How to reach a state of heightened awareness with joy and pleasure

How to reach a state of heightened awareness with joy and pleasure
Fun is something we still have a bit of a judgment on. It is often not taken seriously (paradoxically enough): fun is fun in your spare time, but after that, you have to ‘work’ again. Pleasure has been deeply underestimated and misunderstood for centuries in this society with its Calvinistic roots. But what if fun is actually the quickest way to mastery?

Judgment on pleasure

I myself have run into it many times: people who judged fun, playing, and doing things that don’t seem useful and don’t seem to generate good grades or an income. Like the teacher of group 4 who put a red line through my work because I drew cats in the margins next to my sums. As the internship supervisor at the GGZ said: ‘Gosh Wendy, playing the djembe, painting, writing – we think you have a lot of hobbies. That can never be good.”

What these people didn’t understand, and many young children do, is that humor, enjoyment, and fun don’t just increase your frequency. They can be a direct path to mastery: creating your own desired reality. They help us discover and fulfill our true life mission. But how?

Laughter raises your frequency

How to reach a state of heightened awareness with joy and pleasure

Joy is one of the highest frequencies of feeling there is. When you operate from pleasure and joy, you come closer and closer to the high frequency of true joy. From that state of joy, you are the highest state of yourself you can be – confident, fearless and powerful – how wonderful! In that state, you can do what you want to do very effectively.

With humor, you reach a state of heightened consciousness

When you can really see the humor in something, you go out of your ordinary ”ego” consciousness and go into a meta-state of consciousness. Then you are able to see from your timeless, Divine Self the cosmic joke of existence as an immortal being in a physical body in time and space. Then you experience the limitlessness and immortality of your true self and your immortal soul. From that state of heightened consciousness, you easily make contact with your life mission. Then you can feel that you are free to create the experiences you want to experience.

With pleasure, everything goes effortlessly

If you do things with reluctance, out of necessity, or think you have to, it becomes a struggle. Then you mainly walk on your mind, your will, and your ego. Then everything takes energy and everything is difficult.
When you do something with pleasure, you are attuned to your own true Being, your soul, and the Source. Everything then goes smoothly and effortlessly. That is inspired action. When you operate from pleasure, you let the inspiration and energy flow freely from your true Self, your Soul, and the source. Then you can move mountains, so to speak, just by lifting your little finger!

Education and culture

How to reach a state of heightened awareness with joy and pleasure

Because of our upbringing and the work ethic that prevails in our culture, it can be difficult to apply these principles. The voices of our ancestors, parents and teachers immediately merge into our heads and shout: “Yeah, but that’s too easy! That’s not serious! That is not possible! That way you can never earn your money! If it were that easy, we’d all be on the beach and society would go bust!” No, really not.

If we all did what we really liked, the world would look a lot nicer. Everyone has unique skills, passions, and qualities that we can use to make a contribution to the world. Some people love to bake bread and keep coming up with new recipes. Others love to mess around with numbers (something I can’t imagine). Still others enjoy entertaining or inspiring people through comedy, song, or dance. And I know people who think it’s fantastic to plaster a wall.


However, as children, we have been taught to think in terms of “what do I want”, “what am I good at” or “what makes me happy”: we have learned to adapt to a log and blind system that is not exactly human-friendly. A system of ”must”, ”to struggle” and ”competition”. A system that swallows many people in a state of semi-slavery. That system combined with the roots of Calvinism can have a limiting influence on our thinking—if we allow it.


For example, a client of mine had a passion for helping people discover which colors suit them best. “Yeah, but that’s really frivolous…” she said. “That’s not really valuable.” That’s right! When people feel good about themselves by wearing colors that suit them best and feel good in, it increases their frequency and makes them more able to live their own passion, out of joy and self-confidence. In order to make their own unique contribution to the whole. So valuable as anything, so. And who said frivolous is bad?

Choose the way of joy and pleasure

How to reach a state of heightened awareness with joy and pleasure

If you feel resistance before making a decision, stop for a moment (or rather: sit comfortably), breathe consciously and make contact with your body and your resistance. Ask your resistance what it wants to say. Ten to one that the decision does not suit your unique Being and way at all. If you make as many decisions as possible based on the question: ”Does this make me happy?” ”Does this give me energy?” you will increasingly shift your route to the road of joy and mastery. Then you effortlessly create what you want to experience. Then your life will become more fun and easier. Then you can easily achieve your life mission. What else do you want?

un, success, and peace. Forget meditating for hours, days, and years! This is on the basis of the program ‘sensible laziness’. The program is based on three pillars; inner peace, insight, and happiness. With practical tips to apply in everyday life.



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