherever one wishes. If they got that freedom (and whatever else one believes comes with the excess cash) without actually winning the lottery, they wouldn’t care how it comes about. Just that it happens.

In this case, the feeling of freedom is the powerful impression. This is exactly why you need to be very specific in your intent—there are many ways to create what you want.

In our society we are supposed to work hard, earn money and buy what we want. That’s just one prescription and just one of a handful of ways to create.

Another benefit of creating through intent is that it comes more deeply from within – a genuine place.

3: Let go. (The approach)

Once you’re clear about your approach, let it go. Give it permission to exist.

Imagine you are in a restaurant. The waiter comes to take your order but you don’t tell him what you want. Thoughts readers aside, this waiter won’t understand what you want, let alone tell the kitchen what needs to be prepared.

If you stick to your purpose for the good life, look from where you create – good chance it comes from fear. If so, go through the intention process again, this time starting from your deepest heart’s desires.

And how do you let go? Well, creating involves a belief in wanting it and actually making it happen. Do something that symbolizes a step forward.

When it comes to travelling; look online for destinations you would like to visit and pick one. This is a simple next step.

When it comes to peace, make a conscious choice to live more peacefully.

Whatever it is, take a small step forward, one that takes less than 20 minutes to make it happen. Go back to it a few days later to do another simple step.

4: Doubts. (The objections)

To get something, you have to put aside all your objections and doubts. If you think you can’t get something, you won’t be able to receive it. It’s that simple.

If there is a stumbling block to create, one of the following thoughts is what is holding you back;

If I try then I will:

  1. Through the whole process and nothing comes of it
  2. Through a painful process to make it happen
  3. Losing something to get something else.

Does one of these sound familiar?

For example, if you want to travel but you can’t afford it, you may have a cursory look at travel before all the no’s show up . “I can not afford it. I do not have time. Can’t get time off from work. Etc. etc. etc.”

So you don’t even try and get stuck. One of the keys to success is to get past your assumptions. All these messages come from your past. You can’t know what’s going to happen in the future until you’re in it.

Your attitude is essential. When you walk down the street, which way do you look? Forward!

Not backwards. So why then do people make choices from the past instead of their future?

Stop creating from where you came and create from where you are going. Imagine if you had that ability in your life; how else would your choices and the degree of your self-confidence differ? Make choices now from that mighty voice.

5:Love Yourself (The How)

The last step is appreciation and affirmation of what creation is and who you are.

Appreciation is an old term that simply means “added value”.

Consider: How can you, or how does this add value to your life. Then be thankful for it.

An affirmation is a confirmation. In this case, connect with your heart and notice how this affirmation makes your heart stronger.

In that state of “being” and with appreciation, declare that this intention (or something better than anything you have ever dreamed) will manifest in the right way for everyone.

Generosity (The interpreter of the growth factor)

Have you ever cooked for others or made something for others?

Then you probably used all the bells and whistles to make it memorable.

Did you do this for yourself? Probably not. It has been proven that when you do something for someone else, the quality is 10x better.

Generosity is one of your greatest strengths. Although, your reservoir must be full and only then can you truly give to another in complete gratitude.

A wonderful gift.

Strengthen your inner strength
Collage of Lusanne Hogeweg ©


Like-minded souls (The main ingredient)

You may have noticed that people are attracted to like-minded people.

At the same time, you will not realize that the people around you that you spend most of your time with reflect who you are and where you are going in this life.

If you want to get an idea of ​​where your life is going, look at the small circle around you. Think about this and make choices about how you want to be in the world and who you really are.

Why is it important to explore relationships? Well, all creations are co-creations. There is really nothing you can create without the help of others.

Whether it’s the air we breathe (help from plants) or the places we visit, we need someone else’s involvement to make things happen in our lives.

So put it all together; Choose how you relate to others and remember…

Like attracts like.

Being – relaxed body, open mind and a loving heart

Intention – knowing what you want to create

Letting go – be clear and take the first step

Doubts – dissolve restrictions to get where you want to go

Self- love – practice the power of appreciation and affirmation.


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