How to hear the whispers of your soul

How to hear the whispers of your soul

This life is a great initiation for the soul. Our personal goal while here on Earth is to grow as souls. The best way to do this is by living a soul-guided life. In the soon-to-be online  Self Insight into Your Soul course, This article will teach you why you are here on Earth and how to hear the voice of your soul. View the trial lesson below or read the transcript below.

How to hear the whispers of your soul

“A soul-led life means that we are connected to the whispers of our soul and that we are guided by them every day. When we live a soul-guided life, something truly magical happens. We go in the flow with the rest of life.

Our souls are connected to an intelligent force that is connected to everything in the entire universe. When we surrender to the intelligence of our soul, we surrender to the intelligence of the entire universe. We surrender to the same powerful force that makes the planets spin, the tides come and go, the flowers bloom. And we find ourselves in the life of our destiny. That is the life that is in the highest expression of who we really are.

I’m Rebecca Campbell, writer, creative and the bestselling author of ‘Light is the new black, ‘Rise sister rise’ and ‘Illuminate your Mind Oracle Cards’. The Brahma Kumaris named me one of the top 100 female spiritual leaders of the mind and internationally I teach heart-based workshops, where I encourage people to spend more time with their souls.

How to hear the whispers of your soul

Your soul is always calling, at any time of the day

And that’s why I’m here today and what we’re going to talk about in this soul-calling article. I am here to guide you to clearly hear the whispers of your own soul and to let this incredible part of you live your life. I believe that our soul is always calling us, every moment of every day. And if we muster the courage to move from our own personal will to the greater will of the universe, we will find ourselves living the life we were born for, in the highest way.

We all have a personal goal, which is to live according to the promptings of our souls. Since we are cyclical beings, answering the call of our soul is not a one-time thing. When we answer the call of our soul, we begin to fall into the flow of the rest of life.

A period of great awakening

If we resist the call of our soul, we can feel stuck and out of balance. This period of history has been prophesied by the mystics and sages throughout the ages as a period of great awakening and change. I believe that some souls on the planet right now have what I call a dual mission. That is the personal goal to grow individually as souls, and secondly, a collective mission to harmonize the planet in their own unique way.

How to hear the whispers of your soul

Both can be fulfilled by attuning to the callings of your soul every day and living accordingly. In my experience, those of us who have dual missions often feel that something we came here to do is missing and it’s like time is running out. If you feel that way too, I want to assure you that the only way to start missing the call is to worry about missing it. Our soul speaks to us in whispers, in memories, nudges, signs, and in awakening experiences.

The Council of Light

I’ve had these all my life. But one of the most profound awakening experiences I had in 2008, was during a past life regression. I was taken back to the moment before this life when I received my own personal and collective mission from the Council of Light. I see the Council of Light as the United Nations of the spiritual world. They are a team of benevolent beings dedicated to helping raise consciousness on Earth and all of humanity.

For those of us who came in with what I call a dual mission, you will probably also have gotten your mission from the Council of Light. Before my meeting with the Council of Light, I was taken to a huge, open, extremely bright, white, luminous space, where many other souls were gathered. Though I couldn’t see the other souls, I could feel their presence, like balls of buzzing, glowing, clear energy. It was hard to tell where one soul ended and another began. It was the best reunion imaginable. The atmosphere was electric, full of anticipation, just like for a music concert.

As a group, we got our collective mission

Some of the different soul energies looked familiar to me as if I had incarnated with some of them before. As a group, we were then given the assignment for our collective mission, this life here on earth. We were told that in this incarnation we would use the interconnectedness of new media, communication, and creativity to create a massive spiritual awakening.

How to hear the whispers of your soul

We were told that our commands would be permeated deep within us and that we would be given people and situations that would wake us from slumber early in our lives.

Follow what enlightens you

Once we were awake, we had to follow that which enlightened us, thus illuminating and inspiring the world around us.

