How To Start A Landscaping Business

How To Start A Landscaping Business

Many people think it’s too difficult to start a landscaping business. They are not aware of how and where to start or what they need to do once they get started. This blog post will help you answer some of those questions and more.

There are many things to consider before starting such as finding the right location, hiring employees, and understanding how to run your business. The Essential Guide to starting a successful landscaping Business

Landscaping Business |How to start a landscaping business

1. Purchase your initial tools and equipment.

You’ll need to buy your initial set of tools and equipment. You can purchase these items on credit or save up until you can afford them. It’s not necessary to buy all of the equipment at the same time. Choose one piece of equipment to buy first, then try it out before buying more expensive items.

– Shovels

– Rakes

– Hoses

– Weed whackers

– Edging tool

– Pruners

– Lawnmowers

– Hedge trimmers

– Ladders

– Pickaxes

Landscaping Equipment | How to start a landscaping business

Should I Buy or rent equipment?

You might consider renting equipment when you first start. This way, if your business doesn’t take off right away and you need to stop in an instant, there won’t be any leftover equipment that you need to sell to get rid of it.

– Cost

You should expect to pay anywhere between $200 and $1,000 for new equipment. If you buy used equipment instead of new, you can save a significant amount.

– How To Use

Be sure to read the instruction manuals on all of your tools and equipment before using them.


To ensure that your equipment is in good condition, you’ll need to maintain it regularly. The frequency of maintenance will depend on how often you use the equipment and where you store it.

Keep Your Tools Safe

It’s important to keep your tools safe from theft, weather damage, or simply lost items. To do this, consider purchasing a tool shed for about $100. You can also just purchase one tool at a time as you

– Store Properly

All construction equipment needs a place where it won’t be damaged or stolen. How much you spend on a tool shed will depend on the size of your business. How nice of a tool shed you can afford will determine how safe your tools are when they’re not in use.


2. Name your business

Choose a landscaping business name. How would you want your business name to sound? How will customers identify you on the street or in an ad? How can your business stand out from others in your area?

What makes you special, better than the rest of the competition? How much are you willing to pay for a business name?

– Choosing a business name

The name you choose for your business is extremely important. How much you pay to reserve a domain name will depend on how well-known a name you want to have.

– How to think of a good landscaping business/lawn care service name?

You want a name that makes sense, is easy to spell, and says what your business does in a few words. A clever play on words or having the same initials will give you name recognition among potential customers.

– How do I want customers to identify me?

As for how you want your customers to identify you, many people might not know the difference between a landscape professional and a lawn or garden service provider.

– How can I make my business stand out from the others in the area?

You want your customers to think of you when they think of lawn care services or landscaping.


3. Choose your niche and services

It is important to define your niche and the services you want to offer. Choosing a lawn care business for your first landscaping business is not a bad idea. A lot of startups choose this option because of its low cost and relatively low risk. Also, it will be easier to find new clients if you already have a working relationship with them.

Target your customers

When you are choosing your services, don’t forget that it is your target market that will dictate what services you should offer.

If you are a landscaping business owner who is looking to start his own lawn care business, there are general things about your customer that you need to pay attention to. Your potential customers will be families with things like play areas and small gardens in their yards.

4. Establish your company

First, make sure that you have all the necessary permits and licenses from your state. In addition to these legal requirements, make sure that your company is ready to do business in terms of materials and other assets.

Decide on your location

Geography plays a huge role in how you run your business. If you are starting a lawn care service, make sure that the place where you lay your office fits your target market’s needs and budget as well as yours.

Lawn Care Services |How to start a landscaping business

5. Market your lawn care services

Whether you’re a landscaping business owner or someone who is looking to start your own company, the best way to market your company is by word of mouth.

Offer discounts and promotions

Everyone loves a good deal and persuading them to buy your products will be easier when you offer deals. This technique can work best if you already have a long list of satisfied customers.

Make Sure To Proofread your website.

Before launching your landscaping business, make sure that all the details are accurate on your website. Starting a new business with little money is not easy, but it’s possible.

Build word of mouth about your business.

Landscape businesses or lawn care companies have a lot of concerns when starting up lawn care services, but marketing should not be one of them. It can be done effectively by word of mouth alone. Try to build good relationships with your clients and they’ll be more than willing to spread the word about your business.

Maintain a good online presence.

You may have done everything right so far – from coming up with a target market to creating a strong customer base, but if you don’t maintain a good online presence, all of those efforts will be wasted. Doing a good job at maintaining a good online presence throughout your company’s lifespan is important.

