How visualization can help you release old energies from the past

How visualization can help you release old energies from the past

Fundamental loneliness originated in my childhood and childhood. No one was really there. No one was really there for me with heart & soul. For that reason, I have not been able to attach myself to my family, but what is even worse is that I have not been able to attach myself to my own body and thus life on earth. Leaving my body was to ensure that I would not be damaged too much.

But leaving my mind out of my body has become a habit that bothers me a lot now. Precisely for that reason it is very dangerous for me to call life a game/matrix/illusion because then the ground is immediately swept away from under my feet. That false definition of the situation Self-fulfilling prophecy evokes behavior that makes the false definition true. I could never really get into my body and live a good life. I just want to “be human” and join in with the rest.

Elevation of the Spiritual

How visualization can help you release old energies from the past

For that reason, I resonate with what is described above with all kinds of strange things that are expressed in spirituality. It is a so-called elevation of the spiritual. As if the spiritual life is much higher or better than human existence. With this, you (unconsciously) create an image that channeling (messages from entities/authorities in other spheres) is better than your own earthly experiences and inspiration to be a guide on earth.

This is what I found out during a channeling of Jesus. Hearing the message I could feel that my own foundation was being jeopardized. I felt I had to stop looking for answers outside of myself. It made me waver. Jesus and Mary Magdalene are “just” archetypal images with which the information is lovingly conveyed. Don’t be fooled that this field is higher and therefore your truth. You go beyond these archetypal images.

You are on Earth and you have to deal with everything that happens here. Your truth is grounded in your own authority, your own feelings, and your experiences. We don’t have to look for enlightenment because we are already enlightened. We are not angels but humans. And people make mistakes. It’s about the right balance between our personality and the bigger picture.

Spirit in the body

How visualization can help you release old energies from the past

I have also listened for a while to spiritual teachers who even (completely) blur the personal path. I made a wrong turn because of this. My soul left my body one day and I had let go of everything. It was an escape from the suffering on Earth. I didn’t want to feel that pain and misery anymore. This departure caused very big problems so that there was no longer any recognition of myself as a person Ellen. During that period I did nothing but lie on the couch and I don’t remember anything about it. I was consciousness without personality.

I (my soul) then had to come back from the great ocean of energy. When I was shot back into my body from afar with the help of coaching sessions, my first words were: “There was nothing there at all”. A deep sadness arose because I had let go of myself. But there is still a part of me that hypnotizes me and insists that life is an illusion.

That is because I am not yet sufficiently in my I-power. I am allowed to strengthen my personality, not my consciousness. Being able to feel anger when people cross my boundaries is necessary and new to me in this process. I now regularly get these people who go beyond my limits on my path. I can now experience my anger, which I could never feel before, from my toes. This feels very, very good. I can now channel my anger into my body and this feels very powerful. Where I used to distance myself from this strong and intense emotion because I wasn’t well enough in my body for that, I can now stay present with this emotion. What a power is released!

Connecting with your emotions

How visualization can help you release old energies from the past

My experience is that if you dare to feel and express the earthly emotions such as anger and sadness, you will sink deeper into your body. The moment I sink completely into my body again and feel my pelvic floor, the feeling that life is an illusion is completely gone. But when I partially leave my body from an old transmission mechanism, my first feeling is that life is not real.

Letting go of the old energy of powerlessness, recognizing victimhood, understanding where this comes from and developing your own personal path I-power is the solution. Feel your anger and rage to regain your own place on Earth. Beneath that anger is a lot of sadness. I was often murdered (by hearsay) in previous lives because I was involved with spirituality and wanted to propagate that. I am dealing with a conviction that I am not going to succeed again and have to realize that this deep conviction limits me and keeps me small and captive. It’s important that I realize that I have to want to change that.

Through a dream I became more aware and I felt that it also had to do with my mother. The energy of victimhood, powerlessness and not being able to deal with the pain and suffering of life. Let everything come over you and ignore a lot of emotions and feelings in life so that you do not live your truth and eventually even become indifferent.

The dream

In my dream, I saw my mother’s bicycle lying on the ground. The bicycle symbolizes our personal path. A bulldozer completely flattened my mother’s bicycle. My mother stood a few feet away, watching somewhat stoically. I walked up to her and asked her: Why don’t you do anything? To which she replied: What’s the point? I said, you can at least feel your anger. If you don’t do this, a poisonous substance will enter. She looked at me completely helpless and let it all come over her.

How visualization can help you release old energies from the past

I recognize the feeling of powerlessness very much in my own life. As if I am drowning and experience no strength in daily life. As if life is swamping me and everything is too much. I get tired very quickly and regularly need days to come to myself again. My mother represents a part of myself in my dream.

Dream drawing and visualization

I started drawing my dream on paper with text clouds, which makes it more aware of me. It helps to transform my old situation. In my mind and in my emotional world I relived the dream and changed it in such a way that my mother could feel anger. This allowed me to let go of my powerlessness and take action. I was able to let go of the old pattern of ignoring and I could do something about the situation so that depression and despair could be dissolved in myself.

At first, I tried to punch the man in the bulldozer in my mind, but he kept getting up and coming back. Then my great fantasy came up with a nice and better solution: I asked some ladies to give the man in the bulldozer a massage so he wouldn’t have time to flatten my mother’s bike. The man immediately got out of his bulldozer and lay down comfortably. Then a man from the bulldozer rental company came and told me that the man hadn’t paid any rent at all and drove back with the bulldozer. Then my mom picked up her bike and started cycling her own path.

These tools help me to get more into my own authentic energy and power. I thereby free myself from old energies from the past.


Meeting like-minded people is important. This also diminishes the feeling that life is not realSoul mates are important to grow and take root on earth. If you share your experiences or passions on social media or elsewhere, people will come your way with whom you resonate. It doesn’t have to be many, one or two people are enough. It feels so good when like-minded people come your way. It usually feels like you’ve known each other for a long time. True friendships are from the heart. It’s a bond that lasts forever. It gives a feeling of coming home!

Grab yourself and life and keep going….


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