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How to Heal the World

The Shift to the New Reality has been gaining momentum for many years. We have entered a phase of The Shift that is now bringing rapid transformation to our world.

In physics, transformation emerges from chaos. The existence of chaos is not an option, that’s just how the universe works. The global chaos we experience is, according to physics, normal. From the point of view of humanity, to put it in everyday words, it’s not a good thing. The effects can range from mild discomfort to extreme trauma.

The good news is that the energy of transformation can express itself on many levels. The energy has to go somewhere, so when the energy of transformation fails to find expression at a higher frequency, it will spin downwards until it finds an outlet for its expression. But it can be absorbed and used on a spiritual level, turning any need for physical fuss in a different direction.

The energy of transformation can be channeled into a spiritual focus, into emotional release, or it can be manifested in the only remaining realm of ordinary action, the physical world. There it will erup through emotionally driven, physical phenomena—volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and violent storms, for example. All these “natural” disasters are driven by the chaotic emotional energy of humanity. They can all be healed and prevented when people channel enough spiritual energy to calm the chaos.

Today it is more important than ever to send healing energies into the world. When enough people regularly enter their inner spiritual space, the incoming energies of transformation can be expressed on a spiritual level.

You can make a big difference in today’s world when you help balance the incoming energies of transformation by using the following technique.

Being Infinite All the World Technique:

Connect with your spiritual source daily. Use the Infinite Being meditation from the website, or your own meditation technique at the beginning of each day. Make it a habit, part of your morning routine.

End your meditation session by spending time in gratitude for life, nature and the Infinite Being from which you materialized. Let a sense of gratitude for everything in your life fill your heart.

Then make an intention for world peace and enlightenment. Send this intention to the world as love energy through the heart chakra, just in front of your breastbone.

This alone would be enough to make a big difference in the world today. However, adding a third component to the technique makes it extremely powerful and effective.

Powerful acts of creation have all three essential components – intention, feeling and movement. These are the only three tools the Infinite Being used to create the universe and everything in it. That’s how powerful these three components are when used in an equal balance.

As far as you have placed the first component,

(1) Your intention – world peace and enlightenment.

You also placed the second component,

(2) A love-inspired environment – ​​grace for the universe and everything in your life.

Now it’s time for the third component,

(3) Action. It is time to move this energy in large quantities into the global spirit atmosphere that surrounds the Earth.
It goes like this:

With each inhale, imagine white light flowing from the Cosmos through your crown chakra, overhead, traveling down your back to the level of your heart chakra, then forward into your heart chakra, just in front of your sternum.

At the same time, see white light flowing from the Earth into the base of your spine and up your spine to merge with the cosmic energy in the heart chakra.

The energies of the Cosmos and the Earth will merge and cause an energetic response at the heart chakra frequency. This fusion forms a ball of energetic white light in the heart chakra.

With each exhalation, send the power of this energetic response out to the world. Direct it as a beam of white light from your heart chakra to the world.

Continue this inhalation and exhalation cycle for at least five minutes each morning and you will not only help heal the world, you will change your whole day for the better.

The universe reflects who you are. When you practice healing the world, you heal through automatic reflection, you heal who you are. Any and all issues that have been challenging for you will move closer to resolution when you help the world in this way.

There is nothing like starting your day helping the world heal in these critical days of transformation. It’s one of those things that brightens up your day and makes you feel alive.


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