1. Get some business cards printed

You don’t need anything fancy for this small business, but you should definitely get yourself some nice business cards printed up. You can get these made for reasonably cheap nowadays, and they make a huge difference when someone’s trying to remember who you are and how they can contact you in the future.

Also, network with other landscape professionals, property managers, landscape architects, and interior landscapers. Try reaching out to golf courses and shopping centers cause they are potential clients and also the ideal clients for your small business.

6. Set the price for your services

Price competitively.

When you are setting your prices, you must price yourself accordingly with not only other similar businesses but also with the value that you give to your customers. Starting can be difficult without knowing how to price yourself.

Figure out your business costs.

Landscaping businesses need landscaping tools and materials, but you must factor in additional expenses such as maintenance and labor costs when starting up your own business.

Landscaping Company|How to start a landscaping business


7. Brand your company

Start building your brand.

Your company will never be a success without a strong brand. Whether it’s a new landscape maintenance business or an existing lawn care service, you need to have a recognizable trademark that can set your services apart from the rest of them.


8. Organize your finances


When starting your own landscaping business or lawn care service, you need to have a budget so you know what to expect for expenses. Don’t let your business fail because of poor financial management.

Hire an accountant

When starting a landscaping business, it’s better to have an accountant that will help keep track of all the finances in your company. It is important that you hire an accountant as early as possible if your company will be operating as a business.

Focus your attention on beginners.

Starting a new landscaping business and trying to attract experts is not the best way to go. You would do better if you started with beginners and then gradually try to attract experts into your clientele base.

9. Formal Education

Learn valuable skills that can help improve the quality of your services.

Take courses that are related to landscape design, horticulture, or arboriculture.

Taking relevant courses is not only good for improving the quality of your services but it also helps improve your brand as well. Taking landscape design courses can boost your company’s credibility because you’re reinforcing the fact that you are a true business presence.

10. Make a schedule for busy work.

If you’re running out of work, make a schedule and post it so your employees know exactly what they need to do.

Hire the right people

As new business owners, always hire the right people who are experts in their respective fields if you want to have success with your landscape company.

Have an active social media presence

Having an active social media presence is just as important as having a great landscaping website. Having said that, always interact with your current clientele base through social media so they know that you are committed to providing quality services for them.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Do the right thing

When starting up a lawn care company, always do the right thing when it comes to your business practices. You have to work hard if you want your business to succeed so make sure that you are always doing something productive for your landscape company.

Make realistic goals when starting out

Make realistic goals because you’ll be facing a lot of obstacles throughout the process. If you set unattainable goals and fail to meet them, it will only cause problems down the road.

Promote your brand

Always promote your business whenever possible whether if it’s through word-of-mouth advertising or if it’s through your social media presence. Even though you’re not seeing much success when starting up a new landscape company, you never know what the future holds for your business.

Improve relationships with your suppliers

Make sure that you keep up good relationships with your suppliers because it’s one of the most important things to do when you’re starting up a new company.

Importance of allocating time for business

Allocate some time to do research about your competitors because it’s one of the most important things to do if you want to make sure that your company succeeds.

business insurance, permits, and EIN|How to start a landscaping business


11. Obtain the required business insurance, permits, and EIN.

Many people starting a business don’t realize how important it is to make sure you have the right type of insurance, and that you’ve acquired all the proper permits and licenses. Check with your local city hall or county clerk for specific requirements in your area.

When starting a business, especially a landscaping business, there are three key things you need to do: obtain the proper permits and licenses, get the required business insurance , and acquire an EIN (or Federal Tax ID number).


Obtaining Business Insurance.

Once you’ve created your company’s LLC or corporation, it’s time to obtain the necessary insurance to protect yourself and your business.

Landscaping businesses are generally classified as high-risk small businesses, which means the insurance is going to cost more than it would for a typical small business. Business insurance can also be hard to come by if you’ve had past claims or even traffic violations.

If you have all of the required licensing, permits, and insurance, it’s easier to find lenders and investors.

Landscaping businesses typically need one of four types of commercial coverage: general liability, business vehicle (auto), worker’s compensation , or employer liability . Here are some basic definitions of each type of coverage .

Obtaining Business Permits and Licenses.

The type of business license you need to obtain will vary depending on your location and the types of services you provide .

To start off in lawn care industry, check with your local government offices such as the city hall or county clerk to see what licenses and/or permits are required in your area . You can also check out this list of business licenses .

As far as landscaping businesses go, you might need to get a special landscaping business license , separate from your other permits and licenses. You can find more information on obtaining that here .

Obtaining an EIN (or Federal Tax ID number).

Business owners who have employees must have an Employer Identification Number or Federal Tax ID number , which is an employer identification number issued by the IRS to assist with tax reporting and withholding.

