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How you make the world lighter by being your unique self

travel light

The past few years in my life have been all about travelling. You can travel in many ways: You can physically go everywhere and the experienced traveler knows: the LESS you take with you, the more relaxed.

A light suitcase or backpack gives freedom and the feeling that you can go everywhere much easier. Because it often turns out that you always have that one sweater on and many things you have with you are unnecessary ‘just in case’. I write this with a smile, because I also remember the moments when I thought: If only I had brought those lovely sweatpants with me.

Another more symbolic way of traveling is your journey within, the journey of inner growth, development & connection. The journey that does not end.

What do you carry with you during the day or your life? Or has it become a lugging and dragging? Do you still carry with you that annoying situation from a month ago at work? Or can you not (yet) open up to a new love because you can still remember the breakup from five years ago as if it were yesterday? Have you already been able to give a place to unpleasant experiences from your childhood, or do they ensure that your backpack is perhaps very heavy?

This is how you travel lighter

Meditation, Yoga & Mindfulness ‘s ( mind-emptiness I think is a wonderful term) are all tools that can help you to travel a little ‘lighter’.

Weekly or, even better, taking the time for yourself daily to observe what you no longer need and let it go helps you to take new steps in your life.

During the yoga class I regularly end with a guided meditation in which I invite people to enter an empty space. Before you can enter the room, you can put your daily items such as keys, telephone, laptop on a table outside the room. What you also don’t have to take with you are all your to-do lists, your planning for the coming days, weeks, months and even years. Finally, you can also hang up all the roles you play as imaginary masks.

What’s left then? I often hear that people love to be so ‘light’ for a while, not to carry anything with you and to take them with you. Then there is also much more space, insight and inspiration.

live light

We are in for a beautiful new season: autumn. This is a great season to let loose. Just look at nature, the leaves that fall. Let go of what you no longer need, to renew during the winter and take the time to let the new buds bloom again later.

Those trees get it; without shedding the leaves, and with the new buds on the way, the branches would drip and if that takes too long they break off. They don’t carry unnecessary luggage, but take the time to let go, to gain energy, so that they can shine again with their beautiful blossom and fruit.

You could apply this principle in your own daily life by walking through your house and seeing what it contains that you don’t really need. Or your wardrobe that might be bulging. Do you really need everything? To what extent are you influenced by advertising, social media etc. about what you REALLY need?

I myself love to live in a tent with as little stuff and clothing as possible, because I notice that this gives me a lot of peace and because of this I can feel even more intensely that I am alive.

This also includes eating food: we still live in a consumer society where we can buy everything anywhere. The chance that you eat too much, you overeat, and this unnecessarily burdens your body is very high. Certain foods, for example, are ‘heavy on the stomach’. And taking in a lot of sugars and fats blocks your entire energy system.

Daily meditation and yoga also help you to ‘live lightly’. Because you take the time every day to purify and let go of your daily stress, there is again room for growth and new insights.

Be the light

It may very well be that you are in a transformation process, in which you have discovered that you no longer like your job and are very much looking for more joy in your soul or meaning. That’s fantastic, because with this you have turned on your ‘light’. Being your unique self, with all your potential and possibilities, simply makes you happy and that literally feels much lighter.

As opposed to feeling rotten, depressed, angry and disappointed. A dark and heavy feeling that we all know.

Gratitude for the ‘little’ things in your life ensures that you are a ray of light for the other with your positivity. Or encourage a friend during a difficult period: ‘The light you light for someone else also illuminates your own path.’

Your uniqueness is complete and when you experience this you cannot help but shine and share. Then you can also start living from a feeling of abundance instead of a feeling of lack. We are good enough as we are and we all carry this beautiful light within us.

The world flourishes when we recognize and recognize the light within ourselves and we give all possibilities and potential the space to develop and manifest.

Spread the light

‘Illuminating’ the world with your uniqueness, your potential and possibilities. What makes your heart skip a beat, what makes you very happy? Is this making a painting? Would you like to help other people? Do you get happy when you sing?

The joy you feel when you do things is YOUR light shining in this world. And that doesn’t always mean walking around with a big smile all day long .

A violin maker who makes this beautiful instrument in his studio with a lot of love for his work, spreads ‘light’‘. A mother waiting with a cup of tea for her children to come home from school spreads light, the nurse cheering up the patient after a major operation spreads light, the neighbor carrying his old sick dog outside for a walk spreads light and the writer who turns the flow of words into a story spreads light.

Everything you need is already within you. You don’t have to look far, you just have to turn the button ‘on’ and your light shines on your life, on who you are and in connection with everything and everyone around you.

I wish everyone a great start to the fall season.


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