How to reach a state of heightened awareness with joy and pleasure

How to reach a state of heightened awareness with joy and pleasure
Having a fantastic job, living in a nice environment with nice people, often doing nice things, but still having the idea that something is missing. Sometimes we suddenly realize that all our happiness is created outside of us and that the happiness we feel may have nothing to do with real happiness. We are in an identity gap. What is this gap and how can we close it in order to become our ideal selves?

What is an identity gap?

The identity gap is the gap between who we really are and how we appear. How we appear is the image we show the external world. It’s anything we do to pretend to be a certain way. It’s about how we want our environment to see us. How we really are is how we feel. Especially at times when we are not distracted by our environment. It is what we hide from ourselves.

When we keep reminding ourselves of how we want to present ourselves to the world and identify with everything and everyone, we become attached to our external world as an identity. This identity is completely attached to the environment and does everything it can to hide how she really feels. This is the identity of who we think we are in relation to the things around us. However, this differs from how we feel, and who we really are, without the stimulation of external reality.

Meditation to close the gap

To become your ideal self, this gap must be closed. The gap between who we really are and the image we present to the world must be bridged. One way to do this is meditation. By meditating, we can access the operating system of our subconscious mind. This allows us to observe our thoughts, actions and emotions and then subconsciously reprogram our brain and body for a new mind. To become familiar with the ego we must see the old and the new.

How to reach a state of heightened awareness with joy and pleasure

Deciding to stop being the old me

Becoming aware of the unconscious aspects of the old self is the beginning of the change process of yourself. Decide to stop being the old self to make way for a new personality. To become aware of how you think and feel, you can shut out your stimuli from the external world by closing your eyes and becoming still. Bring your body into a state of stillness. When you consciously observe the old self, you are no longer this. You break the habit of being yourself.

Thinking about a new, larger expression of the I

When you are comfortable with the old me and you manage not to fall back into old patterns, you can start to familiarize yourself with the new me. Ask yourself what the greater expression of yourself you would like to be. If you make your brain think differently, your mind changes. When you repeat this every day, your ideal will become a familiar state of mind. In this way, you can succeed in becoming your ideal self and close the gap.


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