You don’t need to actually incorporate or form an LLC before getting a Federal Tax ID number, though you can also do that if you feel so inclined .

If you plan on having employees in the future, it’s a good idea to get this done as soon as possible. To learn more information on how to go about getting a Federal Tax ID number, check out this useful resource on the IRS website .

Once you’ve acquired the required business insurance , permits, and EIN, you’ll have everything you need to start applying for small business loans or other types of commercial financing and credit cards

Landscaping Business License|How to start a landscaping business

12. Apply for a business license

Most states require this. Depending on where you live, the application process can be as simple as filling out a form online or as difficult as requiring that you appear in person to present your business plan .

In most cases, you will need to provide information about yourself and your business, including its legal name , physical location, and type of business structure (i.e., sole proprietor, corporation, limited liability company).

Depending on where you live and the type of license required to operate a business in your city or town, you may be required to carry additional permits .


Once you have applied for a business license , you will need to do some inspections. These inspections are usually completed by a local government official and your local fire department. Inspections should be completed before you open for business, but some cities may give you a grace period in which to complete inspections after opening .


13. Write a Landscaping Business Plan


The first step in how to start a landscaping business is writing a plan. A written business plan helps you to set out your goals and helps manage the timelines, costs and procedures of starting up.

A business plan will help you to:

Describe the idea behind the company, such as its mission statement and goals for future growth.

Provide financial forecasts and cash flow projections to help you understand funds you will need to get the business started.

Describe your proposed products or services, such as landscapes, plants and trees.

State whether you think there is a market for the company’s products and services.

If so, how big is that market and who are your customers?

What methods will you use to promote and sell your products or services to a target market? How much money will it cost you, and how much revenue will the company make compared with this outlay?

State what business expertise you have. Include relevant experience, for example in sales, management, finance and marketing.


Create a business plan that highlights the following:


The background of the company,


How it will operate, for example its structure and staffing requirements.

Your financial forecasts for 3-5 years in a set of tables, such as Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow. In each case show income and expenditure but also capital purchases for example plant and machinery.


Your marketing strategy, including a budget for advertising and promotion.

Business start-up costs such as stationery, equipment hire or purchasing cars, plant and equipment.

Include the following:

How you will select your market sector e.g do not target several markets as it can lead to problems.

How you will address the competition e.g do not ignore them, look at their strengths and weaknesses.

How you plan to sell your products or services e.g seasonal offers, discounts for volume sales etc.


What are all of your costs? You can import a spreadsheet with income forecasts into some business plans. This can be a useful tool as it shows all of your expected income and expenses throughout the year.

How much money Is Required

If you have a specific budget anticipated, then input this into your plan.

You should aim to have a turnover that covers these costs plus providing for the desired return on investment.

With all of this information you can then put together a company profile. This should include the following:

The name, location and contact details for your future business, including website address if you have one, e–mail address and telephone number.

What services or products will your business offer? List of things to include:

State the geographical area your business will cover – this may be nationwide or limited to a specific locale, such as a town.

Your vision for the company – state how long you plan to run it and what goals you wish to accomplish within that time frame.

A short summary about yourself, including why you are qualified to run this business, your education and work background.

Make sure you have a good mix of pictures, charts, text and bullet points in your write up. Originality counts so try not to just rehash what other people’s ideas are. You definitely need to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Register your own Landscaping Company|How to start a landscaping business

14. Register your own Landscaping Company

You will need to register your landscaping business then start your own landscaping company. This is a long and arduous process for many people who are excited about starting their very own landscaping business.

A lot of blood, sweat and tears will go into it – but if this is something that’s really important to you, then it’s definitely worth the effort.


The very first thing you’ll need to do is register your own landscaping business with the local authorities. If you’re not sure how to do this, then speak with a solicitor or visit your local government office and ask for some advice.

You need to set up the business before you start hiring people and actually doing any work, so you need to contact the right people and get this process started as soon as possible.

15. Decide Services For Your Own Landscaping Business

You can be really creative when it comes to the services you offer, but in general, most landscapers will concentrate on one or two things. You’ll either be hired for your ability to design gardens and other outdoor spaces, or you’ll be hired for your ability to maintain these kinds of areas by keeping them looking nice and tidy.


Some landscaping companies or landscape contractors will offer both of these services – and this is fine – but most tend to specialize in one or the other. If you’re not sure which option is best for you, then just take your time and think about it.

It might be helpful to look at what kinds of projects you like doing yourself, and choose the services that will allow you to work on these kinds of projects.

