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How to explain your spirituality to others.

Developing a deeper connection with myself and discovering the beauty of spirituality have had a huge impact on my life. Since I have become more in touch with my inner world, I have attracted many wonderful people into my life who have the same interest in spirituality as I do.

When it comes to people who don’t hold the same views as I do, I often feel at a crossroads: should I share my spiritual views or keep them to myself? Here are some topics to consider when explaining your spirituality to others.

Understanding whether or not you should share your views.

It is crucial to understand that not all people are ready for knowledge at the same time. When you decide to share your views with someone who isn’t ready to hear them yet, your words will fall on deaf ears.

The only knowledge that really matters is the knowledge we integrate into our lives. You can explain a concept or a theory a thousand times to someone, but that person will not really benefit from it until he/she decides to integrate the acquired knowledge into daily life.

For example, when I saw the documentary ‘ Cowspiracy ‘ for the first time, I thought it should be seen by everyone and I recommended it to many of my friends. I knew that the change to a vegetarian diet had a hugely positive impact on my life, both in terms of physical health and in deepening my relationship with my true self. I strongly believed that Cowspiracy could help more people make the switch to a vegetarian diet, so I was constantly promoting the film.

Watched again and again my friends watched the documentary but even after watching it they continued to eat meat. That could mean that they were unwilling to integrate the knowledge they had gained into their lives, or maybe it meant that a vegetarian diet was less beneficial for them than it had for me. This doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have recommended the documentary to them, but choosing to share my passion with them probably served me more than it served my friends.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t share your opinion, nor am I insinuating that you shouldn’t stand up for what you think is right. If you intuitively feel that someone is ready to hear what you have to say, share your views with them! Plus, any time you make the decision to explain your spirituality to someone, it is always the right decision. The universe does not allow you to make a ‘wrong decision’.

If it feels uncomfortable to share your thoughts, that could be an intuitive sign not to, but it could also mean that you feel uncomfortable sharing your beliefs. Spirituality is often considered a sensitive topic because people conform to so many different religions and belief systems. However, when you think about it, there’s nothing more interesting than having the discussion about where we really come from!

Don’t let your ego join the conversation

We are all enlightened beings. Some of us simply forget our true identity. If you are discussing spirituality with someone who has completely different views, it is easy for your ego to lead the conversation and start a discussion.

When you find yourself having a disagreement about spirituality, take a step back to see the situation from a broader perspective and try to understand that the other person is on his/her own path of spirituality. We are all mirrors of each other and there is a lesson in every encounter, so what can you learn from this person? Recognize the beauty in duality and accept that any quality of the other that irritates you is a quality you probably have yourself.

In situations like this, our ego often screams ‘ You are further along on your spiritual path than this person!’ However, if you think you are spiritually more advanced than another person, it may mean that you need to work on your self-awareness. That mindset can create unnecessary separation and inequality, an illusion that detracts from your inner Divine presence.

Remember that there is no ‘one path to enlightenment’. For example, I find methods such as yoga, meditation and veganism very effective for getting in touch with my higher self. That is not to say, however, that these methods are as effective for others as they appear to be for me. There are no rules when it comes to spirituality, so you can let go of the idea of ​​’right and wrong’. 

Remember that spirituality is not the same as religion

There is a certain image to spirituality that it is closely associated with religion. For me spirituality means the search for the answer to the question of existence: ‘who are we and how did we get here’?

Religion offers a ‘fixed’ answer to this question, which does not resonate with me at all. People find safety in religion because it offers a pure truth, which can be less fearful than admitting you know nothing about yourself and the universe. How can we even claim that we know all the answers regarding the ‘source of creation’, when we don’t even understand all that has been created?

Personally, I believe that my soul chose this life with a purpose in mind, with an accompanying contract detailing some important details. However, I am still looking for answers, and therein lies the beauty of spirituality. The more you learn, the greater your hunger for answers and the realization that you actually “know nothing.” The only real truth you have is your true self, your inner self, your Divine presence, your soul, God, or whatever you want to call it.

Put yourself in their shoes

It is likely that you have not always had the same views or level of knowledge that you have now. If you want to explain your spirituality to someone who doesn’t understand it, try to remember the times when you didn’t have the awareness and knowledge that you do now.

We are all spiritual beings living a human experience, but many people still believe that ‘being human’ is their true identity. So, approach the conversation from a very human point of view. During the conversation, try to think about the following question: How can a person benefit from understanding his/her own spirituality?

Perhaps emphasizes the positive influence of spirituality on your life. Personally, it has brought me more compassion, happiness, inner peace and kindness. Also, I don’t suppress my ‘negative’ emotions as much as I used to, so when I feel fear or sadness I really dare to feel and accept them and I can really allow them to flow through my whole body. My connections with my friends, family and with my love partners are going deeper and both my mental and physical fitness have improved! Since my interest in spirituality there is more joy and abundance in my life.


There is no need, even if it seems so, to explain spirituality to others in order to help them. Focusing on your own spirituality, self-love, and improving your connection to the divine will raise your vibration, which in turn will raise the vibration of those around you. The spoken word is not your only available tool. Keep living your truth and you will soon notice that the people around you change too!


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