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HSP: 10 benefits of being highly aware at a glance

1. Your empathy

The empathy of highly conscious people is enormous. You probably experience this as self-evident, but for many others it is not. Your empathy for others, animals and certain situations is often so strong that it seems that you are the one who has that problem or who is in pain.

You stand, as it were, in the other person’s experience for a moment and in a moment you can see where the bottlenecks are or what the essence is. People will quickly feel understood when they tell you their story.

2. You are subservient and gentle

You are naturally subservient and you have a gentle nature. When you know where you can use your service for the benefit of society without losing yourself, this is a wonderful quality.

In a world where individualism is rampant, the common good is often overlooked. The public interest ensures the well-being of our society and thus also indirectly contributes to the well-being of each individual.

Highly conscious people are by nature already one with all the people around them. The suffering of the other is equal to their own suffering (without taking over) and when care is needed you provide it as a matter of course.

Some people have known little love in their youth or were not understood for who they were. In compensation or in the hope of being seen this way, they have taken extra care of others at the expense of themselves in the rest of their lives. If you recognize yourself in this, first take care of yourself and your own base so that you can really start giving from yourself when you choose this.

3. You are intuitively powerful

You have a strong intuition that points the way like a compass. You feel flawlessly with whom you can open up and you know (unconsciously) which direction you want to take with your life. When you fully trust your own intuition, your path will unfold by itself and you only have to enjoy all the beautiful things that come your way.

Every life also has its challenges, just think of the learning points we all have. Your intuition gives you the power to face these challenges without it being a continuous struggle for survival.

Be aware that every challenge brings gifts as long as you follow your intuition and flow of life. Everything you work against is a struggle, because you work against your own lifestream!

4. You are connected to all living things

In your service it was already about being one with all the people around you. But of course there is much more to life than just people. Animals, light beings and nature are of course also part of this!

Your connection with everything that lives brings understanding, involvement and gentleness where it is needed. Your sensitivity to war, violence, arguing or bullying also comes from here because it is the exact opposite of connection. In an unnatural way people try to create a separation between themselves and the other. But this is only an illusion because we are all connected at the core and you are already aware of that deep down.

5. You have contact with invisible beings

Almost all highly conscious people are aware that they have a ‘line’ with ‘something’ that speaks to them, makes them feel, know or see something. For some this is their Angel , or a Guide , for another just ‘something’. But there are also people who delve more deeply into which invisible beings there are and have contact with various angels, ascended masters and even natural beings* and beings from other planets.

It can give depth to your own life and to your mission ( lightwork ).

6. You live intensely

If you are highly aware, your nervous system is extra sensitive and because of this you experience everything more intensely. So you enjoy music, good food, a good movie, the beauty of nature, a good conversation… you name it!

If you mainly suffer from negative situations or people, make sure you make room to meet people you feel comfortable with and look for places that you can enjoy intensely.

7. You inspire others

Have you noticed that you are a source of inspiration for your environment? Probably not, because for you there is nothing special about being yourself.

You have probably noticed that people sometimes talk openly about themselves or ask you for advice. Your degree of consciousness also gives you a certain degree of light that you might call radiance. It attracts people and people will feel more comfortable with you. Without you telling people they will feel that you accept them for who they are. The more sensitive, the stronger they will experience this (often unconsciously).

Of course you also attract people who would like your energy without standing in their power, these are called energy guzzlers. These people are not yet aware of their own inner strength and giving your energy away to them does not help them and harms you yourself. Make sure you are sufficiently balanced and learn techniques to bring these people in your appearance back to themselves.

8. Your awareness gives you opportunities

Highly conscious people feel an inner urge to develop themselves and have a strong self-reflective capacity. This makes you aware of yourself quite quickly in all kinds of situations.

In any change, your awareness of the situation is the first and biggest step. This is soon followed by a second step, choosing what you want with it. Although it sometimes seems difficult  that you are so aware, in fact you get a chance every time.

An example:

“You notice that you are insecure and prefer to be present in the background. As a result, you tend to quickly put yourself in the background or solve the problems of others so that you don’t have to show who you are and where your limits lie.”

That you notice this means that you have insight into the situation and into your own actions in it. You may keep it up for a while, but there will automatically be a need to approach this differently or to learn to become more visible when you notice that this restricts you too much in your freedom of movement.

9. You are creative!

Your imagination and creativity are highly developed. Sensory you perceive sharply and with that smells, colours, shapes, atmospheres and emotions enter more intensely. The great advantage of this is, in addition to living intensely as described earlier, that you can give all your observations all kinds of creative expressions.

From writing poems  to drawing, from making music to creatively putting together a team, styling homes, taking pictures, dancing… you name it! It will also be a welcome way from time to time to portray the world as you experience it (often differently from others). It is also a wonderful outlet for your emotions in periods that are extra intense.

10. You are authentic

All the above qualities essentially make you an authentic human being.

Learn from your lessons, let go of what no longer serves you and go do what you are here for: be who you are.


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