If we did this it would set off a chain reaction of mass awakening, if each of us connected to our soul voice and shared it it would harmonize the planet, in our own unique way and make it easier for others to do the same. to do.

After that, we were all given information about our own personal missions. I couldn’t tell you if there were a hundred or a hundred thousand souls with me, because in reality it felt like we were all united. So maybe you were there too.

If you feel you have both a personal mission and a collective mission, it is likely that you have received it from the Council of Light. If this resonates with you, remember that they are always available to guide you every step of the way. So now that you know about the Council of Light and that it is possible that you have received a mission from them, you are probably wondering what your soul’s mission is.

Why are you here on Earth?

The best way to access what you came here to do is to spend time with your soul and start answering its calls. Your soul is always calling you, every moment of every day. You are never too old to answer his call, and it can never be too late.

How to hear the whispers of your soul

The truth is that your soul is always calling. It called you yesterday, it calls today, and it will call next week. I think it’s important to know that answering your soul’s calling is not a one-time act. It really is a never-ending conversation. It’s not about doing one big thing, or finding one answer to the big question of “What’s my goal?”

Thousands of little things

It involves doing hundreds and thousands of little things in that direction, over and over. It is by following every little call, a step here and a leap there, that we live the life to which we are called. Your soul knows the perfect next step for you. So let’s start tuning in together to the whispers of your soul. Soul Exploration is one of my favorite tools for hearing our soul’s call, which often comes as nudges and whispers.

If you don’t make time to listen, you can easily miss them. I invite you to listen with me now to the whispers of your soul.


All you need is a notepad and pen, and take a moment to get really comfortable. You can sit on a couch, or wherever it is comfortable for you.

Put down your notepad and pen and put your hand on your heart. Take a deep breath here. Really sink into whatever you’re holding, the chair, or whatever you’re sitting on and take a deep breath.

And exhale. Imagine a beautiful flower in the center of your heart. And with your next breath and courage and will, let that flower open boldly, petal by petal.

It reveals a light at the center, the ineradicable part of you. Your soul, your old self. And with your next breath, you invite this part of you to step forward, write this part of you to really guide you, and whisper to you now. Breathe deeply.

How to hear the whispers of your soul

And exhale. Gently open your eyes and grab your notebook, a piece of paper, and a pen. And at the top of the page, I want you to write down the following question. And as you write, I want you not to think about it, just write whatever comes to mind.

Question 1

The first question to write is, “My soul longs for…?” Then you write the numbers one to five below it. Take a moment, I want you to fill in the numbers one to five intuitively. What does your soul long for? Your soul truly speaks to us in desires and cravings. Don’t think too much about it.

Question 2

On a new page, I want you to write the second question, which is, “My soul calls to me…?” And then write the numbers one to five below it. And now the same again, the same approach, just fill in the numbers one to five, what is your soul calling you to do? Don’t think too much about it. Trust what comes and it doesn’t have to make sense.

Now when you look back at both of your lists, I want you to scan them energetically and circle one thing, from each of the lists, that stands out the most.


How to hear the whispers of your soul

Looking at the two things you’ve circled, I want you to pick one of them. Perhaps underline the one thing that resonates the most. Now I want you to write down one small step you can take today to embody this soul whisper. Don’t make it big, make it very, very small. One thing you can do today, toward this soul whisper. I’d love to hear what came through for you in that exercise. In the comments section of this video, I want you to share your one soul whisper and the small step you are about to take toward that soul whisper.

The soul always points gently

Remember that your soul is always gently pointing you in the direction of your highest path and your most fulfilling life. What stops most people from living a soul-led life is that they wait for the path to make complete sense before even taking the first step. But often your soul’s calling doesn’t quite make sense in the beginning.

Therefore, it takes faith as well as courage to live a soul-led life. The deepest prayer of my heart is that we all muster the courage to trust the whispers and promptings of our souls. Because when we do, we begin to move in harmony with the rest of life.”


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