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How to ground yourself better with the help of gems

Grounding, connecting yourself with the earth. For most sensitive people, grounding is a must. When you are well grounded, this gives you peace of mind.Our grounding or grounding is not always equally strong. This may be due to the fact that we do not yet feel at home here on earth or because we have not yet found our own place here.It could also be that you don’t feel well here, because of all the bad things that are happening in the world or because you long for your place in the universe.

In such situations, your grounding automatically decreases.

This is unfortunate because there are so many benefits to being well grounded.

When you are well grounded

Good grounding has important advantages for us:

  • You can transfer the energy that you take from others to the earth, so that you don’t have to walk around with it yourself.
  • You can absorb energy from the earth, making you less tired and feeling more powerful.
  • You feel more ‘at home’ and where you are. You belong to the ground you walk on.
  • You feel more confident, because you realize that you are being supported and ‘cared for’. You are welcome and connected.

These are things that all make you stronger and make you feel stable and safe. So it is actually very important to ground yourself, but how do you do that?

How can you ground/earth?

Visualizations for grounding are the best known.So you can imagine that roots go from your feet into the ground. Just imagine these beautiful green roots growing to the core of the earth until they get to that great source of energy there. Let them connect with that and start the energy flow between you and that core. Let the energy from that core charge you and release your own tension to it.

You can imagine that there are magnets on the bottom of your feet that attach you to the earth.Very large magnets that cover the bottom of your feet. It’s like they are part of your skin.The earth is a very big magnet in itself. This large magnet attracts your magnets. She won’t let go of you and she will love you. You belong.

It is just which visualization appeals to you most and feels good to you. It will also work the best.

In addition, I really enjoy using the body to ground yourself.
Consciously walking, jumping, stamping, dancing and feeling work very well for me. I’ll go all out then. I then feel my body and the earth: two birds with one stone.

4 Gemstones That Help You Ground

The cool thing is that there are also gemstones that can help you with your grounding. The energy of these stones ensures that your connection with the earth is strengthened and that the energy flows between you and the earth.


This is one of my favorite stones for grounding. Hematite is in itself a heavy stone and that alone feels nice.

Hematite is an iron-colored shiny stone with a strong grounding effect. Its operation is very similar to the magnet visualization above. He makes your legs heavy and puts them on the floor.

In addition, it helps you concentrate. Your thoughts and worries are passed on to the earth, creating peace and clarity in your head.

Hematite also increases your strength and self-confidence. This happens because you stand firmer. You feel more stable and stronger. As if you have always been staggering on one leg before and now suddenly you are standing on two legs. You can handle a lot more.


Flint is a stone that we already worked with in the Stone Age, but then to make arrowheads, for example.

In the field of grounding, flint ensures that we release all ‘excess’ energy to the earth. Our stress, our tension, our unrest and all the things we have taken over from others. We give everything back to the earth.

In addition, flint also connects you with the universe, so that you can absorb positive energy from it. You can recharge yourself with that wonderful loving and light energy, without floating.
This makes this stone so nice for highly sensitive people who cannot tolerate a good grounding.

Flint is therefore a stone that connects you with the earth as well as with the universe. It ensures a complete energy flow.

petrified wood

Petrified wood is a stone that is softer in its action. He cares more about your ‘home feeling’ here on earth. He helps you to realize that you belong and may be here.
You could compare it to walking on soft moss that has been warmed by the sun.
If you have trouble being here and you don’t feel at home here on earth yet, this stone will help you very lovingly.
You are not obliged to stand firmly here. You can descend quietly like a feather.

In addition, this stone connects you to the soft earth energy that nourishes and supports. The underlying message: you can be here, embrace all the beauty of the world.

tree agate

This is a stone for the people who want to move forward, but don’t want to run ahead of themselves. He grounds you and gives you energy. He motivates you to go for it and keep going. Don’t think about giving up, because your passion is too strong.

It helps you focus and think clearly. You are less likely to be distracted by the blockages you encounter. You do not only see those obstacles, but above all the possibilities to overcome them.
The opinions of others are also less impressive. You feel and know that these opinions are separate from you and your purpose.

In addition, tree agate also gives you peace of mind. It makes you less impatient: as long as you grow and progress, it’s all right.

Not every grounding stone is the same

So you see that not every gemstone with a grounding effect is the same. They can all do slightly different things for you, which is why it is so important to read carefully and especially feel what a stone does.
You feel and know best what suits you and what you need. Based on that, choose the gems that can help you with your grounding or with something else.


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