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to this kind of thing – so just choose what works best for you


16. Deliver quality work

Ensure customer satisfaction.Hire employees with experience in this line of work. You might need to shell out a little bit more money to bring on employees who are experts at their craft, but it’ll be worth it once they start producing high-quality results for your landscape business.

Use high quality materials don’t try to save money on this, good service is a must, especially when you’re just starting out.Be involved with your local community. Get to know people in the neighborhood and offer them discounted rates for their businessGet your name out there. Consider mowing lawns at hourly rate.

17. Examine Other Landscaping businesses

To be your own boss in the landscape industry means you not overlook other landscaping services are out there. Do your research and find out what makes you better than the others in the landscaping industry.

Or, better yet, find something that sets you apart from those already established companies./existing business owners.


Read up on industry magazines and other related publications so that you can keep yourself up-to-date with everything that’s happening in your industry. This information will prove to be incredibly valuable when you get started with your new lawn care business, and it’ll give you a real edge over the other landscaping companies out there.


Just remember to have some patience and take your time. You might have a difficult few months ahead of you while you learn the ropes, but if this is really what you want to do with your life, then it’ll be well worth it in the end to be your own boss.


18. Find your first customers

You need to have a steady stream of customers so that your business can be self-sustaining.

Need to find a way to create a steady flow of new customers? Try networking with other business owners in your industry, or offering your services at local fairs and community events. You might even want to give away free lawn maintenance to friends and family members so that they can see your work first-hand!

These are just a few of the many ideas you could try. There’s no problem with thinking outside of the box, either – just do what works best for your business.


It might take some time, but if you work hard and put your mind to it, you can certainly be this ever green industry professional.

Landscaping Business Transportation|How to start a landscaping business

19. Secure Reliable Transportation

One of the things you need to start this kind of business is a reliable vehicle. This is especially true if you’re going to be doing work in and around customers’ homes. You’ll need to have your own transportation for materials and equipment, too – so obviously it’s important that your car or truck is up for landscaping jobs. You might not be able to afford a brand new car, but you should try to get one that’s relatively young.

If your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road, you’ll lose time and money and you won’t get referral business if you disappoint your prospective clients. So spending money on vehicle is wise to help you conduct business effectively. Meanwhile this part of business expenses that is tax deductible.

Commercial vs. residential landscape Services|How to start a landscaping business

20. Commercial vs. residential landscape Services


The landscape services industry includes both commercial and residential clients.

Commercial landscapers are professionals who work with city or municipal governments to beautify public spaces. They might also be contracted out for large-scale projects, like building parks and other outdoor facilities at their client’s request. Residential landscaping services are provided by small business owners to individual, private clients (people like you and me).

You need to figure out whether or not your new landscaping business will provide service to residential or commercial properties.

If your primary focus is on commercial landscaping, then you might want to do it all – design, installation, mowing and maintenance. On the other hand, if you want to be a more traditional landscaping company (installation and mowing), then make sure to advertise heavily in your local residential neighborhoods.


How to find the best lawn care business customers?


Yard maintenance is a big business, but it’s only as good as the customers you have. So where do you begin your search for landscaping clients? Residential or commercial properties are the ideal targets.You can start by handing out flyers door-to-door or tacking them up on community bulletin boards, but that only works if you live in a more rural area. If that’s not your situation, then there are plenty of other ways to find your first customers.

To get great leads on potential landscaping clients, try these places: Pet stores Neighborhoods near parks and playgrounds Supermarkets Business service centers Shopping malls

With so many possible locations out there, you might want to consider hiring a sales person or team to help with the company’s sales efforts.


The people in your landscape business will make all the difference when it comes to attracting and keeping customers. You’ll need employees that are friendly and knowledgeable about landscaping. You might be tempted to hire friends and family members, but remember this: Business practices must be put before personal relationships – it’s not worth losing a client because of an argument between you and your cousin.

Once you’ve hired employees, make sure that they’re familiar with the landscape services industry and everything involved in properly maintaining lawns (including the specifications of different species of grasses, shrubs and other landscaping elements). For example, you can’t expect your landscapers to know how to plant a tree or weed flowerbeds if they’ve never worked in that capacity before.

Employees that are passionate about the business, just like you, will be more likely to create devoted customers.


Starting your own business is not an easy endeavor,However, if you approach it with the correct mentality and strategy, it may be achieved.You need to sell yourself as a company that offers quality services for competitive prices.

And lastly, always remember that your success depends on your ability to gather the best employees possible, combined with thorough knowledge of your respective industry. The combination of these two factors will determine whether or not your business succeeds.

We hope that this blog post was informative and thank you for reading!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out in the comments section below! 🙂

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